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Welcome to Overgear Guide to Demon Hunter. Here we will look into class changes and mechanics. We will try to cover all the essential information and answer any questions connected with the Demon Hunter Class gameplay. To make a long story short, it’s high time to start, go get some coffee and prepare yourself!

Disclaimer: This guide is unfinished due to in-game circumstances. Dragonflight hasn’t been released yet, so we cannot go through builds, gear, consumables, and rotation here. We think that it is very important to provide our readers with the most up-to-date and relevant information, and that’s why we ask you to wait for a while. Keep in touch, and come back later to learn about the rest of the Demon Hunter gameplay secrets.

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Overview

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Guide

Demon Hunter is a melee class that can handle two roles: tank and DPS. Mechanics are pretty straightforward and newbie-friendly. You build resources with one type of spell and spend it with another. It’s not hard to play and master this class, but it doesn’t mean it is boring. Playing Demon Hunter can help you to feel that lore part of the game. There is another pleasant part of playing DH as they are the only class that can perform double jumps, and they have wings to glide from high places without getting any damage. Don’t forget that they are the only ones who can carry the famous Warglaives of Azzinoth!

Dragonflight Dead Hunter Class spec choice

Havoc DH

Havoc Demon Hunter’s warglaives are the last thing that Demons see before death. Masters of melee combat spin like a whirlwind sewing dead bodies behind their path.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Powerful cooldowns, especially in AoE;
  • Easy to learn and master;
  • Strong survival kit;
  • Great mobility;
  • Can switch targets without any penalties;
  • Strong group utility like Chaos Brand.
  • Damage is cooldown reliant;
  • Sometimes you can face starvation for resources.


They call for the inner demon to harden their skin and become almost invulnerable to magic and physical attacks. They are perfect tanks with incredible mobility and great utility. They use seals to burn, fear and silence their enemies.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong group utility, magic using classes will love your Chaos Brand;
  • High mobility;
  • High damage output;
  • Great sustain.
  • CD reliant class;
  • Only a couple of builds work which lowers the variety of playable specs.

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Changes

All the classes got a ‘brand-new’ talent tree which actually means that many covenant abilities and legendary powers were revamped and added as talents. Here you can read about some of the most powerful general changes here:

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Dragonflight Demon Hunter Guide

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Talents

Havoc DH

While relevant talent builds for Dragonflight DH are still unavailable, let’s see, how changed the Havoc talents and abilities:

Vengeance DH

This spec also got several changes:

  • Elysian Decree — no longer deals 10% reduced damage when specced into Vengeance.
  • Focused Cleave — damage bonus reduced to 30% (was 40%);
  • Revel in Pain — maximum absorb value increased by 50%;
  • Cycle of Binding — cooldown reduction per applied Sigil has been increased to 3 seconds (was 2);
  • Ruinous Bulwark — now causes Fel Devastation to convert 100% (was 50%) of its healing (was overhealing) into an absorb shield for 10 seconds.

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Leveling

The most convenient way to level up your Demon Hunter is doing that in a tank spec. This spec provides players with simple rotation, decent damage, and awesome survivability during the leveling process. It makes you flexible depending on the situation.

The most effective way to level up is to find a party of 3 DPS, 1 healer, and 1 tank and complete dungeons one by one. In this case, you can spend less time traveling around the Azeroth, increasing the amount of exp you gain. This way is only viable if you have a premade party as random players sometimes can be very slow and face problems during the run.

Another option is to quests leveling. In this case, there are only two expansions that work well. They are Warlords of Draenor and Legion. Areas of these expansions contain a big number of quests packed together, which can save you time and makes it possible to earn a lot of experience in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t hesitate to spend some gold on the following items as they will ease your life drastically.

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Best Race

Only two races can become Demon Hunters. They are Blood Elves and Night Elves. The bonuses you get are minor and your choice only matters in a question of side: Horde or Alliance.

Night Elves, Alliance, bonuses:

  • Shadowmeldallows players to become stealthed in the middle of the fight;
  • Quickness – grants you 2% extra movement speed and a 2% dodge chance;
  • Touch of Elune increases Haste or Critical Strike by 1% depending on the time of day;
  • Nature Resistance – reduces Nature damage taken by 1%.

Blood Elves, Horde, bonuses:

  • Arcane Torrent – removes 1 beneficial effect from all enemies within 8 yards and generates 15 Rage. Sometimes might be very handy as a mass dispel ability;
  • Arcane Affinity – life-quality passive ability. Enchanting skill increased by 5;
  • Arcane Resistance – reduces Arcane damage taken by 1%;
  • Arcane Acuity – increases critical strike chance by 1%.

Dragonflight Demon Hunter Best Professions

The bonus that all professions give you is so miserable in comparison to gear, flasks, and consumables, but it is more about gameplay quality changes. Personally, I recommend leveling up Engineering first of all as it provides you with battle resurrection devices like Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator. Should I explain how it is important to have an opportunity to revive your healer or tank in combat? It sometimes can make a difference between timed M+ and depleted keys.

As for gold-making Alchemy and Enchanting step out. Both professions can provide players with the necessary consumables and enchant that will be needed during the whole expansion.  For more detailed information check out our various in-depth Dragonflight profession guides.

Demon Hunter Macro

Focus Interrupt Macro

#showtooltip Disrupt
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][] Disrupt

This macro will use Disrupt on your current focus target.

Focus Purge Macro

#showtooltip Consume Magic
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][] Consume Magic

This macro will use Consume Magic on your current focus target.

Blessing of Protection Cancelaura Macro

/cancelaura Blessing of Protection

This macro is very useful to have. It allows you to cancel a Blessing of Protection that may have been cast on you, allowing you to resume your attacks.

Thank you for reading our Demon Hunter guide, we hope we could help you to find something new and useful to improve your gameplay. Please, rate this guide as it is very important for us to get the feedback. Stay tuned, as it was said in the disclaimer part, we are going to adjust this guide later!

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