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With the release of the expansion, almost all professions have been updated in Dragonflight. In this guide, we will tell you about the secondary profession Cooking, which hasn’t changed too much, its bonuses, new recipes, and how you can now earn gold.

Dragonflight Cooking Bonuses & Benefits

Cooking is a secondary profession in which you can craft various food to restore health and mana and gain various combat-beneficial effects by combining different ingredients, such as fish and meat, into dishes and drinks that you can consume. Cooking can be combined with Fishing when, after pumping the latter, it gives you the necessary materials for Cooking.

Cooking, as well as Alchemy, will become a profession with maximum efficiency in the regional auction markets to earn gold because almost no one in-game activity cannot do without buffing food.

To cook your food, you will need a Cooking Fire. They are mostly stationary and located worldwide, but you can also create a fire with the Cooking Fire ability you get with Cooking. If you have plans to have a fun bonfire, use toys like Crystalline Campfire or Cozy Bonfire, or call for pets like Lil’ Ragnaros or Pierre.

Dragonflight Cooking Leveling!
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Dragonflight Cooking Guide

Dragonflight Cooking Changes

Unlike most other professions, Cooking didn’t get profession specializations or a wide pool of various improvements depending on talent leveling. But at least now we have new Profession Gear, which not only gives a good bonus for the new profession stats but also saves space in your inventory.

Find out more about all the changes coming with the Dragonflight update in our detailed Dragonflight Professions guide.

Dragonflight Cooking Equipment

A significant update in Dragonflight concerns the equipment of your hero. After all, when you perform an action related to your profession, your character will visually turn into special equipment. This is what the Cooking profession looks like with a chef’s hat and a rolling pin.

Dragonflight Cooking Guide

Important note, this equipment will not be transmogrified.

Dragonflight Cooking Food Buffs

New food effects in Cooking include foods that increase your grant Stamina and Primary Stat, also foods that increase two Secondary Stats, and a feast that increases your Lowest secondary stat.

Stamina and Primary Stat Food

Dragonflight returns several classic products that increase Stamina and Primary stats. As well as products that give Stamina a higher value.

Secondary Stat Food

Secondary stat foods provide 35 of your chosen secondary stat.

Dual Secondary Stat Food

Foods give you two secondary stats, where one of them gives 21 points of a secondary stat.


Three new feasts have been added to Cooking:

  • Grand Banquet of the Kalu’ak – have a traditional feast for tuskarr where all players can participate. And if you take 10 seconds to eat, you can get full and get 35 to your highest secondary stat for one hour. The Grand Banquet includes three different recipes: Gral’s Devotion, Gral’s Reverence, and Gral’s Veneration;
  • Hoard of Draconic Delicacies – collect a Growing Hoard of Draconic Delicacies, ready to be filled with delicious ready meals and excess ingredients. Complete it to make a great feast for all. If you spend at least 10 units, you will be satiated and gain 35 units of your highest secondary stat for 1 hour;
  • Yusa’s Hearty Stew – prepare a fresh batch of Yusa’s Hearty Stew for all players. If you spend 10 seconds eating it, you can satiate and gain 35 units to your lowest secondary stat for 1 hour.

Dragonflight Cooking Trainers

Presented trainers will help you in learning the profession of Cooking. Here is the location where you can find them:

  • Head Chef Stacks, Wingrest Embassy, Waking Shores
  • Head Chef Stacks, Dragonscale Basecamp, the Waking Shores
  • Gordul Razamen, Teerakai, Ohn´aran Plains
  • Elder Kinaa, the big Soup Pot, Iskaara, The Azure Span
  • Erugosa, Valdrakken, Thaldraszus

We hope that our guide left no questions. Do not forget to follow our updates because soon we will tell you how you can level your profession. Wish you the best of luck on your adventures in the Dragon Isles!

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