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A Retribution Paladin is a warrior of the Light, a priest in shining armor, a Melee master. Apart from brutal force, they use Light magic to protect their allies and for their own deeds.


Basic information on the spec:

A Retribution Paladin utilizes 2 resources – Holy Power (hereinafter – HP) is the main resource for dealing damage; the mechanics here is quite similar to that of Combo Points regardless of the target (max 5 HP); and Mana is the secondary resource used by the majority of auxiliary abilities.

Let’s take a closer look at the weakest and the strongest aspects of this specialization:


  • Powerful continuous burst in any type of combat.
  • Great AoE.
  • A unique ability, during exploration, to slightly compensate for raid losses due to Retribution.
  • Multiple Blessings allowing to empower of protect your allies in various ways.


  • CD dependency.
  • Rather average DPS on a single target.
  • Average dps when not bursting.
  • Low mobility.

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Main abilities

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General information. On achieving several new levels you’ll get access to new talent ‘Tiers’. Talents may have different effect on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, modify passively different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or any recreational zones. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which allows you to switch channels within a minute. You can’t change talents in combat. You can’t change a talent if the talent you’ve picked in the last Tier is on Cooldown. You’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 15

Retribution Paladin 8.2

  • Zeal. Judgment empowers you with holy zeal , causing your next 3 auto attacks to occur 30% faster and deal an additional holy damage. Not a bad talent for a single target but not the best one in the tier. Zeal is a standard choice for m+ because of Righteous verdict which can work only if the mobs do not move and that is rare in m+.
  • Righteous verdict. Templar’s verdict increases the damage of your next Templar’s verdict by 15% for 6 sec. Versatile choice.
  • Execution sentence. You call down the punishment on the target dealing holy damage and increasing the damage you deal on this target by 20% for 12 sec. Best choice for single target fight.


Tier 2. Lvl 30

Retribution Paladin 8.2


Tier 3. Lvl 45

Retribution Paladin 8.2

  • Repentance. Paralyzes your enemy from a 30-m distance. This effect can be applied to a special share of enemies: only Demons, Dragons, Giants, Humanoids and the Undead. CD 15 secs.
  • Blinding Light. Disorients your enemies within the 10-m radius of you for 6 secs. Any damage – apart from Holy damage – cancels this effect. CD 1.5 min.

* All talents of this Tier are occasional. Your default choice should be Blinding Light as it allows you to interrupt castings in Mythic+ with enemy packs.


Tier 4. Lvl 60

Retribution Paladin 8.2

  • Divine judgment. Each enemy hit by an ability that consumes Holy power increases the damage of your next Judgment by 20%, stacking up to 15 times. An average talent that is not used anywhere.
  • Consecration. Concentrates the land beneath you, causing Holy damage to enemies who enter the area. Has 12 sec cd. Generates 1 HP. This talent has a potential to be useful on AOE but currently it is not used anywhere.
  • Wake of ashes – Generates 5 Holy power and has 45 sec cd. Deals great Fire damage to all enemies in front you within 12 yards and reduces their movement speed by 50%. It is used almost everywhere because of a good damage and generates 5 HP. This is your choice for raids and m+


Tier 5. Lvl 75

Retribution Paladin 8.2

*It is better to have Eye for an eye in the standard build. If you lack saves then take Unbreakable spirit, if you lack mobility then take Cavalier.


Tier 6. Lvl 90

Retribution Paladin 8.2

  • Selfless healer. Your Holy power spending abilities to reduce the cast time of your next  Flash light by 25% and increases healing done by 10%. Stacks up to 4 times.
  • Justicar’s Vengeance. Demands 5 HP, deals nice Holy damage and restores you Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt. If the talent was applied on a stunned target, the effect is 50% stronger.
  • Word of Glory. For 3 HP, it restores a nice share of Health to you as well as to up to 5 allies within a 15-m radius. Has 2 charges, CD 1 min.

*A situational tier. Choose what you like the most but Selfless healer is the optimal talent.

Tier 7. Lvl 100

Retribution Paladin 8.2

  • Divine purpose. Your finishing moves have 15% to buff you with Divine purpose for 12 sec. It will make you cast your next finishing move for free and increase its damage by 20%. Best choice for heavy aoe encounters and mythic+
  • Crusade. Replaces Avenging wrath and has the same duration. Increases your damage done by 3% and  haste. STacking up to 10 times. Can be helpful, but Inquisition is better at current state.
  • Inquisition. Consumes up 3 Holy power to increase your damage done and Haste  by 7%. Lasts 15 sec per Holy power consumed. Maximum is 3 HP. Best choice for any type of encounter, especially with Expurgation trait.


So, we can boil it all down to the following build:

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Azerite traits

In BFA typical sets were removed and Azerite armor took their place. Now every chest/helmet/shoulders have a few rings for a trait.

  • Empyrean power. Your attacks have a chance to make the next Divine storm free and deal additional damage. It is especially useful for AOE. It is necessary to have 1 trait.
  • Light’s decree.Spending Holy power during  Avenging wrath causes you to explode with Holy light dealing damage per Holy power spent to nearby enemies.  Avenging wrath’s duration is increased by 5 sec. It is necessary to have 1 trait.
  • Avenger’s might. While Avenging wrath is active, your mastery is increased. It is simple. While your burst is active you gain additional mastery. Very strong trait, we recomend to have at least 1.
  • Expurgation – solid choice, also it has a good synergy with Inquisition talent.

*It is the list of the best traits only so  we recommend to use raidbots.com to see other good traits/combinations.

( AzeritePowerWeights:1:"herodamage.com - Stacks_1T_T24":2:70: 396=10, 575=7.40, 522=6.63, 526=6.50, 187=6.44, 154=6.18, 82=6.11, 125=5.87, 562=5.87, 193=5.84, 196=5.40, 192=5.07, 479=4.87, 157=4.69, 501=4.61, 478=4.55, 488=4.50, 494=4.50, 485=4.18, 504=4.08, 505=4.05, 483=4.04, 480=3.94, 482=3.92, 195=3.90, 523=3.84, 486=3.84, 492=3.84, 235=3.83, 194=3.79, 521=3.77, 495=3.71, 489=3.71, 30=3.67, 481=3.61, 507=3.48, 561=3.33, 498=2.99, 576=2.71, 156=2.64, 500=2.52, 459=2.23, 31=2.16, 21=2.14, 20=2.14, 22=2.12, 560=2.11, 487=2.09, 493=2.09, 38=1.86, 499=1.72, 18=1.55, 462=1.43, 496=1.41, 490=1.41, 541=1.36, 491=1.33, 497=1.33, 461=1.29 )

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These ratings are based on simulations, statistics of WarcraftLogs and players experience.


  • Blood of the enemy (Source: Honor farm) – versatile choice for any type of the combat
  • Condensed Life-force (Source: Eternal Palace drop) – great option to increase you burst potential on single target. Becomes best against single target at level 3
  • Vision of Perfection (Source: “Operation: Mechagon” drop) – good choice, but a bit random. More useful in minor slot, but this is a strong choice for AoE encounters.



Let’s first review the priorities on a single target.

The key point is to deal max damage with Templar’s Verdict. This means, you should never trigger your finishing moves unless you have the debuff of Judgment on your target. In the gaps between Judgments restock your HP.

Below, there is the priority list for utilizing abilities (with 2+ targets, simply replace Templar’s Verdict with Divine Storm):

  1. Templar’s Verdict with 5 HP, if you’ve got the debuff of Judgment.
  2. Templar’s Verdict with 3 HP, if your Crusade stacks are less than 10, and you have the debuff of Judgment.
  3. Templar’s Verdict with 3 HP, if you have the debuff of Judgment and the buff of the Righteous verdict is going away in a second.
  4. Wake of ashes at 0 HP or at 1 HP if Blade of Justice is on CD.
  5. Blade of Justice with 3 or less HP
  6. Crusader Strike with 2 charges and 4 or less HP.
  7. Judgment with 5 HP, or if Crusader Strike and Blade of Justice are on CD.
  8. Consecration, if you’ve got the talent.
  9. Crusader Strike with 4 or less HP.
  10. Templar’s Verdict with 3 or more HP, with the debuff of Judgment on the target.

This all may look kind of scary at a glance, but with a little bit of practice, pretty soon you’ll find yourself following all those rules without giving it a second thought. Some key notes:

  • Try to use finishers after Judgment. (exceptions: you had made a mistake before it, and used Judgment on a target that died really quickly, and your debuff didn’t have the time to leap over to the next target. In this case, there is no use in standing and staring at the target with 5 HP, and waiting for HP generators to cool down).


  1. Prepot with Battle potion of strength 1-2 seconds before the fight
  2. Blade of justice
  3. Crusade
  4. Templar’s verdict
  5. Wake of ashes
  6. Templar’s verdict
  7. Hammer of wrath
  8. Follow the standard rotation using Judgment before finishing moves and Hammer of wrath when abilities on cd.

On AoE, some of the talents are replaced. Their use is described in the main priority list. For openers, just replace Templar’s Verdict with Divine Storm.


Use it as often as possible, with minimal idling. Judgment during Crusade should aim at 100% presence on the talent which is not that difficult considering the increased Haste with this talent. It is also recommended that you use Crusade with various raid enhancements like Bloodlust/Heroism, or whenever your target receives increased damage

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The basic priority rating for the characteristics is as follows:

Strength > Haste => Crit = Versatility = Mastery

Mastery of this spec increases Holy damage.

Some info on the Haste rating:

Due to this stat interrelation, it’s obvious that the values of the latter are going to vary extremely within the group with the change of equipment. That’s why is recommended, once you receive new equipment, you use Simcraft or Raidbots.com. There is no way to get a more precise answer to which stat to focus on first, but through a simulation.

Based on the aforementioned characteristics and results of your character’s own simulation results, you can draw conclusions on Gems, Chants and Raid Chemicals.




Flasks and Potions

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Kick with a modifier, with the Shift key held, the ability is applied on a remembered target, without – on the current one.

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][] Rebuke

Blessing at the cursor’s position; it’s recommended you do something like this to every Blessing you have:

/cast [@mouseover] Blessing of Protection


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What’s next?


  1. Leveling. If your character has been inactive since the previous expansions, the best  option to level up it is by Timewalking dungeons. You will gain a lot of experience, but there is one big disadvantage of leveling this way. Timewalks are available only for one week during a month, but Overgear is always here.
  2. Equipment. At high level, the most important thing for you will become your gear. WoW is a multiplayer game, that’s why we recommend for you to play it with your friends, or to find a new friends for mythic+ runs. If you have any trouble with it – Overgear may help you to find not just friends for a run, but a complete well geared and experienced group that also will be glad to trade all the loot you need.
  3. Raids. Raids are the top-tier PvE content in the game. That’s why the equipment’s base ilvl is higher than anywhere else. These dungeons require knowing all the tactics and have a good gear to kill the bosses. The possibilities of Overgear might let you skip those criteria.

Azerite. It is also not the best idea to forget about the Heart of Azeroth and not to feed it with more Azerite. Ignoring this won’t make your character stronger. The easiest way to do it – just complete all the world quests with Azerite rewards everyday. You can get extra azerite from Island Expeditions. Companions can be found at Overgear.

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