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The Legion’s Artifact power has changed into Azerite. This mineral became the main reason to unleash a new war in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Azerite is a fuel for the new artifact you get – the Heart of Azeroth. This necklace accumulates every piece of Azerite you get to maximize its level. Every level of your artifact increases the item level of your neck armor by two and allows you to use more powerful Azerite armor.

There are two major ways to strengthen the Heart of Azeroth: the Azerite itself and gaining the reputation with Champions of Azeroth faction.

The first way of increasing your artifact is more or less understandable, but the second needs some specification.

Each time you get a new reputation status with the Champions of Azeroth faction, Magni Bronzebeard adds 15 ilvl to your neck piece of armor. And this is the best way to increase the general item level of your character.


How to combine Azerite gathering and raising reputations

Azerite farming


  • Use Auction House to buy Contract: Champions of Azeroth;
  • Complete the maximum number of World Quests – there are always several special Azerite quests as well;
  • Get weekly maximum in Island Expeditions. You will  have 40000 of Azerite and you will get 1500 reputation points with Honorbound / 7-th Legion factions and 2500 of Azerite as a reward.

These are all limited ways of strengthening your Artifact, but if you have time to complete them – here are some unlimited methods:

  • Island Expeditions. There are four levels of sophistication and by passing each you will get the following:
    Normal mode – 150 of Azerite
    Heroic mode – 225 of Azerite
    Mythic and PvP modes – 300 of AzeriteSome of this you will get automatically simply by doing your weekly and daily activities, but nothing prevents you from doing it again and again in your spare time after completing the World Quests. This might be the best way to grind unlimitedly, in case you need any high-leveled gear.
  • Random heroic dungeons.
    You receive 50 Azerite by finishing every random heroic dungeon. You also get an additional 150 Azerite by finishing first random heroic dungeon per day. You also might get 35 Azerite as loot after killing bosses. Almost every dungeon has four bosses, that gives us 190 of Azerite per one random heroic dungeon.

    *In the case that your role (tank, healer, damage dealer) is essential, you will get 100 Azerite as an additional reward afterwards.
    This will be especially important for those, wanting to get a 325 item level armor, apart from the Azerite itself.

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