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– What are your thoughts about, warrior?
– Who is there?
– Obviously the one you called for help. It is not a pleasant thing to do you see — to climb up to the top of Kui-Lun mountain in such a cold, even if I were three times a ghost.
– Emperor Shaohao?!
– Haha, yes, that’s what our lot used to call me. So what are you doing up here, son?
– Waiting for the Jade Serpent. I think I’m ready to fight my doubts. But I’m not sure, that’s why I called you to help, Emperor! I could not hope that I would see … well..would hear you in this place.
– And when you conquer your doubts, you will look for the Stroke to face your despair, will you not?
– Oh sure! Just like you taught us. Legends about you are still alive in every family of the Pandaren, master!
– Did I really teach you to behave exactly as I had done? Look where my beliefs had led me. I am a ghost now. Ha-ha!…

– Listen, son. Sha of doubts, fears, despair and anger are part of your being. The Pandaren are born with them, and many are so unhappy that they die with them too. You need to look inside of yourself, the truth never hides on top of a mountain.

– But you, yourself, came to this very place before your first battle with Sha!
– Yes, I did. But it was my way, the only right for me. I had no one to ask for a piece of advice, so I came here hoping to find answers to my questions. I sat here like a fool for several hours freezing my fingers off.

– And what about the Jade Serpent?
– You will not see her or other celestials until you’re ready. Actually, they do not exist. More precisely, they exist, but only in your heart.
– I did not get a clue, teacher.
– All fears in your heart, salvation — in your heart.
– But how to find them? Teacher?
– A true shado-pan will find their way, and your time will come too. Stop thinking about tomorrow, as it never comes. When you wake up tomorrow, it will already be today. As for now, why don’t you think about a way to come down from the mountain? And try not kill yourself, will you? An understanding might come from everywhere. Ha-ha-ha!

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