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Greetings, Champions! The new Season 3 is available on PTR servers, meaning we have lots of innovations to talk about. The subject under today’s discussion is a new Mythic+ Beguiling Affix that will replace the previous  Reaping Affix in Patch 8.2. The Beguiling Affix represents the minions of Queen Azshara invading the dungeons of Kul Tiras and Zandalar. There are three types of handmaidens that will be present in a variety of pulls in different configurations from week to week. You may find all the information about this Affix below, so you are ready when the new Patch releases.

“They have fun, different effects that will change the way you approach certain pulls.”
– Ion Hazzikostas

Beguiling Affix Basics

The new Affix includes three Azsharan Emissaries which may appear throughout every Mythic+ Dungeon in a random pack of mobs. Each has unique abilities, themed to one of the three schools of magic: Arcane, Frost, or Shadow. One has a 200% Reflect Damage aura, another forces you to Line of Sight every 8 Seconds and a third type makes all nearby mobs immune to all Crowd Control abilities and kicks. All of them have fun, different effects that will change the way Players approach certain pulls. They will make Players deal with those mobs that they probably haven’t dealt with in the last five months. Ion Hazzikostas had given an interview to the Forbes Magazine, where he added some specifications to the now known information about the new Affix. He stated there will be multiple of each Emissary in each Dungeon placed in existing packs, and this will be a matter of rotation from week to week. However, Season 3, including the Eternal Palace and the new Affix, will not start immediately in the Rise of Azshara Patch – it will be several weeks later.

Enchanted Emissary

WoW 8.2 Season 3 Mythic+ Beguiling Affix Preview

The  Enchanted Emissary has both, passive a aura and passive ability.  Queen’s Decree: Blowback is an aura of the Arcane school that grants all allies in the radius of the arcane bubble a blowback, reflecting 200% of damage dealt back at the target. The  Enchanted Emissary is immune to Crowd Control spells, but may be stunned and knocked nevertheless. Any of such interruptions will cause the  Enchanted passive ability to trigger, which knocks the Emissary back in response to all attacks.

It is inadvisable to kill this Emissary as long as it has 25 Million of Health, in contrast to 1.3 Million for average mobs in the Mythic+12 Dungeons. Fortunately, it has an Energy bar of 100 and while in combat it loses 10 Energy every 3 Seconds. In 30 Seconds the Energy bar will be depleted and the Emissary will cast a  Teleport: The Eternal Palace, removing this concrete one from the Dungeon permanently. Note, however, that the handmaiden does not apply the 200% Reflect damage aura to itself.

Void-Touched Emissary

WoW 8.2 Season 3 Mythic+ Beguiling Affix Preview

The  Void-Touched Emissary has a passive aura  Void Sight, granting it True Sight, meaning it and the nearby mobs will now detect all the Stealth and Invisibility abilities. This isbad news for Rogues and Druids. The  Void-Touched Emissary also has an active  Queen’s Decree: Hide ability, which deals Shadow damage equal to 50% targets’ Health to enemies in line of sight within a 60-yard radius. This is an instant cast ability and it lasts for 15 Seconds. What’s more, this effect may and will stack making subsequent hits of  Queen’s Decree: Hide hit harder each time. Our guess is a regular party will survive only 3 stacks at maximum – the fourth one will be lethal.

This Emissary has slightly more health than an average mob in a Mythic+12 Dungeons. A regular mob has 1.3 Million of Health and the Emissary has about 2 Million. When this particular one reaches 1 Health Point, it will cast a  Teleport: The Eternal Palace, removing it from the Dungeon permanently.

Emissary of the Tides

WoW 8.2 Season 3 Mythic+ Beguiling Affix Preview

The  Emissary of the Tides has a passive Frost aura  Queen’s Decree: Unstoppable, which grants it and all nearby allies the ability to immune every possible crowd control non-damage effect. This includes: interrupts, silences, disorients, stuns, dazes, incapacitates, sleeps, snares, slows, and roots.

Like the previous one, this handmaiden has slightly more health than an average mob in a Mythic+12 Dungeons – around 2 Million. When the add reaches 1 Health Point, it will also cast the same  Teleport: The Eternal Palace to remove itself from the Dungeon.

Beguiling Affix Combat Tactics

Each Emissary functions in a different way in case the Party wipes. Two out of three will remain their state until Players attack again, the third one, however, will regain its health like any other in-game creature.

Enchanted Emissary will spend energy only while in combat. The energy drain will pause until it’s engaged in combat again.

The  Void-Touched Emissary will retain its health on a wipe. All stacks of  Queen’s Decree: Hide will be removed as well.

The  Emissary of the Tides will reset its Health Points to full if a Party wipes.

Positioning of Emissaries in Mythic+

There are several particularities concerning the presence of the Emissaries in Dungeons. As we know now, the layout will be different every week. And here is an example of such a schedule, so to say, that was live on PTR servers last week in  Atal’dazar Dungeon.

One  Enchanted Emissary was present in the pack with two  Feasting Skyscreamers on the way to  Rezan (left).

One  Void-Touched Emissary was present in the first pack on the top right with  Reanimated Honor Guard.

Another  Void-Touched Emissary was present in the 5 pack with the Golem (that no one pulls) on the top left.

One  Emissary of the Tides was present in the second 3 pack on the top left with Dazar’ai Augur Dazar’ai Confessor Dazar’ai Juggernaut.


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