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Mounts are a very big part of the World of Warcraft game. You can use them almost wherever you want to get to your destination very quickly. There are several ways to obtain Mounts in a game. You can loot them in Dungeons and Raids, usually with very low chances, buy them with real money, Gold or specific Badges from Vendors. Players with certain Professions can craft some Mounts. Vehicles also may be a reward for completing some Achievements, which is not very easy. They may also be caught from water using Fishing.

There are hundreds of different Mounts in-game which may be divided into several large groups. The majority of them can fly high in the skies helping their rider to surmount obstacles whether it is a mountain or a pack of high-level mobs (which you don’t want to come across). Some can carry you along the ground, cutting the time you need to get to a specific place. Such ground Mounts are usually needed on low levels and in some locations where flying is prohibited. There are also above-water and underwater Mounts, which have an ability to swim or to run on the water surface asthis is sometimes the only way to reach your destination. We will be talking about this group of Mounts today.

The majority of such Mounts may be used only underwater which may be very useful while completing underwater quests, for example; note, however, that you will still have to “breathe” every once in a while. And yet there is a very unique and sometimes even irreplaceable small group of Mounts for above-water riding. These are Water Striders.


Water Strider Mounts

These Mounts were added in the “Mists of Pandaria” Expansion. Players can ride on the water surface with the speed of standard ground Mounts; any incoming damage will cancel this effect but isn’t knocking you off your vehicle. There was only one such Mount available from the beginning and Players had to raise the “Exalted” reputation status with The Anglers faction to buy it. The next “Warlords of Draenor” Expansion had brought another variant of Water Strider Mount, which Players could get in their Garrison. So there are two possible ways to get these Mounts at the moment.

Reins of the Crimson Water Strider – can be purchased in Draenor Garrison from Nat Pagle for 100 Nat’s Lucky Coins.

World of Warcraft Water Mounts


Reins of the Azure Water Strider – can be purchased for 4000 Gold after reaching “Exalted” reputation status with The Anglers faction.

World of Warcraft Water Mounts


Azure Water Strider

Players can obtain this Water Strider by rising up the reputation with The Anglers faction. Unfortunately, it may take lots of time, so make be sure to use all the possible bonuses to speed up this process:

Toggle on the PvP Mode (+10%).

If the Darkmoon Faire Event is active, use the Darkmoon Top Hat Item (+10%). Also, don’t forget to get the WHEE! buff for riding Darkmoon Carousel (the buff stacks up to an hour).

We recommend buying the Grand Commendation of the Anglers after reaching “Revered” reputation status with this faction – that will give you +100% for all the following reputation increasing.

There will be Daily Quests available after reaching “Revered” status:

Complete three Daily Quests in Krasarang Wilds.

Catch three specific fishes and present them to Nat Pagle. Each grants +350 reputation with the Anglers and +600 with Nat Pagle himself.

These fish are:

Flying Tiger Gourami – can be fished in open freshwater areas in Krasarang Wilds and in the Valley of the Four Winds;

Mimic Octopus – can be caught in the saltwater areas where you can catch Reef Octopus in Krasarang Wilds;

Spinefish Alpha – may be found in the lakes of the Kun-Lai Summit.

In addition, follow the Weekly Events schedule. While the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event is active you may purchase the Commendation of The Anglers token, that will raise your reputation to 300 points at a cost of 50 Timewarped Badges. These tokens are sold by Mistweaver Xia NPC, which is located in the Timeless Isle. In addition, you may use the Hozen Peace Pipe item once a week.

An important note: the Grand Commendation of the Anglers works together with the “Hozen Peace Pipe” and “Timewarped Badges” which saves you lots of time and effort.

After all of this is finally done, you are allowed to purchase the Water Strider Mount for 4000 Gold and also Anglers Fishing Raft and Nat’s Fishing Chair toys.

Crimson Water Strider

This Mount can be obtained in your Draenor Garrison for the cost of 100 Nat’s Lucky Coins, but first, you will have to become “Best Friends” with Nat Pagle. There is no need to do it again if you have fulfilled this condition before, for the whole process in Draenor is more complicated.

You are to have Fishing Shack level 3 (the Draenor Angler Achievement is needed first). There will be a new Questline with Nat Pagle available right after. After completing this Questline you will be able to catch rare fish all over Draenor locations Fire Ammonite Lunker for example and give it to Nat in exchange for Nat’s Lucky Coin. It is better to have a high skill in Fishing because that will increase your chances to catch the needed rare species. You will find it much more comfortable and faster to collect the needed amount of fish using the flying ability in Draenor, so make sure you have learned it.

There is another way, however. Players can catch rather rare Items Lunarfall Carp (Alliance) or Frostdeep Minnows (Horde) right in the Garrison’s small pond. These Items summon a Cavedweller, which can have a Lucky Coin or one of several other Items as loot:

Hightfish Cap

Unusual Compass

Ephemeral Fishing Pole

Strand Crawler

Sea Turtle

World of Warcraft Water Mounts

Riding Turtle

World of Warcraft Water Mounts

This way of obtaining Water Strider Mounts is rather slow but gives an opportunity to add two more rare Mounts to your collection. These are Sea Turtle and Riding Turtle. The best way to get three Mounts at a time!


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