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Torghast Preparation

Some preparation can be required in order to do Torghast more effectively. The tips below are things that can be done before you venture into Torghast.

Ve’nari Upgrades

Ve’nari sells multiple permanent upgrades for Torghast for Stygia, once you acquire a certain reputation with her. These Torghast upgrades are also account-wide!

While these won’t guarantee an easier run, some of them reduce the RNG of Anima Powers by offering higher quality Anima Powers on vendors, or making higher quality Anima Power more accessible.

Item Cost Reputation Notes
Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits 527 Apprehensive Permanent Torghast upgrade. Makes it so your first death in Torghast is not applied to your death counter.
Extradimensional Pockets 800 Apprehensive Permanent Torghast upgrade. Allows Obleron Anima Powers in Torghast to be used in higher amounts.
Bangle of Seniority 1135 Tentative Permanent Torghast Upgrade. Grants Broker vendors inside Torghast a chance to offer uncommon Anima Powers to sell.
Maw-Touched Miasma 230 Tentative Surround yourself with miasma, dealing damage every second to any Mawrats within 15 yards of you. Lasts 30 minutes. Only usable in Torghast.
Sticky-Fingered Skeletal Hand 210 Tentative Attempts to unlock certain locked doors and passages in Torghast. 1 minute cooldown, has 4 charges.
Ritual Prism of Fortune 1025 Ambivalent Permanent Torghast upgrade. Permanently increases the chance of receiving Epic Anima Powers from Anima Hoards in Torghast.
Phantasmic Infuser 3760 Ambivalent Destroys 100 Phantasma to empower yourself for 30 minutes in Torghast. The item is reusable. Empowerments include 150 to Primary Stat, 200 to Secondary Stats, 10% Cooldown reduction or 15% Movement Speed.
Loupe of Unusual Charm 1330 Cordial Permanent Torghast upgrade. Grants a chance to obtain reduced prices on Anima Hoards sold by Broker vendors.
Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist 1575 Cordial Permanent Torghast Upgrade. Grants Broker vendors inside Torghast a chance to offer one Rare Anima Power to sell.
Possibility Matrix 1525 Appreciative Permanent Torghast Upgrade. Improves Anima Hoard orbs in Torghast by allowing them to always have at least two options of Anima Powers.


If you’ve having trouble in Torghast, you may wish to find a Group. In general, you’ll get more Anima Powers and the run will be more reliable as you’ll have groupmates to help you out.

When Grouping in Torghast:

  • Mob scaling is reduced for 4 and 5 player parties.
  • All players get to choose their own Anima Power whenever one drops. This makes it more likely that someone in your group gets powerful Anima Powers like 300 Phantasma or Frostchipper.
  • Only one person needs to buy the Plundered Anima Cell and Ravenous Anima Cell for the group. This person can be someone that has an excess of Phantasma, or the player that has no Anima Powers that they want to purchase on the vendor.
  • Most mobs can only attack one target at a time — this makes it even easier in a group!
  • A group comes with more utility options such as interrupts, purges, stuns and other CC’s, which are useful on many elites, rares and bosses!

You will need a little more coordination in a group, such as making sure to stick together, but overall you should benefit from being in a Group!

Inside Torghast Tips

Soul Remnants

When exploring Torghast, you’ll notice Soul Remnants usually chained to the floor or in cages. Freeing these souls grants you the Soul Remnant’s Blessing, a stacking 1% Main Stat buff.

This buff adds up very quickly and if you free every Soul, you’ll get ~15% or more Main Stat bonuses! Skipping on these souls means you’re potentially missing out a huge Primary Stat damage buff to fight the final boss. This is even more important in Twisting Corridors, as the randomized mode has 18 Floors worth of content to clear through.

Talent and Gear Swapping
Talent and Gear Swapping

On Floor 3 and Floor 6 (and floors 9, 12, 15 and 18 on Twisting Corridors), you will find a Broker who sells you Anima Powers and special items for your Phantasma. However, that’s not all as the Broker will have a Blue Bubble around them which allows you to change your talents and gear.

This is most useful on Floor 6 (or floor 18 in Twisting Corridors), as this is the Boss Floor. You can change from your AoE setup to your Single Target setup to help defeat the boss! If you pull the boss, the bubble will despawn and you will not be changing your setup any more.


This paragraph is only relevant for classes, who have healing specs (Shaman, Priest, Paladin, Druid, Monk)

The difficulty of Torghast depends on your spec. If you are playing healing spec mobs and bosses have much less HP (about 42% of HP compared to DD and Tank specs).
The tip is that you can do all mobs and mini bosses in healing spec, which will be much easier and faster due to HP reduction and huge amount of self healing and save abilities. Before the final boss you can respec back to DD spec and kill the boss without losing any of your damage potential, which will be definitely useful in the final battle. Also sometimes when you respec form healer to DD, the amount of HP doesn’t go back to 100%, yet it increases but it’s still less than 100%. However, after the 14th December patch, the amount of HP for healers slightly increased, so it’s not that big of a difference as it used to be, but still this might be a good tip for Torghast fast solo pushing.

Ravenous Anima Cell Usage

Ravenous Anima Cell is an item sold by Broker vendors that allows you to transform non-Elite NPCs into Anima Orbs! These Anima Orbs contain special powers that are either very difficult or outright impossible to be found otherwise in Torghast. As you only have 1 Ravenous Anima Cell available per normal Torghast run, it is important to know where to use them for the best possible results. Below is a list of useful powers available from Ravenous Anima Cells.

  • Warden’s Authority is available from Mawsworn Guards and Mawsworn Sentry in all wings but Coldheart Interstitia and Mort’regar. This power automatically opens Soul Cages close to you. Considering how many Souls are out there in Torghast, it can be easy to forget a few, and this power helps with that. Releasing Souls from their prison in Torghast grants you a stacking buff in the form of Soul Remnant’s Blessing, giving 1% Primary Stat per Soul released, so you want to get as many out as you can! Please be mindful that this only opens Soul Cages and you still need to manually free Souls chained to the ground.
  • In The Soulforges, you can obtain Flamestarved Cinders from Flameforge Master, Forge Keeper, Mawsworn Firecaller and Mawsworn Flametender. This Anima Power reduces all Fire damage taken by 65%, which is not only useful against mobs in the wing that mostly use Fire damage, but also reduces the damage of the stacking Torment: Soulforge Heat. This can also be useful against certain Torghast bosses, such as against The Grand Malleare‘s Inferno!.
  • In Coldheart Interstitia, Forsworn mobs give you the very powerful Dark Armaments. This stacking Haste buff has no limit and depending on how fast you can kill enemies, this can stack to very high numbers and allow you to power through wings!
  • In normal wings, using the Orb on Broker Ve’ken on Floor 3 can be useful if you already bought everything from him, as you can get 400 Phantasma via Broker’s Purse to help you prepare against the final boss fight via having more wares from Broker Ve’nott on Floor 6. However, DO NOT DO THIS ON TWISTING CORRIDORS! In Twisting Corridors, the Brokers appear in more than one floor, and killing one early on will make it so it doesn’t spawn for the rest of the run.

Unnatural Power

Once you hit Layer 3 or above, you’ll start running into the DPS check Unnatural Power. One stack of the buff will be applied every ~10 seconds while engaged in combat with any Elite, Rare or Boss creature, which makes these 3 types of creatures a large damage check!

This buff will continue to stack past 10, but at 10 stacks this mob will also become immune to CC. As such, at about 1 minute 35 seconds mobs will be doing 100%+ bonus damage! Kill them before they kill you. Be careful when you approach any of them as you should plan to use your cooldowns to ensure their death before the Unnatural Power buff ramps out of control. Don’t forget about consumables like Drums of Deathly Ferocity, flasks and potions!

Remember that in Torghast, there are no timers other than the occasional mob or ticking damage that will occur from some of the Torments in Torghast. As such, if you need to wait for cooldowns, you can! If you’re still having trouble after all these tips with a certain creature or boss, you may wish to start again and hope for better Anima Powers, a different layout, a different boss or maybe you’ll want to try to get more gear before making another attempt.

Torghast Boss Previews

On Torghast break floors, you can see a small hologram near Broker Ve’ken. This hologram previews the boss available on the final floor of the wing, or the next boss available in Twisting Corridors. Knowing what boss you will be facing will certainly give you an advantage and allow you to tune your next Anima Power choices to more securely defeat the boss.

Below, we have a list of all available bosses in Torghast, as well as their models, so you can easily check which boss you’ll be facing! You can also check each boss NPC page for strategies on how to defeat each boss. There are also some tips and useful comments for certain bosses from comments of other players

Dark Ascended CorrusHow to defeat Dark Ascended Corrus:

Pull and big burst explode all your damage boom boom

Interrupt Shadow Rip

Dispel purple wings buff

Interrupt or dispel Stygian Shield

Use stuns on the boss

Use Blinding Smoke Capsules to avoid Shadow Rip if needed

Dark Ascended Corrus Twisting Corridors Layer 8: https://youtu.be/af61X8lTEYs

Goxul the DevourerThis boss is similar to Synod as it has a stacking buff that increases its damage and becomes immune to CC at 10 stacks. The boss spawns two orbs periodically throughout the fight so try to pick the “Curious Miasma” anima power (heal for ~5k whenever you attack a new creature) and use an AOE ability to hit both orbs and heal for 10k instantly Custodian ThonarCustodian Thonar is a potential boss in Torghast, he’s a gigantic armored abomination.

Suggested strategy:

I constantly backed up and damaged him, interrupting the Meat Hook and keeping on the edge of the Noxious cloud so there’s as much overlap in clouds as possible. When Thorned Shell hit, I slowed the damage and focused on recovery and damage prevention items and abilities.

Eventually Unnatural Power hits 10 and you need to burn him down ASAP.

TL;DR strat:

Pull to side

Burst first

Interrupt hook

Avoid ground crap

Be aware of DPS during Thorned Shell.

Writhing Soulmass or Maw of the MawSoloed as 157 Sub Rogue. Had the edge speed buff which was the key. Other buffs were the mawrat health buff and 20 combo point finisher buff.

Key was to unload mass DPS during evasion windows, then kite the rest of the time around the edge of the arena, occasionally hitting echoing reprimand for the 20 combo point finisher. Crimson vial and kite. When evasion is back up, DPS window. Repeat. Ignore the adds, they do nothing for you, just kite them. Shiv if something gets too close, sprint if things get dicey.

The Grand MalleareHis ground smash AoE seems to strike about 5 feet out of the visible range. Got hit by that at least twice despite not standing in the area. So just be aware of that. Cellblock SentinelThe trick is to be patient and kite using rupture and going in when you are able too.

The boss will cast different buffs on him.

1) Lumbering Might: will increase damage and reduce his movement speed.

You will definitely want to stick rupture and just kite around til this falls off.

2) Crumbling Walls: any attack you do will cause him to spawn a rock shard minion dude.

Rupture wont cause any minions to spawn so kite during this phase also

When he hard cast his moves like ground crush or shockwave is when you can go in and just pop shadowdance & rotation and cheap shot any hard cast he does.

Make sure to keep rupture up and rinse and repeat until hes dead.

Binder BaritasHe doesn’t hit hard AT ALL. He casts some Shadow Bolt that can be interrupted or reflected, but it doesn’t deal a lot of damage.

The only thing to look after are the mobs the boss will progressively invoke. They have too many HP to be quickly killed, and they cast shadow balls that will follow you around the room, and deal a good amount of damage.

So, just dodge everything and burst the boss!

SynodIf you thought your run was ridiculously easy, prepare for this guy to show up and make you exit empty handed.

Completely ridiculous boss who will punish you HARD for every mistake you make

Interrupt or CC his Intimidating Presence exactly as BradMJustice mentions.

Time your defensive cooldowns, if you’re an arms warrior, be glad you picked up Unbound Fortitude and Warlord’s Resolve

as they are most likely your easiest way of beating this boss.

Bring all outside help, this includes potions / flask, food buff, drums

And pray that you either lucked out on anima or play a class that can handle him.

Watchers of DeathThis boss appeared for me on the third floor of Mort’egar. As a 162 tank with 21 (!) anima powers, he was fairly challenging and it was a very long fight. I ended up using a lot of cooldowns and self-healing to make it through. (Go Bear!)

He has two abilities beyond his simple melee:

Steal Vitality is his main damaging ability. He pretty much spans it all the time. Not much to do about this one, you just have to soak it. It DOES heal him, so interrupt it as much as possible.

He casts his second ability, Prophesy of Death every 4-5 Steal Vitality casts. This one puts purple swirlies on the floor that follow you for a few seconds and can’t be interrupted. They move FAST and you pretty much have to be moving at full speed to avoid them. I found that strafing right or left worked pretty well, turning in a very wide circle around him. Don’t make your turns too tight while strafing or you won’t move fast enough to get out of the purple circle. If you don’t get out of a circle in time you will get hit HARD (like 10K for me, as a tank) and feared for a few seconds. I managed to dodge 3/4 of the casts, but it was ugly. Dodging this ability should 100% be your priority.

DecayspeakerThe boss starts out with 9 stacks of a 90% damage reduction debuff. The suggestion is to use some type of CC and spamming a quick instant ability to remove his stacks (for example to use Psychic Scream and spam Shadow Word: Pain as a Shadow Priest). He dies very quickly once his stacks are removed. Arch-Suppressor LaguasIf you’re having any sort of trouble with this guy, the main thing is to interrupt Curse of Frailty. Observer ZelgarThe boss seemed to be buggy as he oneshoted almost everyone with an ocular beam, which seemed to be undodgeable. But after some fixes it seems like there are no troubles with this skill now.
Warden SkoldusHe’s not too bad of a boss. I encountered him in Skoldus Halls (He isn’t Warden Coldheart after all!) layer 4. Be sure to move out of the way of his charge or you’ll take some damage and be stunned. Interrupt his Rats! cast. I never let it go off so I’m not 100% certain of what the ability does but if it is anything like what the larger mawrats cast then it will likely be a bleed and a snare. The snare would then make it a tad more difficult to dodge his charge and other ability, traps. He’ll throw a trap on the ground that will arm after a second and again, I don’t know what the trap does as I never triggered it but I would imagine it deals some damage and immobilizes you. Anyone who has fallen victim to the trap please feel free to chime in. Kosarus the FallenThis boss gains stacks of frenzy based on how much you move. If you are like me on my first attempt and just ran in circles while letting my pet tank, he will destroy you. Basically you want to stand still as much as possible, run out of collapse, then remain stationary until the next collapse. Pretty easy fight after reading the mechanics. Gherus the ChainedSave your interrupts for when he casts Incorporeal. This is a DPS race, so you need to be able to damage him as much as possible.

This guy is pretty punishing if you didn’t pick up any damage anima powers. He’ll get to 10 stacks buffed and then you can’t interrupt him at all. Just a numerically hard fight that you might not have the powers to deal with – I certainly didn’t.

Warden of SoulsHe casts a well of souls AoE puddle underneath his current position every 20s or so. You will need to move him out of this as it buffs him. It is not particularly large so you should not need to worry about running out of space on the platform unless you are extremely slow to kill him.

He summons 3 shades on the same ~20s cooldown as well. Their position is a bit random but they are usually clumped and near him/you. These shades are stationary and have a channeled cast that does a decent amount of damage. After 1 minute they will despawn, but you can easily end up with 9+ of these alive at once, in which case the total damage will be very hard to survive.

The adds have very little health and are easy to kill if you have accessible cleave/AoE. They are great fodder if kills/final blows are helpful to your spec/anima powers. For melee the primary issue is the fact that they are stationary, so be careful with positioning puddles to keep adds accessible. If you *cannot* keep up with killing them then your only option is to range their spell-cast. It has what appears to be a 35yd range, so it’s not easy to get out of range without using all the terrain (off the platform onto the bridge, etc.)

Finally, he casts an interruptible fear. This is his *only* spellcast so feel free to use your interrupt. Melee and ele shamans will have no problem interrupting every cast. Other ranged classes will need to figure out how to eat every other fear without getting ruined by the AoE puddles or fleeing into range of the adds.

Patrician CromwellCromwell appears to have few abilities.Dark Bolt Volley: Hits for a decent chunk of health.Dread Plague: DoT debuff effect that hits for a mild amount. Duration: unknown (<10 seconds). Cleansable: unknown. This DoT killed my Decayfly Hatchling pets.Unnatural Power: Appears to be a stacking buff for Cromwell. I don’t know how often he casts this. I killed him when he was at 11 stacks and boy-howdy he was hitting hard; e.g. melee hits went from 1k to 4k each. Purgeable: unknown.Crippling Burst: Another debuff effect. Duration: unknown (<10 seconds). Cleansable: unknown.

Recommend prioritizing your interrupts with Dread Plague and Crippling Burst as your priorities. I alternated defensives for Dark Bolt Volley and face tanked them.

Cromwell drops growing, blood pools that do not appear to dissipate; I think that Dark Bolt Volley might be their source. I tried to kite him within the platform he was on and ran out of room. He can be kited the whole room and I had to use quite a bit of it.

Elder LongbranchThe boss has a couple of abilities.

# 1 applies a shell on the boss that reduces damage dealt by 10%, has 9 stacks at the start of the buff. Each instant cast (like Moonfire or Sunfire) removes one stack.

# 2 is Crush. The boss slams the ground and stuns everything in its path, this can be outrun, but the easier way is to just sidestep it or move behind the boss while it’s being cast. This CAN be interrupted, but you do not want to interrupt it, save your interrupt CD for number #3. Just barkskin/bear/defensive through it.

# 3 is a heal that heals the boss for 3% of his health every second for I believe 10 seconds (can be spellstolen as a mage, or DH). This is just stupid, but can be interrupted. Unfortunately, Solar Beam has much longer cooldown than the heal, so the boss is going to heal no matter what. This is not being cast when the boss is above 50% health.

Torghast Puzzle Solutions

There are many puzzles players can find within Torghast. Most of them are easily solvable, but two kinds of puzzles, Lever and Runelocked puzzles, have left players a bit stumped, so we have solutions for those below.

Solving a Torghast puzzle grants you an Anima Power orb.

Lever Puzzle Chest

Lever Puzzle Chest

One of the types of Locked Chests in Torghast involves 4 Levers. One of the 16 possible combinations of levers will unlock the chest and there’s no way to know which one until you try them all.

The 16 combinations are as follows, with a 0 noting a lever in a down position and a 1 noting a lever in an up position. Go through every combination until you find the one that unlocks the chest!


0000 0001 0010 0011
0100 0101 0110 0111
1000 1001 1010 1011
1100 1101 1110 1111

Runelocked Puzzle Chest
Runelocked Puzzle Chest

Another type of the locked chests in Torghast is the 4 colour puzzle. There are 4 skulls that you can click on, each skull changing a different set of the colours that are shown. When a colour is correct, it will remove the related chain and one specific colour combination will unlock the chest!

There’s a relatively easy way to solve this puzzle that you don’t even need to look at the specific colours.

  1. Find the skull that swaps all 4 colours. Click that skull until the chain in front of that skull is removed.
  2. Find the skull that swaps only 3 colours (it will be the colours directly in front of the 3 remaining chains) and click it until the chain directly in front of that skull is removed.
  3. Find the skull that swaps only 2 colours. Click that one until the chain directly in front of that skull is removed.
  4. Click the remaining skull until the chest is unlocked!

For example, in the video below I clicked on the skulls and found out the following information:

  • The first skull on the left changes 2 colours.
  • The second skull changes 4 colours.
  • The third skull changes 1 colour.
  • The fourth skull changes 3 colours.

Then, you just need to click on the skulls in order:

  • Second skull from the left until the second skull is gone.
  • Fourth skull from the left until the fourth chain is gone.
  • First skull from the left until the first chain is gone.
  • Third skull until the chest is open!

There’s no need to worry about the specific colours unless you want to do it that way.

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