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With each subsequent Patch, developers introduce something new, whether it is a part of new PvE or PvP content, new locations or any other changes that may influence some part of gameplay. Patch 8.1.5 has not become an exception to the rule; Players with non-gathering professions are able to complete new profession quests, Tools of the Trade, that unlock recipes for Epic Items. Overgear will guide you through all new profession quests and the Items you can craft after completing them. Let’s begin!



The new Tools of the Trade Questlines are available only for the following Professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. To start a certain profession Questline, the Player needs to reach character’s level 120 and have 150 skill points in the BfA-tier of a chosen crafting profession (Kul Tiran for the Alliance or Zandalari for the Horde characters accordingly).

It is important to note, however, that you will get only the recipes as rewards for completing the quests but not the corresponding Items themselves. So be ready to farm varied amounts of special items that all have specific drop locations, like dungeon bosses, concrete mobs from certain World Quests, or even World Bosses.

Let us have a closer look at everything this new update has to offer.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

The new Item for Alchemists is the   Silas’ Sphere of Transmutation that allows the owner to transmute it into another object for one hour.

To craft this Sphere the Alchemist will need the following ingredients:

Purposefully Potent Potion. Drops from adds close to the   Heartsbane Triad Boss in   Waycrest Manor Dungeon;

Sphere of Sangaurum. Drops from   Priestess Alun’za Boss in   Atal’Dazar Dungeon;

Extremely Precise Vial. Drops from Alchemists adds before the third boss in   MOTHERLODE!! dungeon;

Sly Rogues Decanter. Drops from   Jes Howlis Boss in   Tol Dagor Dungeon;

Anchor Weed ×50. This particular grass has a rare spawn and replaces several other types of BfA plants on their spawn spots, so make sure you have collected every grass you see;

Mystical Cauldron – alchemists may craft this item;

Expulsom ×10. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment.

As soon as you have finally created the Sphere, you may use it to obtain one of four items to work with them after:

Silas’ Stone of Transportation – summons an all-seeing eye for two minutes that will teleport the user to a nearby safe haven instantly while outdoors in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Has 9 Minutes Cooldown;

Silas’ Decanter of Disguise – disguises the imbiber as one of a variety of creatures from across the world;

Silas’ Vial of Continuous Curing – restores Player’s health from the never-ending, ever-flowing vial of continuous curing;

Silas’ Potion of Prosperity – increases the chances to create extra items from a Player’s Alchemy recipe list.

Note that all these Items show up randomly but every one of them allows the Player to search various cauldrons on Kul Tiras and Zandalar for flasks and potions.

The  Alchemy Questline lets the Hero investigate the dark side of transmutation. In addition, the Player will learn a little bit more about the evasive   Silas Darkmoon from the Darkmoon Faire. The first Quest is given by   Clever Kumali in  Dazar’alor for the Horde or by   Elric Whalgrene in   Boralus for the Alliance Players.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

The Profession Item that the Blacksmiths of the Azeroth will get is known as the   Khaz’gorian Smithing Hammer. It allows the user to repair a piece of their equipment instantly but, unfortunately, has a one-hour Cooldown.

To craft this Item the Player will need the following:

Titan’s Blood ×30. May be looted from   Infused Crag in Silithus, or chance from   Infused Bedrock and   Infused Crag during the   World Quest Azerite Madness.

Precision Blessing Tools – is dropped by   Tidesage Council in   Shrine of the Storms Dungeon;

Azerokk’s Fist – is dropped by   Azerokk in   MOTHERLODE!! dungeon;

Storm Silver Ore ×25;

Platinum Ore ×15;

Expulsom ×10. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment.

The Khaz’gorian Smithing Hammer will allow its owner to repair any single part of his gear for free every hour. What’s more, crafted Blacksmithing gear (both armor and weapons) will have a chance to proc the Indestructible stat, meaning they do not take durability loss.

The   Blacksmithing Questline sends Players to Deepholm where they earn the ire of Therazane. The first Quest is given by a   Blacksmith profession trainer   Forgemaster Zak’aal in   Zuldazar or   Grix “Ironfists” Barlow in   Boralus.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

The new Enchanter’s Item is called   Iwen’s Enchanting Rod and it allows a Player to summon a golem to fight for him or her. One   Veiled Crystal is needed to do it though. In addition, this Item gains extra resources while disenchanting.

To craft   Iwen’s Enchanting Rod a Player will need the corresponding recipe and the following:

Expulsom ×10. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment;

Veiled Crystal ×15;

Umbra Shard ×25;

Lingering Drust Essence ×50. This Item may be looted from many enemies within   Waycrest Manor Dungeon;

Runestone of Thros – drops from   Gorak Tul in   Waycrest Manor Dungeon;

Grasping Wicker Arm.

The  Enchanting Questline explains the lore of the ancient Drust and the Thornspeakers a little bit, which is especially very useful for those playing a Kul Tiran Druid. The Questline starts from  Enchantress Quinni in  Zuldazar or  Emily Fairweather in  Boralus.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

The new profession Item for Engineers is   Ub3r-Spanner that enables the Player to craft an Ub3r-construct to assist them for 20 Seconds and has 15 Minute Cooldown. If no Ub3r-Construct is specified, a random one will appear. There are three modules to choose from:

Ub3r-Improved Target Dummy – is a target dummy which also draws aggro from you;

Ub3r S3ntry Mk. X8.0 – a mechanical dog that attacks your target;

Short-Fused Bomb Bot – the army of bomb bots that explode on your target.

The certain module will stay at your side for two hours.

To create the   Ub3r-Spanner the Engineer must have the following Items:

Expulsom. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment;

Platinum Ore ×10;

Storm Silver Ore ×15;

Insulated Wiring ×50. The Item is sold by Vendors;

Miniaturized Power Core ×2. It may be found in   Sabertron models deployed in Northwestern   Stormsong Valley and those in the Abandoned Junkheap in   Tiragarde Sound;

Static Induction Matrix – is looted from   Galvazzt in the   Temple of Sethraliss Dungeon;

Coin Return Flipper – drops from   Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler in   MOTHERLODE!! dungeon;

The   Engineering Questline shows what the famous Venture Company has been up to since their defeat in the MOTHERLODE!! The first quest will be given by   Shuga Blastcaps in   Zuldazar or   Layla Evenkeel in   Boralus.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

Inscription masters have also got a new profession Item that names   Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel. It siphons the blood of the dead around you, restoring your own health in the process. It also allows the creation of the four following Blood Contracts:

Blood Contract: Sacrifice. Summons an   Avatar of Sacrifice to heal by your side. This Avatar has the form of a stag.

Blood Contract: Bloodguard. Summons an   Avatar of the Bloodguard which acts as a tank. This one looks like a spiky Kodo.

Blood Contract: Bloodshed. Summons an   Avatar of Bloodshed which attacks in melee range and has a form of Hyena.

Blood Contract: Oblivion: Summons a spider looking   Avatar of Oblivion which attacks as ranged DPS.

Technically every avatar is a temporary pet that will stay with summoner for four hours but none of them is usable in Dungeons, Raids, etc.

To create the   Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel a Player will need:

Expulsom ×10. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment;

Viridescent Ink ×15;

Crimson Ink ×50;

Coagulated Miasma ×50. The Item drops from the Blood Trolls in the   Underrot Dungeon;

Ancient Blood Pigment. This is a World Boss drop;

Gilded Plume that drops from   The Golden Serpent Boss in   King’s Rest Dungeon.

The  Inscription Questline will make the Champion literally dabble in Blood Magic.   Zooey Inksprocket in   Boralus or   Chronicler Grazzul in   Zuldazar both will invite you to take a blood bath.

Once a Player drops Inscription and picks it back up again, they can learn the Blood Contracts via   Recipe Book: Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

The Gems Masters have their specific profession Item as well and it’s called   Jewelhammer’s Focus. It allows extracting gems from existing gear without destroying any of them and interacts with geodes to mine extra gems in each zone.

To craft this Item Players will need:

Expulsom ×10. This Item may be made by Alchemists or get by scrapping equipment;

Kraken’s Eye ×10;

Fine Azerite Powder ×50. Drops from Ashvane Company NPCs in   Tiragarde Sound location;

Sweete’s Diamond-Studded Spyglass that is looted from   Harlan Sweete in   Freehold Dungeon;

Unrefined Azerite Geode. Drops from   Azerokk in   The MOTHERLODE!! dungeon.

The Jewelcrafting   Quests will send a Player to investigate shrines of the Earthen. To get started on the first quest in line, a Player needs to interact with a book near the Jewelcrafting trainer   Samuel D. Colton III in   Boralus or   Seshuli in   Zuldazar. Do note that this Questline will take you to Dungeons – the Alliance Players go to   Tol Dagor while the Horde representatives go to   Atal’Dazar.

We kindly remind the Players that upon completing the Questline, you are awarded the   Recipe: Jewelhammer’s Focus and not with the Item itself.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

Mallet of Thunderous Skins is a new profession Item for the Leatherworkers. It allows the owner to interact with Drums of Primal Might, providing one of three buffs. It also grants a personal Heroism Haste buff.

Primal Might: Turtle’s Endurance. Reduces all damage you take by 10% and increases health by 10%.

Primal Might: Beast’s Fury. Increases your primary stat by 400.

Primal Might: Cat’s Quickness. Increases your movement speed by 15% and reduces damage from falling.

All Buffs last for 30 Minutes and have a one-hour Cooldown.

A leatherworker will need the following to craft the   Mallet of Thunderous Skins:

Long Regal Sinew ×4;

Spirit of the Bested ×15;

Blood-Stained Bone ×50;

Tempest Hide ×50;

Hardened Tempest Hide ×25;

Expulsom ×10.

To get started on this   Quest, one should speak with the Leatherworking trainers   Cassandra Brennor in  Boralus or   Xanjo in   Zuldazar. These NPCs will send the ones who wish to collect rare hides to make a drum with the blessing of Elune or the Earth Mother according to the chosen faction.



Tools of the Trade Professional Items in Patch 8.1.5. Full Guide

Synchronous Thread – is a new Tools of the Trade item for Tailors. It acquires extra cloth from rifts in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, resurrect outdoors via   Temporal Recall, and purchase removed old-world Tailoring patterns.

Players are rewarded with   Recipe: Synchronous Thread after completing the Questline. To craft this item they will still need the following:

Expulsom ×10;

Tidespray Linen ×100;

Nylon Thread ×100. This Item is sold by Vendors;

Essence of the Sands that drops from   Avatar of Sethraliss in the   Temple of Sethraliss;

Essence of the Depths. Drops from Dungeon Boss   Viq’Goth in the   Siege of Boralus;

Essence of the Regal Loa. Drops from Dungeon Boss   Rezan in   Atal’dazar;

Essence of the Troll Dynasty is a drop from Dungeon Boss   King Dazar in the   Kings’ Rest.

The  Synchronous Thread has several specific features that might be extremely useful for modern Players. They are:

When outdoors in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, you get the   Temporal Recall buff that resurrects you upon taking lethal damage.

Sometimes when closing a rift outdoors, you’ll get a   Chronal Cache of Cloth. This can yield individual as well as bolts of cloth from any expansion, including rare BoP cloth like   Celestial Cloth.

There is a very small chance a   Time-Lost Trader appears, who sells a number of lately unavailable or extremely hard-to-find patterns in exchange for   Embroidered Deep Sea Satin.

To get started on this   Questline Players will need to interact with   Timeweaver Delormi the Bronze Dragon disguised as a Nightborne near the Tailoring trainers   Pin’jin the Patient in   Zuldazar or   Daniel Brineweaver in   Boralus.


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