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And so you have got to level 120, but what comes next? “Overgear” will help you to use your online time in the most effective way.

You will learn about all activities and rewards, and after we will give you the list of daily and weekly things to do.

World Quests in Battle for Azeroth

One has to have “friendly” reputation status with all the factions except for the “Champions of Azeroth”, and to construct three bases on an enemy’s island. You will gain automatically the needed reputation status while leveling up; the second part means completing the quests on board the ship – the war campaign. After finishing third location storyline, you will get access to World Quests and an item, called [Flight Master’s Whistle] in case you have lost or thrown away the one you got in Legion. Also, you will be able to master your character. You may choose a number of special talents by analogy with class halls in Legion, but there are only two first tiers available at the very beginning-the rest you might get while completing island expeditions and continuing war campaign.

In case you haven’t reached maximum level with your main character, or you lack of time for leveling up your alt, let Overgear help you. Our qualified players are extremely skilled in high-speed leveling up, so let’s save your time.


Reputations in Battle for Azeroth


The most important thing now is raising reputations with Champions of Azeroth and Honorbound / 7-th Legion factions.

Each time you reach a new reputation status with Champions of Azeroth, your Heart of Azeroth artifact will get additional fifteen points to its item level – this is the most effective way to raise general item level of your character.

How to gain reputation?

  • Use Auction House to buy Contract: Champions of Azeroth, so every World Quest you do gives you an additional ten reputation points to this faction;
  • Complete quests with Champions of Azeroth faction;
  • There is a chance of getting a special quest at a mission table;
  • There is a chance to have a special token for 250 reputation points while completing expeditions and mythic 0 dungeons;


Honorbound / 7-th Legion factions are the analogue to the Nightborne faction in Legion. The storyline is connected to the reputation status.

7.5/12k of reputation gained – ou have an access to the special plot dungeon of the opposite faction – Siege of Boralus for Horde players and Kings’ Rest for Alliance players accordingly;

12/12k of gained reputation – The player will get the fifth follower for the quests at a mission table; this will also let player learn an important tier that will give additional amount of Azerite.

How to gain reputation?

  • All the World Quests on the island of the opposite faction;
  • There is a chance of getting a special quest at a mission table;
  • There is a chance to have a special token for 250 reputation points while completing expeditions and mythic 0 dungeons;


Other factions. The best thing you can actually get by raising the reputation with other factions – better profession recipes.

How to gain reputation.

  • Complete World Quests with this faction;
  • There is a chance of getting a special quest at a mission table;
  • There is a chance to have a special token for 250 reputation points while completing expeditions and mythic “O” dungeons.

You have noticed that reputation with all the factions mostly depends on completing World Quests. In case you are not  great at a daily routine, or more likely – you lack time for all those activities, feel free to ask us to help you. We will do all those everyday World Quests, and you, in the meantime, can enjoy your own private life.


Professions in Battle for Azeroth

Different professions in Battle for Azeroth may be extremely important for maximizing general item level for your character. This is because crafted items at a high professional level are equal to those from “mythic” Uldir raid. The only difficulty you may run into is that most reagents for these items are soul bound, as well as the items themselves. Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing allow you to craft pieces of equipment into two specified slots.


Dungeons in Battle for Azeroth


Well, where can we go without the dungeons? After reaching maximum level, you should visit heroic dungeons, but, even here we face some impediments. You can register into the dungeon group finder only after reaching 305 item levels. Hence, you can manually find a group of players with similar item level for finishing the dungeons by yourself. You can purchase the needed pieces of armor at Auction House. Single items are not expensive by themselves, but to provide your character with full set of armor, you will need to spend a lot.

You can always use “Overgear” to find an appropriate offer for buying in-game currency at your realm. Transfer your gold into gear and become stronger and more powerful!

It is time to think about the mythic mode dungeons after completing all the heroics. The rewards are a way better, but the trials are more challenging as well. The complete passing with less skilled teammates may take up to twelve hours, so if you are not ready for such an adventure, feel free to learn about our group offers in a special dungeon section.

Using our service you can find an extremely experienced group, who will not only complete every single dungeon in less than five hours in total, but will provide a special group according to your type of loot.


Island expeditions in Battle for Azeroth


This is a completely new activity of the Battle for Azeroth expansion for the group of three players. You are landed on an island where you need to gather a concrete number of Azerite, and do it faster than your opponents from the opposite faction. Here your opponents are new “skilled” and “clever” NPCs. Reward is a way too tempting – you gain 1500 reputation points with Honorbound / 7-th Legion factions and 2500 of Azerite as a reward for a weekly gathering of 40000 Azerite during these island expeditions. It will take you about an hour or two to obtain the needed amount of Azerite, so try, but in case you don’t like it, remember that Overgear is always here to aid you.


In conclusion

Daily affairs:

  • Needed World Quests – no less than two hours;
  • One random heroic dungeon – about twenty minutes.

Weekly affairs:

  • Gather 40000 of Azerite by completing island expeditions – about two hours;
  • Pass every dungeon in Mythic mode – about five hours.

You can also master your professions, and get additional amount of Azerite in random Heroics or during Island Expeditions when you have free time.
Use your gaming time effectively ,  doing the things you enjoy!
Let Overgear worry about the rest.
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