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In update 10.1.5, a new Megadungeon will appear, dedicated to the theme of alternative reality. We expect 8 bosses in this dungeon, but as is usually the case with Megadungeons, Dawn of the Infinite will be divided into two full-fledged dungeons with 4 bosses each. By the way, this dungeon will have a hard mode, which we have already seen in all previous Megadungeons. But let’s talk about everything in order.

What a “Megadungeon” is

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term and have even been in some mega dungeons. Let’s remember how many there are at the moment:

  • Return to Karazhan (Legion, 2016)
  • Operation: Mechagon (Battle for Azeroth, 2019)
  • Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (Shadowlands, 2021)
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The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Not many, but it’s easy to explain – they are unique for many reasons.

  • Only Mythic —Mega Dungeons are never Normal or Heroic difficulty. They always have maximum – mythical – complexity.
  • Bosses everywhere — Megadungeons vary in the number of bosses. There are always 8 or more bosses here. This is because when a Megadungeon enters the Seasonal Dungeon Rotation, the Mega Dungeon is split into two separate dungeons.
  • Hidden place —each mega dungeon has its own special hidden area. You won’t even be able to get into many of them on your own until you complete the corresponding quest.
  • Hard Mode — in addition to the mythical difficulty, the Megadungeon has a special mode. It’s called a hard mod because in order to complete it successfully, you have to complete some difficult tasks inside the dungeon itself.

Dawn of the Infinite

Within the immersive experience called “Cracks in Time,” the utmost threat to the serenity of the Dragon Isles and the entire realm of Azeroth lies in the dragons of Infinity. Their relentless pursuit is to alter the timeline and transform Nozdorma into Dornozma, thereby disrupting the main course of history. As valiant heroes, our mission is to thwart their ambitions within the colossal Dawn of Infinite Mega Dungeon. Guided by Chromie, we venture into the sanctuary of bronze dragons situated at the Time Crossing in Thaldraszus. Here, we engage in fierce battles against the dragons of Infinity, temporal anomalies, and the formidable defense systems of the structure itself.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

In the new dungeon, players will meet with 8 bosses:

  1. Chronikar
  2. Manifested Timeways
  3. Blight of Galakrond
  4. Iridikron the Stonescaled
  5. Morchie
  6. Tyr, the Infinite Keeper
  7. Time-Lost Battlefield
  8. Chrono-Lord Deios


Chronikar dedicated her entire existence to the cause of the infinite dragonflight, tirelessly climbing through its ranks until she achieved the esteemed position of commander. Even among the fanatical followers of the infinite flight, her unwavering devotion stands unparalleled. With her revered role as the rearguard, she will go to any lengths to eliminate those who dare to defy her order.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Manifested Timeways

The embodiment of the sands of time itself. This primordial entity remains ever vigilant, patiently awaiting the critical junctures when the Timeways come under threat. In the past, she was powerless to prevent the invasive incursions of the infinite dragonflight. However, in the face of renewed intrusions, she adamantly refuses to falter for a second time.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Blight of Galakrond

Resurrected by the necrotic energies emanating from Galakrond’s lifeless remains, these primeval dragons have returned with an insatiable hunger. Ahnzon embodies the crackling ferocity of the storm, Dazhak represents the insatiable gluttony of the flame, while Loszkeleth embodies the seeping starvation of the cold. In the eyes of these formidable adversaries, the heroes of Azeroth appear as a delectable feast, ready to be devoured.

Among the Primal Incarnates, Iridikron is the pinnacle of power, infused with the essence of elemental earth magic. His fervent desire is to overthrow the Aspects and eradicate the influence of the Titans from the world. However, the exact nature of his plans remains shrouded in mystery. 

Iridikron the Stonescaled

Among the Primal Incarnates, Iridikron stands as the pinnacle of power, infused with the very essence of elemental earth magic. His fervent desire is to overthrow the Aspects and eradicate the influence of the titans from the world. However, the exact nature of his plans remains shrouded in mystery.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide


Meet Morchie, the alter ego of Chromie, birthed from a divergent timeline where Murozond triumphed and the infinite dragonflight ruled with authority. Interestingly enough, Morchie finds great satisfaction in existing within the true timeline and is determined to preserve its integrity. Regrettably, the heroes of Azeroth persistently obstruct her aspirations, becoming stumbling blocks in her path.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

In the wake of Murozond’s ascension and the subsequent alteration of the true timeline, the heroes of Azeroth find themselves confronted with a multitude of perplexing anomalies. Among these enigmatic occurrences, the most prominent is the unexpected alliance between Titan-Keeper Tyr and the infinite dragonflight. Once renowned for his unwavering loyalty, Tyr’s allegiance has now been twisted against the very heroes he once championed. Faced with no alternative, the heroes of Azeroth must engage in a decisive battle, driven by the imperative to emerge victorious.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Time-Lost Battlefield

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between the Alliance and Horde, a fierce battle has spilled over into the Timeways, disrupting the fabric of time itself. Now, Azeroth’s heroes are responsible for resolving this temporal anomaly, ensuring the continuation of their journey. However, their path is obstructed by none other than Grommash Hellscream, a formidable chieftain revered within the Horde. 

If there are more horde players in your group, then King Lothar will stand in your way.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Chrono-Lord Deios and the Infinite Dragonflight

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The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

The infinite dragonflight is set to alter Azeroth’s timeline as Chrono-Lord Deios schemes to raise Murozond. Having seen Deios’s success and its repercussions before, Azeroth’s heroes must now prevent this calamity.

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

Where is the entrance to Dawn of the Infinite?

The entrance to the Dawn of the Initine, a significant location for the infinite dragonflight, can be found within the Temporal Conflux situated in Thaldrazsus. Interestingly, this is the same area where adventurers can access the “Primalist Tomorrow” through a portal. The Temporal Conflux captivates visitors with its grandeur, featuring a colossal bronze gate encircled by resplendent golden spires. 

The Dawn of the Infinite Full Guide

WoW players, recognizing these remarkable details, speculated that this area held the promise of a forthcoming dungeon or raid entrance.

Loot from The Dawn of the Infinite

A new Megadungeon will be released in 10.1.5 and, as is always the case with new Megadungeons, it will not be included in the Mythic+ rotation. However, despite this, in this dungeon, you can get 437 ilvl items. I especially want to highlight trinkets with unusual effects.

Every accessory is priced at 250 Paracausal Particles, which can be acquired during the event or by navigating through the Dawn of Infinity dungeon and interacting with various merchants. Currently, all 7 merchants from the 7 rifts are accessible on the PTR (Public Test Realm). However, in the live version of the game, there might be a weekly rotation where only one merchant appears based on the active rift. To locate these merchants, visit the Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus, positioned between Valdrakken and Tyrhold.

Here is a complete list of unusual accessories:

Quantum Equipment

But the list of unusual items in this dungeon is just beginning! Defeating Chronolord Deios in battle presents a promising opportunity to acquire Quantum Equipment Tokens. These tokens offering a chance to obtain a random piece of equipment from dungeons, raids, or the open world of previous expansions. Embracing the concept of quantum uncertainty, these tokens hold the potential to grant powerful items that were once exclusive to specific content. Here is a full list of such quantum tokens:

But apart from the transmogrification of past years, players will be able to get new types of transmog for armor and weapons.

Armor from The Dawn of the Infinite

Below you can see what the new types of transmog will look like for all types of armor.

Weapon from The Dawn of the Infinite

There are many more types of weapons and everyone can find something to their liking.

Unusual Armor Set from The Dawn of the Infinite

For completing The Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon without dying, each player in the group will receive an achievement Put That Thing Back Where It Came From and a special transmogrification for armor. Interestingly, you will receive all types of transmogrification at once, so you do not need to re-obtain this achievement on another character.

Loot for your Dragon

The developers have not forgotten about Dragonriding. Defeating the dungeon’s final boss, Chronolord Deios, presents an exciting opportunity to obtain one of the new Drakewatcher Manuscripts. These tomes serve as a key to unlocking the coveted black and gray Infinity flight skin option for your mount. With a total of five manuscripts available, each corresponding to a different dragon, collectors and adventurers have the chance to complete their collection and showcase their mastery over these majestic creatures.

Quantum Courser

Collectors will be particularly interested in the Quantum Steed’s Reins, which are extremely rare drops from the final boss, Chronolord Deios. When used, this item transforms into a random mount from dungeons, raids, and the open world of previous expansions. Here are the list of mounts you can acquire.

This unique mount is an incredibly appealing reward, especially for collectors. If you have your eyes set on obtaining it, our Quantum Courser service is here to help.

Dawn of the Infinites Special Stats

Among the treasures that await you in this expansive dungeon are the highly sought-after “Divergent” pieces of gear, boasting unique and innovative stats.These exceptional items introduce fresh and unprecedented attributes, offering a thrilling opportunity for players to experiment with new strategies and builds. 

Here are the Divergent pieces of gear currently listed:

We have gathered valuable information about the hidden effects associated with the stats discovered so far:

The Dawn of the Infinite Hard Mode

The new mega dungeon does not have a hard mode in the usual sense, but it has special achievements.

  • Crunch Time — Defeat Chronikar after she shatters an Infused Hourglass with Eon Shatter in Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.
  • A Slime in Need — Defeat Blight of Galakrond after allowing a lost slime to hop on your back and then getting hit by Blight Reclamation in Dawn of the Infinites on Mythic difficulty.
  • Back En-masse — Defeat Tyr, the Infinite Keeper after closing 18 Time Rifts in Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.
  • Chaotic Time  — Defeat Manifested Timeways after activating 3 Chaotic Time portals in Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.

Other achievements from The Dawn of the Infinite

Dawn of the Infinite is the fourth Megadungeon in WoW. In update 10.1.5, he will not be included in the Mythic+ list. However, there is good reason to believe that World of Warcraft Season 4 will be a Megadungeon season and that all Megadungeons will rotate.

  • Return to Karazhan (Legion, 2016)
  • Operation: Mechagon (Battle for Azeroth, 2019)
  • Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (Shadowlands, 2021)
  • Dawn of the Infinite (Dragonflight, 2023)

Over time, we will add tactics to the bosses of this dungeon and you will be fully prepared to protect the timeline of Azeroth.

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