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As usual, before the start of the expansion, alpha testing releases, where players can assess new locations, tasks, gameplay innovations, class balance changes, and more. One of the most favorite aspects of the game has always been collecting. So, we are going to tell about mounts collecting especially. In this guide, you can find out, what mounts players can get in WoW Shadowlands, as well as ways of getting these mounts.

Zone Mounts

In this section, we will be looking at the Shadowlands mounts that can be obtained in certain locations. There are different ways to get them. Some zone mounts drop from Rare enemies, others require specific actions in certain areas to get them.

Bastion Mounts

Bastion is one of the ruling realms of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Kyrian Covenant. It is a kingdom of pristine spires, crystalline skies, and elysian vistas, ordered and purposeful.

Bastion mounts are made in bright colors and may be more suitable for the players of the Alliance. However, if you are a Mag’har orc and always have dreamed of riding a unicorn-like mount, then you will definitely like these mounts.

Silverwind LarionSilverwind LarionTreasure: Gift of the Silver Wind
Zone: Bastion

SundancerSundancerDrop: Sundancer
Zone: Bastion

Maldraxxus Mounts

Maldraxxus is one of the realms of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Necrolord Covenant. It represents the heart of the Shadowlands’ military might. It is home to wicked beings like necromancers and abominations, but not everyone here is evil. Relentless, warlike souls who never yield and are willing to strive against one another for greatness are welcomed here by the necrolords, and the greatest of them are reformed by necromancers into undead soldiers who defend the Shadowlands from external forces and wage war on the enemies of death.

Unlike Bastion, the undead-style Maldraxxus mounts are more suitable for players from the Horde, though the Maldraxxus mounts look amazing, that’s why even Alliance players will not refuse to get them in their collection.

Bonecleaver’s SkullboarBonecleaver's SkullboarDrop: Sabriel the Bonecleaver
Zone: Maldraxxus

Chewed Reins of the Callow FlayedwingChewed Reins of the Callow FlayedwingZone: Maldraxxus

GorespineGorespineDrop: Nerissa Heartless
Zone: Maldraxxus

Predatory PlaguerocPredatory PlaguerocDrop: Gieger
Zone: Maldraxxus

Slime-Covered Reins of the Hulking DeathrocSlime-Covered Reins of the Hulking DeathrocDrop: Violet Mistake
Zone: Maldraxxus

Blisterback BloodtuskBlisterback BloodtuskDrop: Warbringer Mal’Korak
Zone: Maldraxxus

Ardenwald Mounts

Ardenweald is a realm of the Shadowlands founded by the Winter Queen and inhabited by the Night Fae Covenant. An enchanted, mystical forest of rest and hibernation, Ardenweald is where Wild Gods and other spirits of nature travel upon death. Giant dream trees across the forest draw in anima, which is then used by the Night Fae to rejuvenate the spirits as they slumber inside wildseeds and prepare them to be reborn into the world of the living.

Ardenweald has received the largest number of mounts among all the Shadowlands locations. There are Ardenweald mounts for every taste: from a frog in a voodoo mask to a giant sparkling moth.

Arboreal GulperArboreal GulperDrop: Humon’gozz
Zone: Ardenweald

Shimmermist RunnerShimmermist RunnerArea: Mistveil Tangle
Zone: Ardenweald

Silky ShimmermothSilky ShimmermothVendor: Master Clerk Salorn
Cost: 30,000
Zone: Ardenweald

Ascended SkymaneAscended SkymaneTreasure: Cache of the Ascended
Zone: Ardenweald

Spinemaw GladechewerSpinemaw GladechewerDrop: Gormtamer Tizo
Zone: Ardenweald

Swift GloomhoofSwift GloomhoofDrop: Night Mare
Zone: Ardenweald

Wild Glimmerfur ProwlerWild Glimmerfur ProwlerDrop: Valfir the Unrelenting
Zone: Ardenweald

Wildseed CradleWildseed CradleTreasure: Cache of the Moon
Zone: Ardenweald

Revendreth Mounts

Revendreth is a realm of the Shadowlands founded by Sire Denathrius and inhabited by the Venthyr Covenant. It is a land of gothic spires and dark secrets, and no soul wishes to end up here. Souls sent here by the Arbiter tend to be prideful or have some other flaw preventing them from serving in or going to one of the other realms, and they come here to atone for their sins and hopefully be redeemed, as the alternative is being cast into the Maw.

Mounts of Revendreth look very ominous and made in the dark vampire style. Those who love to ride on the bat with huge fangs will definitely like mounts of Revendreth. In addition to the Revendreth mounts shown here, you can get Blanchy’s Reins in the Revendret, but you can read about this mount in a separate paragraph below.

Endmire Flyer TetherEndmire Flyer TetherDrop: Famu the Infinite
Zone: Revendreth

Hopecrusher GargonHopecrusher GargonDrop: Hopecrusher
Zone: Revendreth

Horrid DredwingHorrid DredwingDrop: Harika the Horrid
Zone: Revendreth

Loyal GorgerLoyal GorgerDrop: Worldedge Gorger
Zone: Revendreth

The Maw Mounts

The Maw is one of the realms of the Shadowlands. This horrific place houses the most vile and irredeemable souls in existence. Ruled by the enigmatic Jailer, the Maw inspires nightmares and legends even among the denizens of the Shadowlands. No one has ever escaped this vile place, and any foolish enough to venture here are never heard from again. At its center lies Torghast, a cursed otherworldly prison where the wickedest souls in the universe are locked away.

In the Maw you can only get one mount, but it looks amazing. We may be able to see more Maw mounts in the future, but for now, let’s take a look at this gorgeous ghost bear in armor.

Mawsworn SoulhunterMawsworn SoulhunterDrop: Gorged Shadehound
Zone: The Maw

Reputation Mounts

As usual, all the factions presented in the expansion will have a reputation system, which can be increased in order to get various rewards, including mounts. Let’s take a look at the mounts that can be obtained for reputation in Shadowlands. Unfortunately, each of reputation mount is just a recolor of a different mount, which can be obtained in the zones where these factions are located, but they still look really cool.

The Ascended Mount

Kyrian who complete the arduous process of purging their mortal encumbrances are deemed worthy of the rite of ascension, earning their wings and pledging eternal service to the Archon.

Gilded ProwlerGilded ProwlerZone: Bastion
Faction: The Ascended – Exalted
Cost: 30,000

The Avowed Mount

Fiercely devoted to the Accuser, these archivists seek to restore and catalog the sinstones fragmented by the Lord Chamberlain and his Inquisitor allies.

Inquisition GargonInquisition GargonVendor: Archivist Janeera
Zone: Revendreth
Faction: The Avowed – Exalted
Cost: 500

The Undying Army Mounts

Long ago, the Primus established the five houses of Maldraxxus to build the ultimate fighting force. Through might, cleverness, and guile, this unyielding armada is pledged to defend the Shadowlands against all threats.

Lurid BloodtuskLurid BloodtuskVendor: Nalcorn Talsen
Zone: Maldraxxus
Faction: The Undying Army – Exalted
Cost: 30,000

Reins of the Colossal SlaughterclawReins of the Colossal SlaughterclawDrop:  Supplies of the Undying Army
Zone: Maldraxxus

Court of Harvesters Mount

After countless ages spent under the rule of Sire Denathrius, authority in Revendreth is now shared amongst the Court of Harvesters. These noble venthyr carry out the sacred duty of redeeming prideful souls.

The Court of Harvesters are those venthyr who bear the seven Medallions created by Sire Denathrius, each containing a fraction Denathrius’ power, and allowing Denathrius to see the actions of each Harvester. The Medallions give each Harvester authority of their respective Ward and duties otherwise, as well as great power. There is an area between Sinfall and Castle Nathria with the same name.

Court SinrunnerCourt SinrunnerVendor: Mistress Mihaela
Zone: Revendreth
Faction: Court of Harvesters – Exalted
Cost: 28,000

The Wild Hunt Mount

Called to serve the Winter Queen in times of dire need, the Wild Hunt assembles the finest huntresses and hunters in all of Ardenweald. In the face of drought and peril, the Wild Hunt stands ready to defend the forest.

Duskflutter ArdenmothDuskflutter ArdenmothVendor: Aithlyn
Zone: Ardenweald
Faction: The Wild Hunt – Exalted
Cost: 30,000

Amber ArdenmothAmber ArdenmothDrop: Wild Hunt Supplies

Covenant Mounts

In the new expansion, we have a new Covenant system. Each player will have to join one of the Covenants and help them cope with their local difficulties. As a reward, players will receive many different utilities and even skills for the character. Other rewards will include new Shadowlands mounts. 

Obtainable by All Covenants

Most of the mounts that are given by the Covenant are associated with the Covenant itself, however, there are four mounts that will get each follower of every Covenant

Dauntless DuskrunnerDauntless Duskrunner

Gruesome FlayedwingGruesome Flayedwing

Pale AcidmawPale Acidmaw

Silvertip DredwingSilvertip Dredwing

Kyrian Mounts

The steadfast kyrian (sometimes pluralized as kyrians) of Bastion are one of the Covenants in the Shadowlands. They are angelic soul guides whose discipline and duty compels them to safeguard souls from the mortal realm as they pass into the Shadowlands. They are messengers, couriers, and some of the purest souls in the realm of death. For following kyrian covenant you’ll get plenty of beautiful bright kyrian mounts

Phalynx of CouragePhalynx of CourageQuest: Building the Base
Zone: Bastion

Eternal Phalynx of CourageEternal Phalynx of Courage Quest: A New Age
Zone: Bastion

Phalynx of PurityPhalynx of PurityCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Eternal Phalynx of PurityEternal Phalynx of PurityCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Phalynx of LoyaltyPhalynx of LoyaltyCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Phalynx of HumilityPhalynx of HumilityCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Eternal Phalynx of LoyaltyEternal Phalynx of LoyaltyCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Eternal Phalynx of HumilityEternal Phalynx of HumilityCovenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

Necrolord Mounts

The warlike necrolords (also spelled necro lords) of Maldraxxus are one of the Covenants in the Shadowlands. They forge the undead armies that serve as the first line of defense for the Shadowlands and honor those who seek power and glory in battle. This covenant can offer you some dark undead-styled necrolord mounts

War-Bred TauralusWar-Bred TauralusQuest: Enemy at the Door
Zone: Maldraxxus

Armored War-Bred TauralusArmored War-Bred TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Quest: The Third Fall of Kel’thuzad
Zone: Maldraxxus

Plaguerot TauralusPlaguerot TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Armored Plaguerot TauralusArmored Plaguerot TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Bonesewn FleshrocBonesewn FleshrocProfession: Abomination Stitching
Zone: Maldraxxus

Bonehoof TauralusBonehoof TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Chosen TauralusChosen TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Armored Bonehoof TauralusArmored Bonehoof TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Armored Chosen TauralusArmored Chosen TauralusCovenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Night Fae Mounts

The mystic night fae of Ardenweald fiercely defend the spirits of nature from those who would deprive them of rebirth. They tend those who pass on with a deep connection to nature, retrieving anima from mortal souls and infusing it into slumbering spirits, rejuvenating their lives with the remnants of the old. They are led by the Winter Queen.

Dreamlight RunestagDreamlight RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Quest: What’s My Motivation?
Zone: Ardenweald

Enchanted Dreamlight RunestagEnchanted Dreamlight RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Quest: Drust and Ashes
Zone: Ardenweald

Shadeleaf RunestagShadeleaf RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Zone: Ardenweald

Enchanted Shadeleaf RunestagEnchanted Shadeleaf RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Zone: Ardenweald

Vibrant FlutterwingVibrant FlutterwingCovenant: Night Fae
Vendor: Cortinarius
Zone: Ardenweald

Umbral ScythehornUmbral ScythehornCovenant: Night Fae
Vendor: Spindlenose
Zone: Ardenweald

Winterborn RunestagWinterborn RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Vendor: Spindlenose
Zone: Ardenweald

Wakener’s RunestagWakener's RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Treasure: Queen’s Conservatory Cache
Zone: Queen’s Conservatory

Enchanted Wakener’s RunestagEnchanted Wakener's RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Treasure: Queen’s Conservatory Cache
Zone: Queen’s Conservatory

Enchanted Winterborn RunestagEnchanted Winterborn RunestagCovenant: Night Fae
Zone: Ardenweald

Venthyr Mounts

The venthyr of Revendreth are vampiric punishers of the unworthy charged with rehabilitating the sinful souls sent to them by the Arbiter. Souls who are successfully rehabilitated can then choose to be sent to another realm to serve for eternity, or become a venthyr themselves and continue the cycle as an instrument of repentance. The venthyr were created by Sire Denathrius in his likeness, forging them from the souls of the redeemed. The first of them was Prince Renathal. The Venthyr Covenant is one of the four covenants ruling over the Shadowlands. For choosing this Covenant you’ll receive a lot of dark vampiric venthyr mounts.

Crypt GargonCrypt GargonCovenant: Venthyr
Quest: Mirror, Mirror…
Zone: Revendreth

Battle Gargon VrednicBattle Gargon VrednicCovenant: Venthyr
Quest: The Medallion of Dominion
Zone: Revendreth

Sinfall GargonSinfall GargonCovenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

Gravestone Battle ArmorGravestone Battle ArmorCovenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

Desire’s Battle GargonDesire's Battle GargonTreasure: The Countess’ Tribute
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Covenant Building: The Ember Court
Covenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

Silessa’s Battle HarnessSilessa's Battle HarnessTravel Network: Tier 3 Hidden Rooms
Covenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

Raid Mounts

As usual, for getting the «Glory of the … Raider» achievement, you will get a raid mount as a reward. Since the first raid of Shadowlands will be in Revendreth, so the mount is made in the appropriate style

Rampart ScreecherRampart ScreecherAchievement: Glory of the Nathria Raider
Category: Dungeons & Raids

Mythic Plus Mounts

In Shadowlands for playing Mythic Plus keys you can get four dungeon mounts: two are dropped by bosses and two are given as a reward for achievements.

Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound WarhoundGnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound WarhoundDrop: Theater of Pain
Zone: Maldraxxus

Marrowfang’s ReinsMarrowfang's ReinsDrop: Nalthor the Rimebinder
Zone: The Necrotic Wake (Mythic)

Drop: Challenger’s Cache
Zone: The Necrotic Wake

Sintouched DeathwalkerSintouched DeathwalkerAchievement: Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One
Category: Dungeons

Voracious GorgerVoracious GorgerAchievement:  Glory of the Shadowlands Hero
Category: Dungeons

PvP Mounts

In PvP, you can also get four PvP mounts. One is for the Alliance for the first PvP season, one is for the Horde for the first PvP season, one is for world PvP, and one is for getting into the top 0.1% of the first PvP season.

Deathbringer’s FlayedwingDeathbringer's FlayedwingAchievement: Deathbringer
Category: World PvP

Vicious War Spider Alliance Vicious War Spider alliancePvP: Shadowlands: Season 1
Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward

Vicious War Spider HordeVicious War Spider hordePvP: Shadowlands: Season 1
Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward

Sinful Gladiator’s Soul EaterSinful Gladiator's Soul EaterAchievement: Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1
Category: Player vs. Player

Sinrunner Blanchy Secret MountSinrunner Blanchy Secret Mount

Source: Dead Blanchy
Zone: Revendreth

The terms of getting this mount is pretty similar to the Uldum’s Alpaca except for one thing – Alpaca required the same weed every day, but in order to get this mount you should collect 6 different items from different places. Getting this mount will take 6 days, and it doesn’t have to be 6 days in a row. To receive this mount, you have to be at least level 55, which isn’t a real problem as Revendreth is the last zone you’ll explore in the Shadowlands, so your level already will be far from 50. So, the first thing we should do is to find Dead Blanchy. It will ask for 6 different items (one for each day). You don’t really need to find the exact item every single day. You can get all the items it the first day and keep them in the inventory to give the specific item to Dead Blanchy for each day. Now let’s see the exact items Dead Blanchy needs and where to find them.

8x  Handful of Oats in Westfall @ 56.50, 36.68 scattered around Saldean’s Farm (Requires level 55)
1x  Grooming Brush in Revendreth @ 63.26, 61.63 talk to Snickersnee
1x  Empty Water Bucket in Revendreth @ 63.26, 61.63 and fill it with Water in either Ardenweald or Bastion to get  Bucket of Clean Water
3x  Dredhollow Apple in Revendreth @ 40.86, 46.74 bought from Mims
4x  Sturdy Horseshoe in Revendreth Southeast Area scattered around on the ground, mostly on roads

1x  Comfortable Saddle Blanket in Revendreth @ 51.10, 78.82 bought from Ta’tru
(This NPC changes on a weekly rotation the requirement to buy the Blanket, so you need one of those: 30x  Creeping Crawler Meat or 30x  Aethereal Meat or 30x  Phantasmal Haunch or 10x  Marrowroot or ?)

When she runs into you: “Dead Blanchy stops abruptly to avoid running you down.”

Day 1 – “Dead Blanchy’s eyes are frenzied. Her form is sickly and gaunt. She is clearly famished and needs a hearty meal.” – Handful of Oats
Day 2 – “Dead Blanchy accepts the oats enthusiastically. Though she is shaggy in patches, her skin ripples with irritation from stinging mites, sharp thorns, and smelly muck.” – Grooming Brush
Day 3 – “Dead Blanchy shivers and nuzzles you as the grooming brush cleans the irritants from her skin. As she shifts her weight and stamps, you notice her hooves are badly chipped.” – Sturdy Horseshoes
Day 4 – “Dead Blanchy lifts her hooves obediently, happy to save her injured feet tended. She’s out of breath and blowing hard and seems very thirsty.” – Bucket of Clean Water
Day 5 – “Dead Blanchy eagerly drinks the entire bucket before butting her head against you. She’s quenched her thirst but is shivering uncontrollably.” – Comfortable Saddle Blanket
Day 6 – “Dead Blanchy stands very still as the saddle blanket is placed upon her. As her shivering slows and then stops, Blanchy begins searching your bags for a treat.” – Dredhollow Apples

So after giving her Dredhollow Apples you get Blanchy’s Reins

Adventure Mounts

Adventure is the well-known «Table» which exists since Draenor. The developers decided to slightly revise their view of this part of the game and made adventures, where you can get some adventure mounts as rewards.

Chittering AnimiteChittering AnimiteSource: Adventures: Shadowlands

Darkwarren HardshellDarkwarren HardshellSource: Adventures: Shadowlands

Highwind DarkmaneHighwind DarkmaneSource: Adventures: Shadowlands

Warstitched DarkhoundWarstitched DarkhoundSource: Adventures: Shadowlands

Torghast, Tower of the Damned Mounts

Yet another striking innovation was the Torghast tower. It has already been liked by many players during alpha testing. In addition to other rewards, you can get a mount in the Torghast tower, which is very similar to the mount that you can get in the Maw. 

Corridor CreeperCorridor CreeperAchievement: Twisting Corridors: Layer 8
Category: Torghast

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