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The Shadowlands introduce to us 8 new dungeons. This is less than it was in BFA, but the novelties do not end there. New affixes, covenant bonuses, unusual mechanics … and a transmog with mounts of course. All of this we will spotlight in this guide.


Dungeons still have difficulty levels

  • Normal (116-158 ilvl gear)
  • Heroic (171 ilvl gear)
  • Mythic (183 ilvl gear)
  • Mythic + (187-210 End of Dungeon and 200-226 Weekly Greate Vault)
    Shadowlands Dungeons
    New addon introduced to us some new affixes. One of them will automatically be applied to all Keystones Level 10 or higher. For Season 1 it will be Prideful.


At every 20% Enemy Forces (aka Trash Count), players will spawn a Manifestation of Pride near their location. Manifestation of Pride has a base health of ~189k and will scale up with key level (~30% of bosses’ health).

When the Manifestation of Pride dies all nearby players will gain the  Prideful, increasing their damage and healing by 30%, movement speed by 60% and restoring 5% mana every second for 60 seconds.

If you will lose to the Manifestation of Pride, it will return to its spawn location and will remain at its current health. You’ll get a maximum of 5 spawns throughout the dungeon (and one extra of you broke the key)

Manifestation of Pride only has 2 abilities:

  • Bursting With Pride, dealing 384 base damage (scaling with key level) to all players every 2 seconds and gaining a stack of  Bursting With Pride increasing its AoE damage by 40% per stack.
  • Belligerent Boast which is cast every 7 seconds. Debuff themselves doesn’t deal damage, but 4 red lines around debuffed player will deal.


Random mobs will be infected by  Inspiring Presence and highlighted with a gold glow around their model. Any other creatures within 15 yds will have the  Inspired, making them immune to CC effects.
Shadowlands Dungeons


Whenever any mob dies, it will summon a Spiteful Shade creature nearby that will fixate a random player.

  • The Spiteful Shade has about 100k health at a baseline and will scale based on key level.
  • It has the passive  All-Consuming Spite which makes it lose 8% of its health every second that it’s alive.
  • It deals huge damage, currently around 2-3 times the melee damage of regular creatures in the dungeon. The damage also appears to scale its damage with key level.
  • The Spiteful Shade can be Crowd Controlled using stuns, slows and knocks.
    Shadowlands Dungeons


The  Storming Affix will spawn random Tornadoes while in combat.

  • The initial starting location will be indicated by a grey swirly on the floor.
  • Getting hit by a Tornado will cause you to take damage and be knocked back a small distance.
  • Multiple Tornadoes can be active at the same time.

Shadowlands Dungeons


In the Shadowlands each dungeon has an unusual feature — each of them belongs to a specific covenant. It means that in a certain dungeon, representatives of a certain covenant will have bonuses that they can share with other players. Each covenant patronizes two dungeons.

Night Fae

De Other Side
Shadowlands Dungeons
In De Other Side you can find Haunted Urns, but only Night Fae can use it. Clicking on the urn will start a cast that is broken upon taking damage. If you complete the channel the urn will cast  Haunted Urn stunning all enemies within 30 yards for 10 seconds. Very useful, but unfortunately Haunted Urns randomly generated and you can’t predict their spawn place 100%.
Shadowlands DungeonsShadowlands Dungeons
By the way, if you are an engineer you can turn off the conveer with slimes by a red-big button.
Shadowlands Dungeons

Mists of Tirna Scithe

In this dungeon the Night Fae got lucky, they have three bonuses here.

  • Right at the beginning of the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon Night Fae can cut the roots. This opens a new path up, allowing the group to skip at least 1 pack of trash.
  • Before the first boss, Ingra Maloch, you’ll see another set of Overgrown Roots. Behind this set is a grove full of mushrooms and clearing the roots to allows the entire group to get a buff from a mushroom. Savory Statshroom — the green one — instantly healing 100% health and increasing Strength, Agility, and Intellect by 10% for 10 min. Tasty Toughshroom — the purpure — instantly healing 100% health and increasing Stamina by 10% for 10 min.
  • After each boss, Night Fae players will be able to unlock a checkpoint. Click the Depleted Anima Seed to  Energize Anima Seed which unlocks a new Resurrection location in the dungeon.
    Shadowlands Dungeons
    But if you are not Night Fae you still can get some bonuses in this dungeon. This WA will help you a lot with labyrinth.


Spires of Ascension

After the first boss, near dead Kyrian, players can find her weapon. If you are Kyrian too, you can use it. The Spear of Destiny will stun all enemies within 8 yards and cause them to take an additional 20% more damage from all sources for 10 sec. Another dead Kyrian and her Spear can be found on the right side of the stairs after defeating the second boss and flying over.
Shadowlands Dungeons

Necrotic Wake

Necrotic Wake is stingy with bonuses to the Kyrians, they got only one — Malfunctioning Goliath. This Goliath can be repaired by Kyrian’s Steward. The Goliath will then activate, ejecting 5 Anima orbs. Each member of the party can step on one orb granting them with Anima Exhaust — which procs AoE damage and healing every 4 seconds for 60 seconds.You can find three Malfunctioning Goliath in the Necrotic Wake dungeon:

  • The first one is located to the right of the first boss.
  • The second one is located to the left of the bridge after the first boss.
  • The third one is next to the bridge after the Ner’zudah

However Necrotic Wake is rich in Special Items that can be used by everyone. These artefacts are very powerful and will be important in Mythic+. Each player can hold all items in one hand, but, in this case, you will use it in reverse order you picked it up. For example, if you took Bloody Javelin the first and Forgotten Forgehammer the second, the hammer will be used first.
Shadowlands Dungeons
However, the buffs are lost upon death.

The Items are:

  •  Discharged Anima — unleash the stored anima, inflicting Arcane damage to nearby enemies and interrupting their spellcasting every 1 sec for 8 sec.
  •  Bloody Javelin — throws a Kyrian javelin at the target, inflicting Physical damage to all enemies it passes through and additional Physical damage every 2 sec for 16 sec. Enemies hit take 20% increased damage for 16 sec.
  •  Forgotten Forgehammer — hurls a mighty Kyrian hammer at the target, inflicting Physical damage and stunning the target for 8 sec.
  •  Discarded Shield — activate to reduce damage taken by 50% for all allies within 8 yds for 6 sec.

Good to know Javelin affects on bosses and causes the target to take 20% increased damage for 16 seconds, and if you combine that with Bloodlust and cooldowns, any boss will surely be defeated quickly


Theater of Pain

Each wing of this dungeon has a Necrolord Banner. Only Necrolord’s Covenants members can use it and get the Necrolord’s Chosen buff. It grants to all party members  10% Versatility and Movement Speed. Each Necrolord Banner is waiting for you at the entrance to the wing.
Shadowlands Dungeons


In this dungeon Flashcraft, basic covenant ability of Necrolords, will come in handy. A Necrolord can use their Fleshcraft on the corpse of slimes to steal a nerfed version of their aura. There are three types of slimes in the dungeon:

  • Gushing Slime which have the  Gushing Slime passive. Corrosive Gunk from Gushing Slime will give the Necrolord a 3 minute aura, granting nearby allies a 3.5+Haste RPPM AoE proc around their character.
  • Pestilence Slime which have the  Rapid Infection passive. Rapid Infection from Pestilence Slime will give the Necrolord a 3 minute aura, granting nearby allies 15% Haste.Pestilence Slime leaves a pool of “Swift Infection” upon death, which also increases Haste by 25%. Both effects add up multiplicatively, so having both, players receive ~ 56% bonus.
  • Congealed Slime which have the  Congealed Contagion passive. Congealed Contagion from Congealed Slime will give the Necrolord a 3 minute aura, granting nearby allies 10% Damage Reduction.

Usually you can’t stack more than one buff, slimes are scattered in the dungeon quite far, but before the last boss, in a secret room near a toxic poll, you can find them all.
Shadowlands Dungeons


Halls of Atonement

In the Halls of Atonement dungeon, players can find 8 Loyal Stoneborn. These creatures are hostile to players, but representatives of the Venthyr can tame them. Just come to Loyal Stoneborn, click on extra button turn it friendly for 30 seconds, causing it to fight with the party. After 30 seconds, the Loyal Stoneborn will fly off . Casting  Loyal Stoneborn on the Loyal Stoneborn also grants a 30 second buff  Stoneborn Boon that grants 10% Damage Reduction per stack.
Shadowlands Dungeons

Sanguine Depths

In the Sanguine Depths dungeon, players can find 4 Anima Cages:

  1. Near the first boss
  2. In the first room to the left along the corridor after the first boss
  3. Near the second boss
  4. In a long hallway in front of the last boss

 Any player that is part of the Venthyr Covenant can click the Anima Cage to activate it for 20 seconds. Any enemy in the range of the Anima Cage (40 yards) will be debuffed with  Anima Drain and the Anima Cage will count how many enemies die with  Anima Drain active.
Shadowlands Dungeons
20 seconds after activating, the Anima Cage will deactivate and give the entire party one stack of  Sinfall Boon for every enemy that died within its range during that time! Each stack grants 5% damage and healing. 

Achievements and Rewards

Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One  —   сomplete all Shadowlands Season One dungeons at Mythic Level 10 or higher, within the time limit. Title Reward: The Sinful

Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One   Complete all Shadowlands Season One dungeons at Mythic Level 15 or higher, within the time limit.
Mount Reward:  Sintouched Deathwalker
Shadowlands Dungeons
Mount Marrowfang’s Reins drops from Nalthor the Rimebinder (Necrotic Wake Mythic only)
Shadowlands Dungeons
Mount Slime Serpent. Randomly spawn near third boss of Plaguefall. To obtain should be tamed.Shadowlands Dungeons

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