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General Info about Legendaries

The most important material needed to create legendary Shadowlands items is the Runeсarver’s memories, and these are essentially the special powers that make an ordinary item legendary. There will be quite a lot of such powers. they have their own characteristics, limitations, and, most importantly, different ways to get them, depending on the character class

Shadowlands BiS LegendariesShadowlands BiS Legendaries

Besides the fact that many of the legendary powers (or so-called “Memories of the Carver of the runes”) was inspired by some previously existing effects, abilities, skills, set bonuses of the armor and other things like that, they have several common characteristics:

Memories caught in the extraction of only characters of maximum level 60, which discovered Runecarver after the quest chain of Torghast

Each power is opened in its own special way, unique for each class

In most cases, powers are obtained with 100% probability and do not depend on the current specialization of the character or the chosen specialization for mining

After studying the power becomes available for use by all characters on the account

The legendary power can only be added to items from 2-3 specific slots, not any of them

Almost every class can unlock 16 legendary powers (druids and demon hunters have 20 and 12 each)

Sources of Legendary recipes

Legendary powers are obtained when playing in a variety of Shadowlands content:

Extracted from dungeon and raid bosses, as well as world bosses

Sold by the intendant factions of the Shadowlands for reputation

Sold at PvP vendors of Oribos

Given as a reward for increasing the level of fame among the Covenanters

Obtained when you do the content of the Maw and Torghast

Chronicles of lost memories

There is also a special item, Chronicle of Lost Memories, which when used unlocks an unexplored legendary power. It allows the player to get one random legendary power for the character class on which it was used, from among those that are not yet known to them. The subject most likely contains all legendary powers, both general and related to individual specializations, but it is possible that there are some restrictions.

It is not yet clear how exactly you can get these Chronicles, but we should assume that the 

item will be quite rare, so in most cases, players will have to get legendary powers from their main sources, trying to get the simplest ones before using Chronicles. Thanks to this item, heroes will be able to acquire legendary powers from the content in which they do not want or can not play, and therefore can not get the desired recipe.

Shadowlands BiS Legendaries

Best Tank Legendaries

Protection Warrior

For Raids/Single target: The Wall (Memory of the Wall)

For Mythic+/AoE: Thunderlord (Memory of the Thunderlord)

The Wall synergizes magnificently with Devastator and Anger Management, it grants a huge amount of Shield Wall cooldown reduction, and it is a very strong and reliable Rage generator. Because you can spend Rage offensively or defensively, this is a terrific all-around option that doesn’t have quite the same potential AoE damage upside as Thunderlord — but it is more versatile. It’s more single-target focused than Thunderlord, but still valuable in AoE, whereas Thunderlord turns to garbage against 1 or 2 targets.

Thunderlord was nerfed fairly recently, and it only performs effectively when used against 3 or more targets with an Anger Management/ Unstoppable Force/ Booming Voice setup, but that’s still the most popular setup for Mythic+. 

Vengeance Demon Hunter

For Raids/Single target: Fiery Soul (Memory of Soul of Fire)

For Mythic+/AoE: Razelikh’s Defilement (Memory of Razelikh’s Defilement)

A nerf to Razelikh’s Defilement was hotfixed just earlier today. Despite that, it’s likely to be one of the better Legendary options as the alternatives are fairly lackluster. However, Fiery Soul is likely the better choice when doing progression content.

Razelikh’s Defilement is the best Legendary for Kyrian players for Mythic+ due to significantly greater damage output than any other Legendary, and a fairly significant amount of healing from extra souls as well.

Protection Paladin

For Raids/Single target: Holy Avenger’s Engraved Sigil (Memory of a Holy Sigil)

For Mythic+/AoE: Bulwark of Righteous Fury (Memory of the Righteous Bulwark)

For raid, the best legendary is Holy Avenger’s Engraved Sigil or “the AS reset” lego. Castle Nathria has several fights that are under Avenger’s Shield target cap meaning it’s easy to maximize your Avenger’s Shield damage. Also a few of the fights are a bit more spread out making it easier to hit everything with Avenger’s Shield instead of Shield of the Righteous.

For M+, the best legendary item is Bulwark of Righteous Fury. Shield of the Righteous is now a larger part of the AOE damage kit and buffing it even more can provide significant results. Since Shield of the Righteous has higher uptime and pressed way more often, making it more effective through this legendary will increase the chances for success.

Brewmaster Monk

For Raids/Single target: Stormstout’s Last Keg (Memory of Stormstout)

For Mythic+/AoE: Stormstout’s Last Keg (Memory of Stormstout)

Stormstout’s Last Keg is the best offensive (and all-around) Legendary for Brewmaster Monks. It adds a significant amount of damage, increases Brew generation, and fixes the ability collision issue for Brewmasters that substantially diminishes the value of Haste.

Stormstout’s Last Keg is the best all-around option for Mythic+, as well, but for max-level Mythic+ pushing, Mighty Pour’s defensive edge may be more appealing.

Guardian Druid

For Raids/Single target: Draught of Deep Focus (Memory of a Deep Focus Draught) The Natural Order’s Will (Memory of the Natural Order)

For Mythic+/AoE: Ursoc’s Fury Remembered (Memory of Ursoc)   The Natural Order’s Will (Memory of the Natural Order)

For raids, offensively, Draught of Deep Focus + Necrolord  is an insane boost for Moonfire damage in combination with Catweaving this is our highest ST legendary. Defensively, The Natural Order’s Will, This makes Barkskin an absolute powerhouse of a defensive cooldown and when combined with the Barkskin cooldown reduction conduit it has large uptime and smoothes out our rotation of defensive cooldowns.

For M+, offensively, Ursoc’s Fury Remembered, it is extremely close to Luffa-Infused Embrace in terms of DPS but grants an immense defensive bonus.Defensively, The Natural Order’s Will, Even in Mythic+ the Barkskin legendary is just too strong to pass up, having such a powerful defensive on such a short cooldown feels really good.

Blood Death Knight

For Raids/Single target: Bryndaor’s Might (Memory of Bryndaor) Superstrain (Memory of Superstrain)

For Mythic+/AoE: Bryndaor’s Might (Memory of Bryndaor) Superstrain (Memory of Superstrain)

Bryndaor’s Might is a virtually guaranteed RP refund, it synergizes very well defensively and offensively with the rest of the kit, and it is still extremely strong compared to the competition. Superstrain does slightly more DPS.

For deep execute fights, you may see Death’s Certainty for pure DPS after its buff to 35%, but it’s highly unlikely to be anything but a parsing tool.

Best Healer Legendaries

Discipline Priest

For Raids/Single target: Clarity of Mind (Memory of a Clear Mind)

For Mythic+/AoE: Twins of the Sun Priestess (Memory of the Twins of the Sun Priestess) / The Penitent One (Memory of the Penitent One)

In a raid environment Discipline will want to pursue the  Clarity of Mind legendary to add additional efficiency to their  Rapture OR  Spirit Shell abilities. 

In 5 mans, I believe there is healthy competition between two legendaries. Twins of the Sun Priestess allows you to share your  Power Infusion while still benefiting from the buff yourself,  The Penitent One allows you to stack up your empowered  Penances so that they won’t be wasted which offers a very powerful buff to  Penance damage and thus  Atonement transfers.

Holy Priest

For Raids/Single target: Harmonious Apparatus (Memory of a Harmonious Apparatus)

For Mythic+/AoE: Harmonious Apparatus (Memory of a Harmonious Apparatus)

The best legendary at the moment is Harmonious Apparatus for both raiding and mythic+. Honorable mention for raiding does go to X’anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus for being excellent as you learn an encounter, but once you are confident you won’t have any early deaths, Harmonious Apparatus gives a more powerful increase to your Holy Word generation making your healing more efficient. 

Restoration Shaman

For Raids/Single target: Primal Tide Core (Memory of the Primal Tide Core)

For Mythic+/AoE: Chains of Devastation (Memory of Devastating Chains)

While Primal Tide Core is not the most interactable or exciting legendary, it’s just very solid with the current state of Riptide.

Chains of Devastation enables you to cast on the move freely as long as there is a Chain Lightning target available and while this does technically lower your dps/hps throughput individually, you get out more combined throughput. A great aspect of this legendary is that it allows you to store an instant Chain Heal while doing damage which is great for reacting to incoming group damage or getting a group heal out between trash packs.

Holy Paladin

For Raids/Single target: Inflorescence of the Sunwell (Memory of the Sunwell’s Bloom)

For Mythic+/AoE: Relentless Inquisitor (Memory of a Relentless Inquisitor)

What legendary you run depends on the type of content you do. In Raids Inflorescence of the Sunwell is still the strongest option due to its synergy with Holy Light and Holy Light’s Conduit, Resplendent Light. With Maraad’s Dying Breath being a viable alternative.

There aren’t many great Legendaries for Holy Paladins in Mythic+ in a world where damage is as important as throughput, something that can contribute both is ideal. As such Relentless Inquisitor is the only legendary that reasonably can provide some throughput for healing, and some damage.

Mistweaver Monk

For Raids/Single target: Yu’lon’s Whisper (Memory of Yu’lon)

For Mythic+/AoE: Yu’lon’s Whisper (Memory of Yu’lon) / Tear of Morning (Memory of the Morning’s Tear)

Yu’lon’s Whisper continues to be the best legendary for Mistweaver in raids. The legendary currently provides a large amount of healing to a group of players in front of you each time you activate Thunder Focus Tea.

In Mythic+, Tear of Morning and Yu’lon’s Whisper will be your two choices. Tear of Morning will provide a boost to healing when using your primary abilities, Vivify and Enveloping Mist. It also will ensure you have solid Renewing Mist spread for use during any AOE damage. The current iteration does increase the healing of all Vivify, including your main target. This will allow you to quickly top the group and move on to providing supplemental damage.

Yu’lon’s Whisper is currently providing so much healing, that it is still strong in smaller group content. If you can reliably hit the entire group each time with it, it is a strong secondary choice for use in Mythic+. Between the two of these, either option will provide the additional healing to keep your group alive during tougher pulls.

Restoration Druid

For Raids/Single target: Memory of the Mother Tree (Memory of the Mother Tree)

For Mythic+/AoE: The Dark Titan’s Lesson (Memory of the Dark TitanMemory of the Mother Tree (Memory of the Mother Tree)

For Raid, the best Restoration Druid Legendary is Memory of the Mother Tree. It’s extremely strong but quite unpredictable.

After several crushing nerfs, The Dark Titan’s Lesson is no longer the must-pick for all scenarios; however, it still remains a viable option for Mythic+ healing. Memory of the Mother Tree is also competitive as a burst dungeon healing legendary largely due to the extra Regrowths but still suffers from unpredictability.

Best DPS Legendaries

Shadow Priest

For Raids/Single target: Eternal Call to the Void (Memory of the Void’s Eternal Call)

For Mythic+/AoE: Eternal Call to the Void (Memory of the Void’s Eternal Call)

Eternal Call to the Void just flat out beats every other legendary. It doesn’t change our gameplay at all, but provides a nice benefit of what is essentially an increase in passive insanity generation with some nice DPS on the side.

Eternal Call to the Void behaves the same in Raiding as it does in Mythic +. However, a special mention must go out to the legendary Norgannon’s Sagacity can be utilized for dungeons with heavy movement periods.

The Eternal Call to the Void and Talbadar’s Stratagem drops from a raid boss, so it will be available only in 2 weeks after the release of Shadowlands, so Norgannon’s Sagacity might be an option if you will be able to obtain the required amount of reputation fast enough. 

Fury Warrior

For Raids/Single target: Deathmaker (Memory of the Deathmaker)

For Mythic+/AoE: Signet of Tormented Kings (Memory of the Tormented Kings)

Deathmaker is the strongest general legendary, doubling down on Fury’s sustained throughput damage while also opening up more talent choices in the L50 tier.

Signet of Tormented Kings is somewhat unpredictable, but relatively stronger due to the extra AoE brought by Bladestorm, so long as care is taken to ensure Enrage is active before activating Recklessness (which can easily be handicapped by Fresh Meat). Deathmaker remains a viable option, especially for bosses, though somewhat more random in what target it applies to, which can waste the effect. You may also use Seismic Reverberation in Torghast, sometimes it can be even more useful there than Signet of Tormented Kings

Arms Warrior

For Raids/Single target: Signet of Tormented Kings (Memory of the Tormented Kings)

For Mythic+/AoE: Signet of Tormented Kings (Memory of the Tormented Kings)

Signet of Tormented Kings is currently the best general legendary, though it can be somewhat awkward to use at times, as proccing Bladestorm will interrupt your rotation. Exploiter has some synergy with Condemn, but unfortunately has a reduced buff effect to balance it out, thereby limiting its usefulness.

Signet of Tormented Kings remains the best general legendary, as the AoE benefits in Mythic+ outweigh any interruption of the rotation, and Arms doesn’t have any buff like Enrage to worry about maintaining before it procs.

Havoc Demon Hunter

For Raids/Single target: Chaos Theory (Memory of the Chaos Theory)

For Mythic+/AoE: Collective Anguish (Memory of the Anguish of the Collective)

Chaos Theory the recent buff to this legendary helped it become a very strong contender in single target scenarios. Providing more damage single target damage as well as more resources from the increased fury refund.

Collective Anguish remains a strong choice for cleave. Summoning an ally to cast Fel Devastation everytime we Eye Beam. Simple and effective legendary item. 

Arcane Mage

For Raids/Single target: Arcane Harmony (Memory of the Infinite Arcane) / Temporal Warp (Memory of a Temporal Warp)

For Mythic+/AoE: Arcane Bombardment (Memory of an Arcane Bombardment)

Since the Arcane Harmony nerf on in the 3rd November beta build, the best raid legendary is either Temporal Warp or Arcane Harmony. Temporal Warp has the great benefit – unlike the Legion version – of stacking with haste buffs like Heroism, Bloodlust or another Mage’s Time Warp, so it’s useful even if Heroism (etc) is cast at the end of the fight. 

Arcane Bombardment is much more usable in Mythic+, adding power to every pull. It’s by far our best AoE legendary, but Arcane Harmony can also be useful on Tyrannical weeks where single-target damage is important (with Arcane Harmony equipped you’ll need to spend Clearcasting procs on Arcane Missiles instead of Arcane Explosion in AoE). Siphon Storm is another alternative, especially for Necrolord Mages with Emeni’s Lead by Example trait, who want to stack lots of Intellect before activating Deathborne.

Frost Mage

For Raids/Single target: Freezing Winds (Memory of the Freezing Winds)

For Mythic+/AoE: Freezing Winds (Memory of the Freezing Winds)

Freezing Winds is strong in both single target and AoE, to maximize the number of Ice Lances you can cast – especially with Rank 7 Ice Bite.

Freezing Winds really does reign supreme in content focused on AoE and cleave. The massive number of Ice Lances the legendary generates, especially with more Frozen Orb casts thanks to its interaction with Blizzard, keeps damage high and helps to extend Icy Veins using Thermal Void. Glacial Fragments is another strong contender, but it’s not as good against a single target so I wouldn’t recommend it on Tyrannical weeks.

Fire Mage

For Raids/Single target: Firestorm (Memory of the Firestorm)

For Mythic+/AoE: Firestorm (Memory of the Firestorm)

For damage, Firestorm is the best Legendary for Fire Mages in Single Target, Mythic +, and Raid but not by much. Fevered Incantation, Molten Skyfall, Disciplinary Command, Temporal Warp, and Sun King’s Blessing are all fairly close in performance. The effect of Firestorm is almost identical to the Mage T17 Fire 4P Bonus Item – Mage T17 Fire 4P Bonus from Blackrock Foundry. When it procs you can choose to either dish out multiple Pyroblasts or Flamestrikes, which means that it is especially useful in AoE due to how strong Flamestrike and Flame Patch is in Shadowlands.

Affliction Warlock

For Raids/Single target: Malefic Wrath (Memory of a Malefic Wrath)

For Mythic+/AoE: Perpetual Agony of Azj’Aqir (Memory of Azj’Aqir’s Agony)

For most Raid content, Malefic Wrath is an extremely good single target and priority damage increase. Your Drain Soul/ Shadow Bolt damage is increased by 25% for 8 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. 75% damage on your filler is pretty decent for overall single target damage.

For mythic+ and other multi-target scenarios, Perpetual Agony of Azj’Aqir looks to be the best legendary. With Malefic Rapture being as strong as it is, any extra shards are going to greatly help your AoE damage. There are scenarios where the slow from Sacrolash’s Dark Strike could be useful, but I think we probably won’t see that being used until later in the expac.

Demonology Warlock

For Raids/Single target: Balespider’s Burning Core (Memory of the Core of the Balespider)

For Mythic+/AoE: Grim Inquisitor’s Dread Calling (Memory of the Grim Inquisitor) Implosive Potential (Memory of an Implosive Potential) Relic of Demonic Synergy (Memory of Demonic Synergy)

For Raid, the best Demonology Warlock Legendary is Balespider’s Burning Core. General premise for using this legendary is to stack it up to 4 and keep the stack rolling to buff all of your Demonbolt casts. 

Completely depends on affixes for the week and how you want to focus your damage; there are four legendaries that are fairly close:

Destruction Warlock

For Raids/Single target: Cinders of the Azj’Aqir (Memory of Azj’Aqir’s Cinders)

For Mythic+/AoE: Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning (Memory of Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning)

The raid is a combination of mainly single target and cleave, this makes the Cinders of the Azj’Aqir bonus ideal. This bonus is very powerful on a single target and even stronger when introducing a second target.

With the changes made to the Destruction Warlock talent tree in Shadowlands, we now have multiple strong talents we can combine to make a very powerful setup for mythic+. This is furthermore empowered by Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning. A lot of the power of Destruction lies in our Summon Infernal cooldown. The combination of these new talents allowing you to generate and spend even more shards than before, combined with the reduced cooldown of Infernal makes for an extremely strong burst spec.

Enhancement Shaman

For Raids/Single target: Doom Winds (Memory of the Doom Winds)

For Mythic+/AoE: Doom Winds (Memory of the Doom Winds)

For Raid, the best Enhancement Shaman Legendary is Doom Winds. Even despite the nerf to Forceful Winds, this is still winning out because it’s the legendary with the strongest additional synergy with talents and conduits.

Doom Winds wins in M+ as well because it provides a very strong frontloaded AoE cooldown that can be used for big opening burst on each pack, still has a punch in single target, and floods you with Maelstrom Weapon stacks to get a pull rolling.

Elemental Shaman

For Raids/Single target: Elemental Equilibrium Memory of an Elemental Equilibrium

For Mythic+/AoE: Elemental Equilibrium Memory of an Elemental Equilibrium

Nothing changed for Elemental in terms of Legendary balance, so Elemental Equilibrium remains the legendary noted as Raid and M+ best legendary.

As M+ brings together a variety of fight styles this legendary is the one that is sure to have a strong impact on all of them. It is worth noting however that if Aftershock becomes the talent of choice on the level 25 row for M+ then it won’t be possible to proc Elemental Equilibrium without casting base Frost Shocks. This would likely push Echoes of Great Sundering ahead of it, if this occurs.

Assassination Rogue

For Raids/Single target: Zoldyck Insignia (Memory of the Zoldyck Insignia)

For Mythic+/AoE: Zoldyck Insignia (Memory of the Zoldyck Insignia)

The situation has not changed for Assassination in the latest build. Zoldyck Insignia is the numerically strongest legendary against any number of targets.

In Mythic+ Zoldyck Insignia continues to be the strongest (and most straightforward) option. However, with enough restealths, Mark of the Master Assassin can beat it and offer some bursty alternative.

Outlaw Rogue

For Raids/Single target: Celerity (Memory of Celerity)

For Mythic+/AoE: Celerity (Memory of Celerity)

Celerity got a nerf in the latest build but that does not really affect its ranking. This legendary continues to be the leading pick for Outlaw in all simulations.

Again, Celerity stays a great pick in Mythic+. Mark of the Master Assassin can beat it or offer some timeable burst windows if you get enough restealths though.

Subtlety Rogue

For Raids/Single target: Akaari’s Soul Fragment (Memory of Akaari’s Soul Fragment)

For Mythic+/AoE: Finality (Memory of Finality)

No changes happened to Subtlety legendary comparisons since last week. Akaari’s Soul Fragment leads on Single Target and gets overtaken by Finality against more targets, where Shadowstrikes get replaced by Shuriken Storm and you can get more finishers out.

Finality is the best option against multiple targets but Mark of the Master Assassin surpasses it if you can get enough restealths between pulls.

Retribution Paladin

For Raids/Single target: Relentless Inquisitor (Memory of a Relentless Inquisitor) The Mad Paragon (Memory of the Mad Paragon) Vanguard’s Momentum (Memory of the Vanguard’s Momentum)

For Mythic+/AoE: Tempest of the Lightbringer (Memory of the Lightbringer’s Tempest)

All three Legendaries seem competitive for damage. They all have similar uptime requirements to get full use out of them – Relentless Inquisitor requires consistent Holy Power spending in order not to drop its buff, The Mad Paragon requires uptime during Avenging Wrath to maximize the extension of its buff and Vanguard’s Momentum requires using Hammer of Wrath on cooldown to keep its damage buff up as well. While Relentless Inquisitor was looking like it was a little ahead of the others, further sims have shown the best option to be gear and talent dependent, and other Legendaries like The Magistrate’s Judgment aren’t very far behind either.

For Mythic+, the best Retribution Paladin Legendary is Tempest of the Lightbringer.

Windwalker Monk

For Raids/Single target: Last Emperor’s Capacitor (Memory of the Last Emperor)

For Mythic+/AoE: Jade Ignition (Memory of the Jade Ignition)

Last Emperor’s Capacitor currently looks like the best for raid due to its strong single target focus and the prevalence and importance of single target damage in raids.

Jade Ignition should provide the strongest sustained AOE damage for Mythic Plus due to the increase in targets to generate stacks as well as targets to hit with the explosion.

Beast Mastery Hunter

For Raids/Single target: Soulforge Embers (Memory of the Soulforge Embers)

For Mythic+/AoE: Soulforge Embers (Memory of the Soulforge Embers)

Soulforge Embers is the best single target legendary at the moment, barely beating out Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs. However, as soon as you add in more targets, Soulforge Embers pulls far ahead, which makes it an easy choice to use in any situation.

For legendaries, Soulforge Embers is by far the best legendary for dungeons. The low cooldowns of Tar Trap and Flare means that you have an excellent burst setup ready for every pull you do inside a dungeon, as well as solid sustained single target damage.

Survival Hunter

For Raids/Single target: Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus (Memory of a Trapping Apparatus)

For Mythic+/AoE: Wildfire Cluster (Memory of a Wildfire Cluster)

Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus is the best option on single target, as it offers a lot of focus, which is far more important for survival than for other two specs. However Soulforge Embers is close to its effectiveness once you start doing AoE heavy encounters, and is a good “safe” choice for multiple types of content.

When it comes to Mythic+ Wildfire Cluster is currently the best performing one, however Soulforge Embers is close to it, when it comes to damage, and depending on damage patterns (AoE duration, number of targets, downtime between pulls) it might even have a chance of pulling ahead. As such Embers will be a good “safe” choice for multiple types of content.

Marksmanship Hunter

For Raids/Single target: Serpentstalker’s Trickery (Memory of the Serpentstalker’s Trickery)

For Mythic+/AoE: Surging Shots (Memory of Surging Shots)

Legendaries remain the same for the most part. For a single target we want to run Serpent Stalkers Trickery. For AoE fights such as Stone Legion Generals, Surging Shots brings a ton of burst AoE value, while still retaining important single target damage. Despite the minor Trueshot buff, Legendaries such as Call of the Wild and Eagletalon’s True Focus remains subpar compared to some of our other options.

Surging Shots remains as our go to for dungeons. Soulforge Embers have partially been fixed. It’s range now works as intended, however it still does not deal damage to enemies that aren’t affected by Tar Trap’s slow (bosses and elite enemies).

Feral Druid

For Raids/Single target: Cat-eye Curio (Memory of a Cat-eye Curio)

For Mythic+/AoE: Cat-eye Curio (Memory of a Cat-eye Curio)

Cat-eye Curio remains the best single target legendary for all covenants. The general legendary, Draught of Deep Focus is not far behind but does have the significant drawback of only really functioning on a single target.

For Kyrian in Mythi + the Cat-eye Curio remains the best choice. However for all other covenants you can alternatively choose to use Circle of Life and Death (the Jagged wounds legendary) for aoe and mythic+ content which may make some ferals nostalgic for Legion!

Balance Druid

For Raids/Single target: Balance of All Things (Memory of the Balance of All Things)

For Mythic+/AoE: Circle of Life and Death (Memory of the Circle of Life and Death)

Balance of All Things is the best choice for raid encounters as the amount of crit it gives you is pretty solid on ST. If for some reason Balance of All Things receives another nerf, Circle of Life and Death is our next go-to legendary at approximately 4% behind in overall damage (not just a legendary to legendary comparison).

Balance of All Things scales less well than Circle of Life and Death on AOE, making Circle of Life and Death the M+ option, which is incredibly unfun. Both Balance of All Things and Circle of Life and Death are very well rounded for both Single Target and AOE, but Circle does really start to pull away once you reach more targets.

Frost Death Knight

For Raids/Single target: Koltira’s Favor (Memory of Koltira)

For Mythic+/AoE: Biting Cold (Memory of the Biting Cold)

Best overall legendary. Helps extend Breath of Sindragosa through the rune recharge off Obliterates. Also works great for obliteration builds since it helps to buff obliterate damage.

Overall great legendary that provides good output on both single target and AoE. Also provides the free Rime which is great for opening up an AoE pull.

Unholy Death Knight

For Raids/Single target: Deadliest Coil (Memory of the Deadliest Coil)

For Mythic+/AoE: Frenzied Monstrosity (Memory of a Frenzied Monstrosity)

Best single target throughput legendary. Also provides a better flow in the rotation due to the decreased cost of Death Coil.

This legendary feeds well into our Dark Transformation windows in M+. Great damage increases.

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