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Hello there! Welcome to Overgear’s first look at the upcoming Patch 8.2  – Rise of Azshara, the new content following Tides of Vengeance. The patch includes many big features, including new zones – Mechagon, a long lost ancient gnomish city, and Nazjatar, the capital city of the Naga, ruled by Queen Azshara, new raid – Azshara’s Eternal Palace, heritage armor for Taurens and Gnomes, and finally, the long-awaited flying in BfA zones!

Release Date

While an official date announcement for Patch 8.2 is yet to come, there is a reason to believe that the Rise of Azshara release is expected on May 28th, 2019. Evidence can be found in the dialogue between Magny and MOTHER from the 8.1.5 Patch, which states that a comprehensive analysis of data archives will require approximately 77 cycles. It is a reference to a steady 77 days schedule between most updates, and given all the hints, this takes us to May 28th which is 77 days from March 12th, the release date of 8.1.5.


WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewNazjatar is the underwater capital city of the Naga race. It is the core of the Nazjatar Empire and ruled by Queen Azshara who formerly ruled the Kaldorei Empire. Both the Alliance and the Horde fleets have suffered substantial losses in the Battle for Dazar’alor, and the Naga were quick to take advantage of the aftermath, making their move. It’s up to heroes now to defend against superior forces and travel to Nazjatar, as the sea parted, unveiling an ancient city. Players will meet new allies such as Gilblins, Makrura, and Sea Giant who will aid in the fight against Queen Azshara. Some things are familiar, as elven ruins and sunken ships, some we never saw before, like Naga architecture, new species of naga and jellyfish.

 WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview

Developers noted that being underwater for a long time was not fun gameplay. However, to convey the ambience, it was decided to include underwater elements and the rising land parts of Nazjatar, as well giving players opportunities to move in and out of the water. The environment consists of waterfalls, corals, hydrothermal vents and algae forests.

Outdoor Content

The main intention is to use the best parts of the previous outdoor content patches and implement them in the new zone. As an example, developers mention events and rare spawns from the Timeless Isle.

The Evolving World Quest system aims to make world quests feel unique. There are many possibilities, such as group quests, boss spawns across the region, and other activities.

PvP Zone Objectives are expected to make a return in Nazjatar, similar to PvP towers in Hellfire Peninsula and Terokkar Forest.

Assistants will accompany players in their adventures on a daily basis, filling up the friendship reputation bar, similar to Tillers back in Mists of Pandaria. Some friends have extra perks, giving players different bonuses, like an ability to see hidden treasures, for example.

PvP free-for-all World Quests were gone in Battle for Azeroth due to the introduction of War Mode, but they may return.

At this stage of development, it’s planned to allow flying in Nazjatar and Mechagon, but this may change later on.

Raid: Azshara’s Eternal Palace

WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewAzshara’s Eternal Palace is a new raid that consists of 8 encounters and will launch later after the release of Patch 8.2. Players will fight their way through an army of Naga and unimaginable monsters of the abyss to challenge Queen Azshara herself as the final boss.



It is known that one of the encounters will include an underwater boss. During the interview, developers shared their experience of overcoming different barriers they faced working on this fight, as it was new ground in terms of boss design.



Another location added in the upcoming Patch 8.2 is Mechagon, a long lost gnomish city, a smaller zone compared to Nazjatar, with its portion of the content, new Mythic-only 8 boss megadungeon in line with Karazhan, and Mechagon Arena.

The portal to the new zone will open in The Rusted Vault within Tiragarde Sound. The main theme, as you have already guessed, is engineering and tinkering. It’s a zone full of machinery and inhabited by local society, Mechagnomes under the rule of King Mechagon.

Dungeon: Mechagon Megadungeon

WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewIt is a massive dungeon, compared in size to Karazhan, which received great community reviews as people tend to enjoy visiting extensive zones apart from raids, which is why a further development in this direction was an obvious decision.



WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview

The dungeon is available only in Mythic mode, 5 players will face 8 bosses with the King Mechagon, who wants to turn anything flesh into robotic, as the final boss.

Loot from the dungeon will have unique items to sustain replayability and make players want to come back for something worth while.


Other Additions and Improvements

New Heritage Armor

Two more classic races are receiving their heritage armor sets in the upcoming content patch – Taurens and Gnomes.

WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewWoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview


After a Q&A session with Ion Hazzikostas, forum users requested to give players the option to hide different slots of equipment. Later on, Devs responded, saying that they are going to bring about ways to hide every slot, except for the pants. Now all transmog slots, except for pants, can be hidden.

Island Expeditions

WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewWoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview






Two new Island Expeditions are coming in patch 8.2: Crestfall from Warcraft II, the site of a battle where Derek Proudmoore met his demise, and a Snowblossom, a Pandaren Island under attack of Virmen.

Rules of the Island Expeditions may undergo some changes. Experiments with exploration mode in Islands will take place on Normal mode.

Expeditions will continue the story of Magni’s quest to heal Azeroth wounds.


WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview

New PvP Arena located in the heart of gnomish city Mechagon. Mechagon Arena will soon open its doors for contenders! PvP Season 3 will be coming later on after the release of patch 8.2. Vicious mount of Season 3 is the Basilisk.



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WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewThe long-awaited flying in Battle for Azeroth zones finally makes its way in patch 8.2We will make a guide on “Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two” as soon as we get requirements for achievement. Stay tuned. Flying will be available on Kul Tiras and Zandaral, also players will likely fly in Nazjatar and Mechagon, but this may change later on. Bee and Parrot mounts determined long before Battle for Azeroth release finally will be available to players.

Azerite Armor and the Heart of Azeroth

The system has undergone a series of changes and improvements:

  • In the future, the Heart of Azeroth and Legion artifacts will be more alike, some elements will make a return.
  • All new armor received in patch 8.2 and later will have all of the traits unlocked right away.
  • The Heart of Azeroth will have its own unlockable traits, gained as you level up the artifact necklace.
  • Azerite Knowledge will continue to grow with the Season 3 start.


Patch 8.2 introduces Heroic Warfronts. They are more difficult versions of Warfronts, meant for a flexible premade group between 10 and 20 players and offering higher rewards. Unlike a regular Warfronts, you can lose in a Heroic Warfront.

For the first weekly win in Heroic Warfront players will be rewarded with a high item level piece of gear, how high exactly is yet to be decided.

Season 3

Content Season 3 will start with the opening of Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid and will include:

  • New Rated PvP arena and battlegrounds season, new PvP rewards and mounts;
  • New Mythic+ season and Nazjatar-themed affix;
  • Item Levels increase.

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In patch 8.2, main storylines of Battle for Azeroth continue, players will fulfill their roles in the stories of Sylvanas, Saurfang, Jaina, Anduin, and Magni who is still trying to help Azeroth.


  • Portal to Caverns of Time will return to the game, it will be added in the recently reworked Portal Rooms in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • New UI feature will provide directions for quests on another continent, showing Ships, Zeppelins, etc.


  • Engine improvements to ensure the correct functioning of new water zones.
  • War Mode improvements, plans to enhance the value of airdrop supplies to make them more viable.


Updated Worgen and Goblin models and animations along with additional character customization options, are coming in future patches, and might be expected in patch 8.2.5.

WoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 OverviewWoW Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 Overview



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