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Covenants are the biggest renovation in the upcoming expansion. All the minor changes are connected to Covenants in this or that way. There are four Covenants, each with a unique story, atmosphere, design, and even gameplay. In this overview, we will try to cover all significant nuances of the Night Fae Covenant –  rewards, bonuses, abilities, soulbinds and their traits.

Note that everything below said and stated is a subject of discussion yet and may change on the release.

What are Covenants?

Shadowlands represents us four new large zones, each of which you will visit throughout leveling. In each zone, you will meet representatives of this or that Covenant. The zones are connected to covenants in the following way:


ArdenwealdNight Fae

You will have an opportunity to learn more about their history, aims, and missions. And that will help you to make the right choice, as you have to choose one of the covenants once you reach level 60. Each covenant will introduce you to its unique campaign and storyline; but choose wisely, as it will be very difficult and expensive not to change exactly, but to return to the previously abandoned covenant. Once you’ve chosen a covenant to serve, you will have to show your respect to it and to demonstrate your loyalty by returning Anima and bringing back souls from The Maw and Torghast. You will also have a Covenant Sanctum to upgrade.

Who is Night Fae?

The Night Fae is called the Guardians of Nature, Shepherds of the Cycle of Life and Death. They live in the Ardenweald zone, which looks like an enormous garden, inhabited by various creatures, and designed in blue, purple, and dark-green colors. The Night Fae represents the autumn and winter cycles of the Wheel of Life – the cycle of death and rebirth that comes to all parts of nature. You may come across various folks, all of which coexist in Ardenweald in peace. And all these winged, horned, and ungulate creatures are ruled by a Winter Queen. The Night Fae guides new souls to Shadowlands for rest and future rebirth. They once took a large role in returning the demigod Cenarius to Azeroth during the events of the Cataclysm. And by the way, you are likely to meet Cenarius’ heroic soul on your adventures. Everyone, who feels a certain connection to Nature, Elements, and has a strong desire to defend the wilds, will perfectly fit into the ranks of this covenant.

Mythic+ group is waiting for you!
Night Fae Covenant

Night Fae Covenant Sanctum: Heart of the Forest

Similar to Class Halls in Legion, each covenant in Shadowlands has its Sanctum. The sanctum of the Night Fae is called the Heart of the Forest and is located in Ardenweald. Like any other headquarters, the Heart of the Forest has all main facilities and options for a player – the innkeeper, vendors, post, quest givers, Anima Conductor, the Fae Circles Transport Network, the Scouting Map, a Covenant-specific area, the Queen’s Conservatory, and, of course, the Soulbinds menu. Heart of the Forest has two levels, and below you may find a detailed map of both floors of the Sanctum.

Upper Level

Night Fae Covenant

  1. Ceridwyn <Flight Master>;   
  2. Blodwyn <Envoy to the Queen>;                                                
  3. Attendant Sparkledew   <Queen’s Audience Chamber Staff>          
  4. Aithlyn <Wild Hunt Quartermaster>;    
  5. Featherlight <Moonberry’s Assistant>;
  6. Elwyn <Renown Quartermaster>
  7. Fae Circles – under ramp;
  8. Lafwyn <Repairs>;
  9. Kewarin <Innkeeper>;
  10. Lord Herne <The Wild Hunt>;
  11. Lillyensthoom <Who Trains with Healers>;
  12. Training Dummies;
  13. Adventure Scouting Map;
  14. Watcher Vesperbloom <The Wild Hunt>;
  15. Samn’go <The Wild Hunt>;
  16. Dor’levgoren <The Wild Hunt>;
  17. Soulbinder;
  18. Flutterby <Soul Warden>;
  19. Lady Moonberry <Court of Night>;
  20. Yanlar <The Wild Hunt>;
  21. Shattered Hand Heathen <Memory of Shapes>;
  22. Elder Shaper An’wyn <Artisan of the Heart>.                           

Lower Level 

Night Fae Covenant                             

  1. Zayhad, The Builder <Who Sha
  2. pes the Forest> Sanctum Upgrades;
  3. Anima Conductor;                           
  4. Sesselie <Whose Roots Touch the Anima>;
  5. Conservator Starry Night <Queen’s Conservatory>;                                                                                                 
  6. Traverse to Queen’s Conservatory.

Night Fae Covenant Bonuses

The bonus system is identical for all four covenants, though the bonuses themselves certainly differ. All members of the Night Fae Covenant receive one signature ability and one class combat ability. The signature is the same for all Night Fae followers, while the combat ability is different for each class. Let us take a closer look at all of them.

Night Fae Special Ability

The signature ability of the Night Fae is Soulshape. It turns the caster into a spirit Vulpin, teleporting 15 yards forward and increasing their movement speed by 50%. The caster may reactivate Soulshape every few seconds to teleport again. Lasts 12 seconds, or indefinitely while in a rest area. Has an instant cast, but 1.5 minutes cooldown.

There are many astral forms available for this ability, but, unfortunately, there is no information yet concerning the ways of obtaining any of them. A common idea is that it will be similar to getting new Artifact appearances in Legion. This is a list of currently known Soulshape forms:

GryphonHippogryphHyenaRaptor  Runestag
MothNightsaberOwlcatUnicorn  Wolf   
StagTeroclawTigerFeathered DrakeToad
WolfhawkWyvernDragon Turtle

Night Fae Class Abilities

Death Knight

Death’s Due: Corrupts the targeted ground, causing Shadow damage over 10 seconds to targets within the area.

Blood, Unholy: While you remain within the area, your Necrotic Strike and [Blood] Heart Strike will inflict Death’s Due for 12 seconds.

While you remain within the area, your Obliterate will hit up to 1 additional target and inflict Death’s Due for 12 seconds. It also reduces the incoming damage by 1%, up to a maximum of 8%, and the power is transferred to you as an equal amount of Strength. 30 seconds cooldown.

Demon Hunter

The Hunt: Charges you to the target, dealing Nature damage, rooting it in place for 1.5 seconds, and inflicting Nature damage over 6 seconds to up to 5 enemies in your path. The pursuit invigorates your soul, healing you for 25% of the damage you deal to your Hunt target for 30 seconds. Instant cast, has 100 yards range.


Convoke the Spirits: Call upon the Night Fae for an eruption of energy, channeling a rapid flurry of 12 Druid spells and abilities over 4 seconds.

You will cast: Moonfire, Wrath, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Rake, and Thrash on appropriate nearby targets, favoring your current shapeshift form; Wild Growth, Swiftmend [Feral, Guardian, Restoration]; Starsurge, Starfall [Balance]; Ferocious Bite, Shred, Tiger’s Fury [Feral]; Mangle, Ironfur [Guardian]. Has 2 minutes cooldown.


Wild Spirit: Evoke the energy of Wild Spirits at the targeted location, dealing Nature damage, and apply Hunter’s Mark to all enemy targets within the area for 15 seconds. While the Wild Spirits are active, each damaging ability you or your pet use against a target in the area will strike up to 5 nearby targets with Nature damage.


Shifting Power: Deals Nature damage over 4 seconds to enemies within 18 yards. While channeling, your Mage ability cooldowns are reduced. Has 45 seconds cooldown.


Faeline Stomp: Strikes the ground fiercely to expose a faeline for 30 seconds, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies, and restores health to up to 5 allies within 30 yards.

Brewmaster: additionally ignites enemies with Breath of Fire;

Misteweaver: additionally heals allies with an Essence Font bolt;

Windwalker: deals additional damage.

Your abilities have a 6% chance of resetting the cooldown of Faeline Stomp while fighting on a faeline.


Blessing of the Seasons

Blessing of Spring: Bless an ally for 30 seconds, increasing their healing done by 10% and healing received by 20%. Turns to Summer after use.

Blessing of Summer: Bless an ally for 30 seconds, causing their attacks to have a 40% chance to deal 30% additional damage as Holy. Turns to Autumn after use.

Blessing of Autumn: Bless an ally for 30 seconds, causing their cooldowns to recover 50% faster. Turns to Winter after use.

Blessing of Winter: Bless an ally for 30 seconds. Their attacks now deal Frost damage and reduce enemies’ movement speed by 3% and attack speed by 1%, stacking 10 times. Turns to Spring after use. Has 45 seconds cooldown.


Fae Guardians: Call forth three faerie guardians to attend your targets for 20 seconds.

Wrathful Faerie Fermata: Direct attacks against the target restore 0.3% Mana or 2 Insanity. Follows your Shadow Word: Pain.

Guardian Faerie Fermata: Reduces damage taken by 10%. Follows your Power Word: Shield.

Benevolent Faerie Fermata: Increases the cooldown recovery rate of a major ability by 100%. Follows your Flash Heal [Holy]; Shadow Mend [Discipline, Shadow]. This ability has 1.5 minutes cooldown.


Sepsis: Infect the target’s blood, dealing a large amount of Nature damage over 10 seconds. If the target survives its full duration, they suffer additional damage and you gain 1 use of any Stealth ability for 5 seconds. Cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds if Sepsis does not last its full duration. Has 1.5 minutes cooldown.


Fae Transfusion: Transfer the life force of up to 4 enemies in the targeted area, dealing Nature damage evenly split to each enemy target over 3 seconds. Pressing Fae Transfusion again within 20 seconds will release 15% of all damage from Fae Transfusion, healing up to 4 allies near you.

Enhancement: Fully channeling Fae Transfusion generates 1 stack of Maelstrom Weapon.


Soul Rot: Wither away all life force of your current target and up to 3 additional targets nearby, causing your primary and secondary targets to suffer a different amount of Nature damage over 8 seconds. For the next 8 seconds, casting Drain Life will cause you to also Drain Life from any enemy affected by your Soul Rot, and Drain Life will not consume any mana. Has 1 minute cooldown.


Ancient Aftershock: Unleash a wave of anima, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and knocking them down for 1.5 seconds. The ground will continue to expel anima, dealing additional Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and generating 16 Rage per enemy over 12 seconds. Every 3 seconds, targets are briefly knocked down. Has 1.5 minutes cooldown.

Dungeon Bonuses

Despite signature and class abilities, each Covenant has special buffs or bonuses, players may use in dungeons. Night Fae has two such bonuses discovered so far, for Mists of Tirna Scithe and De Other Side. There may be more lately, though.

Mists of Tirna Scithe

If you have at least one Night Fae representative in your dungeon group, you’ll be able to open a new route, get a 10% stat buff for the whole party, and activate checkpoints.

Opening a New Route. Right at the beginning of the dungeon, a member of the Night Fae covenant will be able to interact with an unannounced object. This action will open a new path that allows you to skip at least one trash pack.

Night Fae Covenant

10% Stat Buffs. Right before the first boss Ingra Maloch, you’ll see some sort of clickable rooted gate. Activating this gate will let the whole party inside a small area with 10 mushrooms of two types growing in there:

Savory Statshroom – Instantly heals 100% health and increases Strength, Agility, and Intellect by 10% for 10 minutes.

Tasty Toughshroom – Instantly heals 100% health and increases Stamina by 10% for 10 minutes. There are enough mushrooms for everyone, so there should be no discussions.

Checkpoints. Night Fae representatives will have a very useful dungeon bonus – a checkpoint after every boss and new resurrection points inside the dungeon!

De Other Side

Night Fae members of the group can activate a long AoE stun in certain locations of this dungeon. There are randomly located special items, called Haunted Urns throughout the dungeon. Players are to activate these items, which may take some time. In case the activating was successful and the Haunted Urn didn’t receive any damage, it will stun all enemies within 30 yards for 10 seconds!

Night Fae Soulbinds

Soulbinding is a new system of progression in the Shadowlands expansion, which main idea consists of increasing the powers of the player via an artifact-like talent tree. Each of the four Covenants has three Soulbinds to introduce to you. Each of the Soulbinds has a unique talent tree of eight rows with different bonuses suitable for all game styles. To open a new row of talents you should raise your Renown level.

The new powers are earned over time, as you improve your relationship with a chosen Soulbind. Each being capable of forming a Soulbind has its character, story, and powers to lend.

The talents within the “tree” of a concrete Soulbind are the same for all classes, but the Conduits system makes them unique and differs from each other. Conduits are similar to the Relics in Legion artifact weapons. They are placed within the Soulbind tree and may change or alter the chosen path.


Niya  is a sylvar who was tasked with guarding and caring for the wildseeds in her grove, whom you met in a time of tragedy as her grove was left to wither so that its anima could be reclaimed. As she journeyed with you, Niya learned the hard truths of survival amidst the drought. An expert hunter and tracker, her skills will aid in resolving the drought, and the other threats to Ardenweald.

Has three Potency Conduits to improve.


Dreamweaver is a calm and serene faerie who’s adept at peering into the dreams of nature spirits who slumber within the forest’s wildseeds as they await their rebirth. Dreamweaver helped you form a bond with one particular wildseed whose sleeping spirit reached out. His healing powers provide support as Ardenweald is besieged by outside forces.

Has three Endurance Conduits to improve.


Korayn, a huntress of the Wild Hunt, is a strong-willed leader and ferocious fighter. Tasked with protecting the forest from the most dangerous and elusive threats, she will not rest until her quarry is slain and Ardenweald’s safety is secured. When Hibernal Hollow came under attack, it is Korayn’s leadership and resolve that helped win the day.

Has three Finesse Conduits to improve.

Night Fae Covenant Rewards

The absolute majority of the rewards, including useful and quest items, the transmogrification sets, mounts, pets, etc become available upon reaching a certain Renown level. There are 40 Renown levels as of now and you will receive a reward EACH new level. If you want to learn more about the Renown System, read our overview.

Here is a list of the most interesting Night Fae Covenant rewards.

Night Fae Transmog Sets

Night Fae Covenant

Night Fae Covenant

Transmog sets reflect that Covenant atmosphere, to which they belong. As for Night Fae, their armor has leaves, branches, roots, moths, and horns in it and is colored in blue, green, and purple shades. There are four types of armor for each type of gear, and each type of armor has four tints. They can be obtained by completing different activities within the Night Fae Covenant. There are also several transmogrifying possibilities for cloaks, and all of them look amazing. Check our complete and detailed armor sets guide for other covenants. The short-list of the Night Fae armor sets looks like this:

The first transmogrification set will be given out as quest rewards through the Night Fae Campaign. Below you may see the quests which award this or that piece of armor in order of completion:

Another set can be purchased from Elwyn, the Night Fae Renown Quartermaster, inside the Heart of the Forest.

One more set is sold by High Chief Stillpine, the seed merchant at the Queen’s Conservatory.

The last, but not the least armor set is sold by Spindlenose, the Court of Night‘s Quartermaster. There isn’t much information about this subfaction, but you will have to earn the Exalted reputation status with this faction to buy this armor.

Blizzard has finally added some unusual cloaks to the game, and all of them are stunning. The cloaks of the Night Fae resemble mostly wooden wings, backpacks, and hives, surprisingly. Here they are:

Faewoven Branches – A reward from a Covenant quest Mending a Broken Hart;

Night Courtier’s Branches – Sold by Cortinarius, requires Honored with Marasmius;

Spirit Tender’s Branches – Looted from Queen’s Conservatory Cache;

Winterwoven Branches – Sold by Master Clerk Salorn;

Night Courtier’s Bulb – Sold by Elwyn, requires Renown level 3;

Spirit Tender’s Bulb – Looted from Queen’s Conservatory Cache;

Faewoven Bulb – Sold by Cortinarius, requires Honored with Marasmius;

Winterwoven Bulb – Sold by Spindlenose, requires Honored with the Court of Night;

Night Courtier’s Pack – Sold by Elwyn, requires Renown level 4;

Spirit Tender’s Pack – Looted from Queen’s Conservatory Cache;

Faewoven Pack – Sold by Aithlyn, requires Revered with Night Fae;

Winterwoven Pack – Sold by Spindlenose, requires Honored with the Court of Night.

Night Fae Mounts and Pets

Each covenant enriches your mount and pet collections. As a member of the Night Fae covenant, you may become a lucky owner of two deer and a cute plant. Here they are:

Night Fae Covenant Night Fae Covenant

Night Fae Covenant

All these items may be purchased from Renown Quartermaster.

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