In this guide, Overgear will show you how to level up your Mining skills through all of the expansions. It means that here you will find all the required information about the leveling stages: 1-300 Vanilla, 1-75 Outland, 1-75 Northrend, 1-75 Cataclysm, 1-75 Pandaria, Draenor 1-100, Legion 1-100 and BfA 1-175. This guide will be updated with a relevant section after the Shadowlands release.

General Information

You will have to find a special trainer for each expansion.  Trainer of Vanilla leveling can be found in each city of your faction. Just ask the guards to show you the way.

Any gathering profession is way easier to level at a high level when you have flights.

To mine ore, you will need to buy a Mining Pick or an Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife.

1-300 Vanilla

There are 2 ways of leveling Mining. You can fly around and look for ore to mine, or you can buy ore from the auction house and smelt it into metal bars.

Approximate Materials Required


Before you start, make sure you have: 20 x Gold Bar, 10 x Truesilver Bar, 2 x Star Ruby, and 80 Dark Iron Ore.

You need to go to Blackrock Depths 5-man dungeon. Use the Drilling Machine at the entrance and choose a dialogue option «Just past The Grim Guzzler». After that, go to the first entrance on the right. You need to reach the big room where the boss «The Seven» is.

Find Gloom’rel, he is the 2-nd dwarf on the right. Speak with him using the option «Gloom’rel tell me your secrets!». He will summon the Spectral Chalice that will give you a quest The Spectral Chalice. Complete it with the items that you should have.

Speak with Gloom’rel once more using the «I have paid your price, Gloom’rel. Now, teach me your secrets!» dialogue option. Now you know how to smelt Dark Iron Ore. Do not Teleport out yet!

Blackrock Depths is the only place where you can smelt Dark Iron Ore into bars.

Kill «The Seven» boss and go to the right after escaping its room. This is the way to the Molten Core Raid. On the left-hand side of the bridge to the MC raid, you will see The Black Forge.

8 x Smelt Dark Iron – 80 x Dark Iron Ore

WoW Mining Guide

1-75 Outland

Outland mining trainers


There is only one good way of leveling up the Outland mining, and it is to mine ore!

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide


1-75 Northrend

Northrend mining trainer

Jedidiah Handers in Northrend Dalaran City.


Two best locations to farm ore are the Icecrown and Sholozar Basin.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide

1-75 Cataclysm

Cataclysm mining trainer

You can find a trainer in the capital of your faction. Just ask the guards to show you the way.


Two best locations to farm ore are Twilight Highlands and Uldum.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide

1-75 Pandaria

Pandaria mining trainer

Rockseeker Guo for the Alliance at Paw’don Village in The Jade Forest.

Stonebreaker Ruian for the Horde at Honeydew Village in The Jade Forest.



Ghost Iron Deposit in the Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide


Kyparite Deposit in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide

Draenor 1-100

How to Learn Draenor Mining

Try to mine any deposit of Blackrock ore or True Iron ore outside of your Garrison. The first node should drop A Treatise on Mining in Draenor.


Because there are separated starting zones for the Alliance and the Horde, we suggest 3 locations to mine ore: Frostfire Ridge, Shadowmoon Valley, and Talador.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide

Legion 1-100

How to Learn Legion Mining

You should mine any node on the Broken Isles.



You should go for Leystone Seam and Felslate Seam. After 70 points, the Rich nodes will become grey, so you will be interested only in Seam nodes that can be found in caves and rivers.

Go to Suramar and use this route. Coordinates for the TomTom addon:

/way Suramar 40.4, 29.4
/way Suramar 42.2, 29.9 
/way Suramar 31.5, 26.1
/way Suramar 24.2, 50.7
/way Suramar 28.3, 56.2
/way Suramar 29.3, 50.8
/way Suramar 19.33, 19.12
WoW Mining Guide


The easiest way to get the last 15 points is to complete Legion World Quests, which requires Leystone Ore or Infernal Brimstone. As a reward, you will get the skill points.

BfA 1-175

How to Learn BfA Mining

Depending on the faction, your BfA Mining will be named differently: Zandalari Mining or Kul Tiran Mining.

Ask the city guards for directions if you cannot find them.


First of all, we recommend you to have flying and the following enhancements:


We offer you these routes at Nazmir, Drustvar, Zuldazar, and Stormsong Valley.

WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide WoW Mining Guide


After the introduction quests in Nazjatar, you should learn Rank 1 Smentine Ore from Rolm or Instructor Ulooaka.

Follow this route and don’t forget to check the caves! 

WoW Mining Guide

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