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Each WoW expansion has one or two extremely difficult and exigeant achievements, which are, usually, obtained much later in the following, or even next but one Addon. This mostly happens because of the hard to fulfill requirements, such as the completion of each Dungeon throughout the concrete expansion on the highest difficulty. Sometimes these achievements require spending days online. Today we are going to talk about one of them – Improving on History. This achievement unlocks the third column for your Legion Artifact appearance. According to Wowhead, this achievement is earned only by 28% of players, taking into account that this is the last phase of the BfA expansion now. You might imagine what it takes to do it. All the more it is desirable to obtain.


To get this achievement you should complete the Balance of Power storyline that includes a large number of quests of different difficulty. There are, however, certain preparations to be made before starting a questline. First of all, note that the final result is not account-wide, meaning you are to do Balance of Power on each of your classes to get access to the Artifact appearance. Second, this questline requires you to have progressed to certain points in the various Legion storylines and rising Legion reputations on each of your characters, so make sure you have done them beforehand. Here are all the conditions you need to fulfill:

1. Complete Class Order Hall quests. After that, the Image of Kalec will show up in your Artifact room or in Azurewing repose (Azsuna) right away.

An unobvious tip: if Kalec is nowhere to be found, either wait for about 24 hours, or do a Skirmish Arena, or a Pet Battle.

2. Reputation requirements.

To be able to start a story you need to unlock Shal’aran – complete the quest Shal’aran (the long way starts by Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran).

Balance of Power Artifact Appearance – Questline in Shadowlands

3. All Dungeons should be completed on Mythic difficulty and require full completion, except for the optional boss in Darkheart Thicket.

4. All Raids are to be done on Normal difficulty or higher.

5. You will need 30 Blood of Sargeras.

  • Use every possible and convenient way to collect the needed amount: gathering professions, dungeons, World Quests, Class Hall missions, etc. You can also buy them from your Order Hall Quartermaster in exchange for the Order Resources.

6. Equip the correct Artifact for the last quest.

Quest descriptions

Below you will find short descriptions of all quests in the storyline.

The Power Within

Questgiver – Image of Kalec

Objective: Meet Archmage Kalec at Azurewing Repose in Azsuna.


The Heart of Zin-Azshari

Questgiver – Senegos (48, 26 Azsuna)

Objective: Retrieve the Heart of Zin-Azshari and defeat the Wrath of Azshara in the Eye of Azshara on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Heart of Zin-Azshari

Note: The Heart is near the final boss. It will not appear if a Mythic Keystone is used.


A Vainglorious Past

Questgiver – Senegos

Objective: Obtain a Vainglorious Draught from Veridis Fallon (46, 41 Azsuna).

You will receive: Vainglorious Draught

Note: Need to be Honored with the Court of Farondis; costs 150 gold.


Fallen Power

Questgiver – Senegos

Objective: Recover a Corrupted Essence from Oakheart and defeat the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Corrupted Essence

Note: Like all other Dungeon quests, this cannot be done with Mythic Keystone.


Tempering Darkness

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Obtain 30 Blood of Sargeras and turn them in to Kalec.

The quests Lucid Strength and Wisdom of Patience are taken simultaneously; all the actions are made right away at the same place.


In Nightmares

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Obtain a Deathglare Iris and the Horn of the Nightmare Lord from the Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty or higher.

You will receive Deathglare Iris (drops from Il’gynoth), and the Horn of the Nightmare Lord (drops from Xavius).

Note: Getting these items can take some time, depending on the RNG.


Essence of Power

Questgiver – Senegos

Objective: Collect 30 Corrupted Essence from the Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty or higher.

You will receive: Corrupted Essence (30)

Note: It is close to impossible to gather all the Essences you need in one run, even on Mythic difficulty, so breathe in deeply and arm yourself with patience.


Essential Consumption

Questgiver – Senegos

Objective: Absorb the combined power of the Corrupted Essences using the Heart of Zin-Azshari.

Quests Focusing Our Efforts, Saving the Guard, and Seeking Refuge are now automatically skipped in case you have finished all the storylines, mentioned above.


Repaid Debt

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Meet Archmage Kalec in the Shal’Aran in Suramar.


Lost Knowledge

Questgiver – Thalrenus Rivertree (37, 47 Suramar)

Objective: Obtain the Scroll of Elun’dris from First Arcanist Thalyssra.

You will receive: Scroll of Elun’dris

Note: The item costs 120 gold. Is available upon reaching Revered with the Nightfallen.


Literary Perfection

Questgiver – Lothrius Mooncaller (37, 47 Suramar)

Objective: Find Lothrius’ first edition copy of “Wards, Sigils, and the Nightborne Way” in the Court of Stars on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Wards, Sigils, and the Nightborne Way

Note: The coordinates of the Item are 41, 37 on the Instance map. Defeat the first boss, go up the stairs, defeat the Guardian Construct if needed, and turn right. The book is at the end of the path.


Rite of the Captain

Questgiver – Syrana Starweaver (37, 47 Suramar)

Objective: Take Advisor Vandros‘ Eon Winder from The Arcway on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Eon Winder


Borrowing Without Asking

Questgiver – Thalrenus Rivertree

Objective: Recover a Containment Crystal from the Vault of the Wardens on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Containment Crystal

Note: The item is just before the elevator that leads you further down into the instance.


Twisted Power

Questgiver – Syrana Starweaver

Objective: Get five Legion Portal Fragments from any demon to create a Greater Legion Portal Stone. Travel to Azsuna (27, 50), summon Vizuul the Twisted, and loot Twisted Runebindings from him.

You will receive: Twisted Runebindings

Note: The best place to find Legion Portal Fragments are: Moonclaw Vale (around 62, 71 Val’sharah); mobs – Felflame Imps, and Manastalkers (Faronaar, Azsuna).


A True Test

Questgiver – Syrana Starweaver

Objective: Absorb the power from the Twisted Runebindings using the Heart of Zin-Azshari

Note: The item is right next to you.


Seeking the Valkyra

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Seek out Ashildir at the Vault of Eyir (62, 68 Stormheim).


The Mark

Questgiver – Ashildir

Objective: Go inside the Vault of Eyir, take Ashildir in target, and use /kneel in front of her.

Note: Might not work without the equipped Artifact.


Retrieving the Svalnguard

Questgiver – Ashildir

Objective: Retrieve the Svalnguard and defeat Helya in the Maw of Souls on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: The Svalnguard

Note: It cannot be looted from any boss. It lies on the floor in the middle of the ship.


A Feast Fit for Odyn

Questgiver – Ashildir

Objective: Acquire flank meat from Thunderhorn in Stormheim (47, 39), Spinesever’s spine in Highmountain (39, 13), and a steak from Leytusk in Azsuna (62, 11).

You will receive: Thunderhorn Flank, Spinesever’s Spine, Leytusk Steak

Note: You literally need to be in Azsuna location to get the Leytusk steak. Drag the mob from the coast, or use a Loot-A-Rang toy from Azsuna.


Presentation is Key

Questgiver – Ashildir

Objective: Retrieve 4 Adamantium Casing Scraps and defeat Dargrul the Underking in Neltharion’s Lair on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive: Adamantium Casing Scrap (4)

Note: The items lay around the room with the final boss.

Balance of Power Artifact Appearance – Questline in Shadowlands

Odyn’s Blessing

Questgiver – Ashildir

Objective: Obtain Odyn’s blessing in the Halls of Valor on Mythic difficulty.

Note: Click on the goldish-white circle at the very beginning of the Instance, clear it after, and wait a little bit longer than usual.


Preparing to Move

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Meet Archmage Kalec in Shal’Aran.

Note: There are no teleports; go there yourself.

The quest Planning the Assault is now automatically skipped.


Delusions of Grandeur

Questgiver – Thalrenus Rivertree

Objective: Collect the core of Trilliax and Grand Magistrix Elisande’s Millennia Tome in the Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher.

You will receive: Trilliax Core, Millennia Tome


Into the Nighthold

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Collect 20 Nightshards from the Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher.

You will receive: Nightshard (20)

Note: Change the difficulty level and clear Instance once again, in case some bosses didn’t drop any Nightshard.


Darkness Calls

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Bring one of Gul’dan’s eyes from the Nighthold to Archmage Kalec on Normal difficulty or higher.

You will receive: Eye of Gul’dan

Note: The Darkness Calls and Into the Nighthold quests may be done now simultaneously.


Balance of Power

Questgiver – Kalec

Objective: Visit the Moon Guard Stronghold and use the Heart of Zin-Azshari.

Note: Do not forget to bring your Artifact. Relog if you fail to transmogrify the Artifact appearance after completing the quest.

A Tip to Speed up the Balance of Power Quest Line

You can complete the whole quest chain in just nine days! The main idea is to start early on Tuesday – one day before the weekly maintenance. Thus you will have three full Instance resets.

Getting the needed reputation statuses with certain factions is also rather easy. Farm the Halls of Valor and/or Maw of Souls for the Valarjar reputation. For getting Revered with the Nightfallen simply do their main quests and a few uprising quests as well.

Shadowlands changes

Unfortunately, there should be no changes concerning the drop rate changes in some quests as of now. Every character still has to raise reputation with certain factions – they are not account-wide. Improving on History Achievement won’t give any preferences to other characters on a player’s account. Lead game designer Morgan Day stated, however, that all the obtained skins will be available to all specializations of a character. The good news is all the quests may be done solo, meaning players should face no serious obstacles while completing this storyline.

Good luck!

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