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In WoW Dragonflight PvP fans get some great novelties like Solo Shuffle or revamped design of PvP gear item levels. Also, if you prefer world PvP, we have some good news for you. To the game was added a unique currency you can spend on one more type of PvP gear with a set bonus for world PvP. So, in this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Bloody Tokens, the ways to farm them, and what items Bloody Tokens can be exchanged for.

What are Bloody Tokens

Preparations for the raid are going very well. Many players do not even hesitate to wet their swords, staves, and even claws in the blood of representatives of the opposite faction. But why such bloodlust? For ilvl 366 (and in Arenas and Battlegrounds, it increases to 408) items and Blood Tokens to buy them, of course! Bloody tokens are a new currency that can be obtained for PvP activity and for defeating other players in the open world.

Below we will get acquainted with all the items that can be bought for bloody tokens, find out what set bonus they give, and, most importantly, how to farm Bloody Tokens in Dragonflight.

Bloody Tokens Farm!
Get any amount of new World PvP currency!
How to get Bloody Tokens

What can you buy for Bloody Tokens

The vendor, Fieldmaster Emberath, stands in the training room (Valdrakken 43.1, 42.4) and has any type of armor and even more.

How to get Bloody Tokens

Cloth Armor

Head Drakebreaker’s Hood (500 Bloody Tokens)
Shoulder Drakebreaker’s Shoulderpads (350 Bloody Tokens)
Back Drakebreaker’s Shroud (200 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Cloak (200 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Wrap (200 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Cape (200 Bloody Tokens)
Chest Drakebreaker’s Vestment (500 BBloody Tokens)
Wrist Drakebreaker’s Cuffs (200 Bloody Tokens)
Hands Drakebreaker’s Gloves (350 Bloody Tokens)
Waist Drakebreaker’s Cord (200 Bloody Tokens)
Legs Drakebreaker’s Leggings (500 Bloody Tokens)
Feet Drakebreaker’s Boots (350 Bloody Tokens)

Leather Armor

Head Drakebreaker’s Cowl (500 Bloody Tokens)
Shoulder Drakebreaker’s Epaulets (350 Bloody Tokens)
Chest Drakebreaker’s Vest (500 Bloody Tokens)
Wrist Drakebreaker’s Bindings (200 Bloody Tokens)
Hands Drakebreaker’s Handguards (350 Bloody Tokens)
Waist Drakebreaker’s Sash (200 Bloody Tokens)
Legs Drakebreaker’s Breeches (500 Bloody Tokens)
Feet Drakebreaker’s Waders (350 Bloody Tokens)

Mail Armor

Head Drakebreaker’s Coif (500 Bloody Tokens)
Shoulder Drakebreaker’s Shoulderguards (350 Bloody Tokens)
Chest Drakebreaker’s Chestguard (500 Bloody Tokens)
Wrist Drakebreaker’s Bracers (200 Bloody Tokens)
Hands Drakebreaker’s Grips (350 Bloody Tokens)
Waist Drakebreaker’s Cinch (200 Bloody Tokens)
Legs Drakebreaker’s Greaves (500 Bloody Tokens)
Feet Drakebreaker’s Striders (350 Bloody Tokens)

Plate Armor

Head Drakebreaker’s Helm (500 Bloody Tokens)
Shoulder Drakebreaker’s Mantle (350 Bloody Tokens)
Chest Drakebreaker’s Breastplate (500 Bloody Tokens)
Wrist Drakebreaker’s Armplates (200 Bloody Tokens)
Hands Drakebreaker’s Gauntlets (350 Bloody Tokens)
Waist Drakebreaker’s Girdle (200 Bloody Tokens)
Legs Drakebreaker’s Legguards (500 Bloody Tokens)
Feet Drakebreaker’s Sabatons (350 Bloody Tokens)


One-Handed Axe Drakebreaker’s Cleaver (400 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Hatchet (500 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Hacker (400 Bloody Tokens)
Gun Drakebreaker’s Heartseeker (800 Bloody Tokens)
Warglaives Drakebreaker’s Glaive (400 Bloody Tokens)
Dagger Drakebreaker’s Dagger (500 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Shiv (400 Bloody Tokens)
Off-hand Frill Drakebreaker’s Horn (300 Bloody Tokens)
Staff Drakebreaker’s Staff (800 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Pole (800 Bloody Tokens)
Two-Handed Sword Drakebreaker’s Broadsword (800 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Greatsword (800 Bloody Tokens)
One-Handed Mace Drakebreaker’s Maul (400 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Scepter (500 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Cudgel (400 Bloody Tokens)
Shield Drakebreaker’s Bulwark (400 Bloody Tokens)
Polearm Drakebreaker’s Impaler (800 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Javelin (800 Bloody Tokens)
Wand Drakebreaker’s Rod (500 Bloody Tokens)
One-Handed Mace Drakebreaker’s Mallet (400 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Crusher (400 Bloody Tokens)
Drakebreaker’s Mace (500 Bloody Tokens)

Other stuff

Qalashi Wingshredder (1000 Bloody Tokens) Dismounts an enemy airborne player.
Flesh Parachute (750 Bloody Tokens) Reduces your falling speed.
Breaker’s Flag of Victory (1500 Bloody Tokens) Place a flag on an enemy player’s corpse in front of you.

Bloody Tokens Gear Set Bonus Effect

It’s important that Bloody Tokens gear not only have a 408 item level in PvP but also gives you three bonuses. The set bonus has three upgrade levels: for 2 pieces, for 4 pieces, and for 6 pieces. Weapons are not considered part of the set.

  • 2 Set gives you +784 Versatility;
  • 4 Set gives you an absorbing shield when you are stunned;
  • 6 Set grants you Brealer’s Frenzy, increasing your Versatility by 2% and movement speed by 2%. It can stack x10.

However, remember that the set bonus only works in the open world. In Arenas and Battlegrounds, it only increases to 408 ilvl.

How to get Bloody Tokens

To start earning Bloody tokens, you must turn on War Mode. This can be done in your faction’s capital.

  • After that, you will be able to see local PvP tasks. If no world quests have appeared on the map, then you must leave the neutral territory, after which the quests will appear;
  • You will surely meet many players from opposite factions at the mission’s location. Kill them. As a reward, you will receive some Bloody Tokens;
  • Also, on the minimap, you can see War Supply Chests flying by. You must track where the air drop falls and pick it up faster than others. For this, you will also receive Bloody Tokens.

And this is where the guide ends. Overgear wishes you good luck in your bloody business. Please, don’t forget to rate this article if our guide was useful to you.

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