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World Boss – Antros, Keeper of the Antecedents

There is one new World Boss in Zereth Mortis, located at the northernmost island of Zereth Mortis. Antros’s island can be reached with a translocator at the northern edge of Zereth Mortis. Antros drops ilvl 259 loot and ilvl 200 Conduits.

Loot table:

Zereth Mortis Catch-Up Gear

Zereth Mortis has two vendors with purchasable gear for alts.

Sandworn Relic Gear

For those with alts that are actively playing through Zereth Mortis, Rafiq in Pilgrim’s Grace sells 246 gear that can be purchased with Sandworn Relic. You can obtain Sandworn Gear through the following methods:

Each piece of gear from Rafiq costs the following:

Anima Vendor

Once you reach the new Zone, Zereth Mortis in 9.2, you will enter a hub called Haven, very early in the questline. In Haven, there is a vendor that sells Broker´s Gear that is Bind on Account, meaning you can wear it or send it to your alts.

The ilvl on Broker´s Gear is 226 and you can buy every gear slot piece.

There are two different types of trinkets you can get  as a caster, two for agility and two for strength users. You can also get this gear proceed with a socket, and tertiary stats such as Leech, speed etc.

Every time you open a Broker´s gear, you will get a random stat on it. So basically, you can buy Broker´s gear so you will get a full set of the exact stats that you want on your character.

A list of items you can purchase from the vendor goes below:

Outdoor Gearing

The ilvl gear when it comes to outdoor world gearing is different than before. Before it was world quests in which renown level changed the gear ilvl. 

Now in patch 9.2 the gear ilvl is based on your progress in Zereth Mortis when it comes to the new Cypher Console. 

The main part when it comes to gear is that this system has a Cypher Equipment level. The level starts at 1 and max level is 6. The more points you put into the Cypher console by unlocking and upgrading traits with a currency called Cyphers of the First Ones, the higher you will level.

  • Level 1 Rewards 233 ilvl from various sources.
  • Level 2 Rewards 239 ilvl from various sources.
  • Level 3 Rewards 242 ilvl from various sources.
  • Level 4 Rewards 246 ilvl from various sources.
  • Level 5 Rewards 249 ilvl from various sources.
  • Level 6 Rewards 252 ilvl from various sources.

You start at ilvl 233 and the highest ilvl you can reach is 252 ilvl


  • You can buy an item called Font of Ephemeral Power

    This item gives your character all the conduits there are for your character and also increases the ilvl on all your conduits to 226 ilvl.

    Font of Ephemeral Power is sold by the new reputation vendor in Haven. The new reputation is called The Enlightened. You start with 0/3000 Neutral with them. Once you reach friendly, you can buy this item.
  • Another item added in the new reputation vendor in Haven is called Vessel of Profound Possibilities.

    This item gives your character all the conduits there are for your character and also increases the ilvl on all your conduits to 278 ilvl.

    The requirements to get this item are:
  • Honored with The Enlightened
  • Any of the Keystone Hero achievements for Season 3:
    • Mythic: Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Defeat all the raid bosses on Mythic Difficulty.
    • Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 3
    • Win 50 3v3 games while at Elite rank during Shadowlands Season 3.

Random Gear

You will find gear that is part of a Zereth Mortis transmog set.

  • For Cloth it is called  Staccato Gear Set.
  • For Leather it is called  Choral Gear Set.
  • For Mail it is called the Anthemic Gear set.
  • For Plate it is called  Harmonium Gear Set.

You can find this gear randomly from different creatures, rares, treasures and more.

Sandworn Vendor

There is a new Gear vendor in Zereth Mortis in which you can buy 246 ilvl gear. This gear vendor sells all gear slots except for necklace, rings and trinkets.

It is the same Zereth Mortis transmog set as the random gear.

The currency to buy this gear is called Sandworn Relic.

This vendor is located in Pilgrim´s Grace in Zereth Mortis and the NPC is called Elder Rafiq.

The cost to buy is a new currency called Sandworn Relics and you need a total of 2070, if you want to buy an entire set.

GearSandworn Relics

You farm Sandworn Relics by opening special chests called Sandworn Chests, or by killing special rares on the top right side of the map. The areas are called Arrangement Index and Endless Sands. To be able to open the Sandworn Chests you need a key and to get the key you need to combine 5 Sandworn Chest Key Fragments that you get by killing Mawsworn mobs in that area.

Special Rares

There are some rares that are different from the normal rares in Zereth Mortis. I call them special rares. Special rares have a star with a skull on it on the map and minimap. They have more abilities and also much more health compared to normal rares.

These special rares have a chance to drop 246 ilvl gear.

Special Treasures

There are treasures that you can only loot once and some that you can only loot once a day. I call these special treasures. Because the normal treasures can be looted the entire day in different locations on the map. Also, normal treasures have less items in them compared to the special treasures.

These special treasures have a chance to drop 246 ilvl gear.


This dungeon came out in patch 9.1 and was only available in mythic mode. Now in patch 9.2 we can enter this dungeon in:

  • Heroic mode that drops 223 ilvl loot
  • Mythic 0 mode that drops 236 ilvl loot. In patch 9.1 we actually got higher ilvl from Tazavesh, but now in patch 9.2 this dungeon will have the same ilvl as the other Shadowlands dungeons. 
  • Mythic plus mode

Mythic plus dungeons

The ilvl jump from Season 1 to Season 2 is 26 ilvl from what we can see on the raid rewards. Based on how the loot increase has changed from Season 1 to Season 2 in Shadowlands, this is how it might look in 9.2.

Keystone LevelEnd of DungeonWeekly Great Vault

Bonus Item Levels in PvP Combat

Similar to Season 2, PvP items gain increased item level while engaged in PvP activities like Battlegrounds, Arenas, or War Mode in Season 3. Under these circumstances, PvP items gain 13 item levels. Elite items gain 10 item levels instead.

How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2

Conquest Gear in Patch 9.2

These are the datamined item levels for Conquest PvP gear in Patch 9.2.

RankItem LevelPvP Item LevelRating Requirement
Combatant I2522651000
Combatant II2552681200
Challenger I2592721400
Challenger II2622751600
Rival I2652781800
Rival II2682811950

Honor Gear in Patch 9.2

These are the datamined item levels for Honor PvP gear in Patch 9.2. Unlike Conquest gear, Honor gear item level increases in a non-linear way when in PvP combat, as you can see below. Note that the last few levels still require Renown, with the same requirements as last Season.

RankItem LevelPvP Item LevelRenown Requirement

Shadowlands Dungeon Event

The event quest giver is located next to the Great Vault in Oribos.

By completing the quest Emissary of War, completing 4 mythic dungeons, you will be rewarded with a 239 ilvl equipment. 

Profession Crafting

In patch 9.2 you will be able to add several new optional reagents when crafting gear, 

How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2

There are new slots added on the ui when crafting a piece of gear. 

In 9.1.5 the UI had 3 slots In patch 9.2, the UI will have 
  • Specify a Secondary Stat
  • Specify a Secondary Stat
  • Set Item Level
  • Specify a Secondary Stat
  • Specify a Secondary Stat
  • Modify Item Level – Major / or Minor
  • Add a progenitor Enhancement
How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2
Specify a Secondary Stat

This looks the same and acts the same as before. 

You will add a missive in each slot and the missive contains a secondary stat. 

Modify Item Level

Gear that you craft can either be modified with Minor or Major


Can only use 

  • Novice Crafter´s Mark
    Set ilvl to 87, req char level 50.
  • Crafters Mark 1
    Set ilvl to 117, req char level 55.


Can use all different Crafters Mark. And two new ones have been added in 9.2

  • Novice Crafter´s Mark
    Set ilvl to 87, req char level 50.
  • Crafters Mark 1
    Set ilvl to 117, req char level 55.
  • Crafters Mark 2
    Set ilvl to 168, req char level 60.
  • Crafters Mark 3
    Set ilvl to 200, req char level 60.
  • Crafters Mark of the Chained Isle
    Set ilvl to 230, req char level 60.
  • Crafters Mark 4 – NEW
    Set ilvl to 233, req char level 60.
  • Crafters Mark of the First Ones – NEW
    Set ilvl to 262, req char level 60.
    This one is unique-equipped, meaning that you can only wear one of them. 
Add a progenitor Enhancement

A totally new slot added in 9.2 that will add sort of power on your crafted gear. 

There are 8 different progenitor enhancements:

  • Magically Regulated Automa Core
    Chance to spawn an Automa Core which explodes for damage.
  • Cosmic Protowave
    Increase Avoidance and sometimes heals when taking damage.
  • Infusion: Corpse Purification
    Chance to acquire additional resources from corpses.
  • Ephemera Harmonizing Stone
    Chance to harmonize Ephemera, granting Primary stat when acquired.
  • Pure-Air Sail Extensions
    Increases movement speed and mount speed while in the Shadowlands.
  • Erratic Genesis Matrix
    Being stuck by an enemy builds electrical sparks. At 5 stacks, the circuitry shorts and lashes out.
  • Devourer Essence Stone
    Slaying enemies increases your highest secondary stat for a brief moment, stacking up to 10 times.
  • Sustaining Armor Polish
    Increases the duration of flasks, elixirs, and food buffs.

Crafted Legendary

How to get legendaries in 9.2

Getting legendaries in patch 9.2 will not be the same way as before, where we had to do Torghast. Instead, there are many ways in which we can obtain legendaries. The goal is to let any player, no matter what type of gaming they do in WoW, be able to get a legendary. Meaning, if you are a raider or a PvP player, or a dungeon player and so on. 

How to upgrade Legendaries

You will no longer upgrade the next tier of your legendaries by doing Torghast and gathering its currency.

Instead, you will upgrade your legendary in the new zone Zereth Mortis where you will meet the Enlightened Brokers in Zereth Mortis and become allies with them. They will help you upgrade your legendaries. 

1) Reach Honored with The Enlightened. 

2) Buy the item Tome of the Eternal from the Enlightened rep vendor. Check here for location and rep farm. 

3) Learn Vestige of the Eternal by using the item Tome of Eternal.

4) Based on what profession you are, you will need items from Zereth Mortis tied to your profession and also legendary item called Progenitor Essentia. Check here on how to farm Progenitor Essentials. 

5) Craft a Vestige of the Eternal which is an optional reagent that increase the ilvl by 3 ranks on your specialized armor. 

How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2

If you have a rank 4 specialized armor, and use the Vestige of Eternal, then you get the ilvl 291 on it. 

How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2

Go to the Runecarver and add the specialized armor. 

The cost to craft a 291 ilvl Legendary is

  • 2000 Cosmic Flux
  • 1650 Soul Cinders
  • 5150 Soul Ash

How to gear up fast in WoW 9.2

All legendaries can now be upgraded with Cosmic Flux.

Cosmic Flux will be rewarded from a variety of activities in Shadowlands Season 3, such as defeating raid bosses, PvP, Mythic+, Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and World Quests.

Equip two legendaries

You will be able to wear two legendaries in patch 9.2. 

However, it is important to know that one of them must be a covenant legendary. Meaning, you can only wear a covenant legendary together with any of your other legendaries. 

The covenant legendary will be a belt, which is lvl 265. This belt will change legendary power whenever you change covenant to that covenant legendary power. The belt will be available in the beginning of the 5 week of the 9.2 patch (3 week of mythic raid). 

There are two ways to equip your Covenant Legendary in tandem with another Legendary:

You can purchase a Legendary Belt which is locked at item level 265.

You can craft the Legendary in the usual way using  Memory of Unity up to item level 291. To purchase this, you need to achieve a Revered reputation with the Enlightened. 

For both variants you must finish 7th chapter of new zone questline. 

Once you have unlocked double legendaries on one character, it will be unlocked on your other characters.

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