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Heart of Azeroth

Greetings, Champions of Azeroth! The main subject of today’s review is the new Artifact – Heart of Azeroth. This is a necklace which suits the “neck” equipment slot and is given to us by Magni Bronzebeard. It gives players an additional and impressive amount of main and secondary characteristics and improves the special azurite armor, also activates additional Azerite Traits.

Obtaining the Heart of Azeroth

Players are to complete the “Prologue: Battle for Lordaeron” questline before starting quests for getting the Heart of Azeroth Artifact. It will take about twenty minutes for an average player to finish this scenario, and only after that you will be finally able to go to Silithus to meet Magni Bronzebeard. The complete sequence is the following:

After completing this scenario you will become an honorable owner of a brand new Artifact! Congratulations!


Empowering Heart of Azeroth

Players will be rewarded with Azerite for the majority of in-game activities. Azerite is a new resource which is used to improve your Artifact and to increase its level. To get a new level will take more and more efforts and resources from a player. Notice that high levels of an Artifact unlock an access to the special Traits of Azerite armor. The higher is the level of armor, the higher are Artifact level requirements for the concrete Trait. The raiding equipment will be the hardest one to improve.


Heart of Azeroth Item Level

The basic item level of an Artifact at the very beginning is 280. Gathering Azerite and raising the levels of Heart of Azeroth will also raise the item level of the Artifact. Every next level of the Artifact will automatically add two levels to the item itself.

Artifact Knowledge

The system of Artifact Knowledge is well known to players from the previous “Legion” expansion, but it has changed in some ways. Firstly: new “chapters” of Knowledge are added automatically at the beginning of a new week (on Wednesday); secondly: these knowledge “chapters” decrease the number of Azerite needed to get to a new level of Artifact instead of increasing this figure. No one wants to gather millions and millions of pixels anyway.

Azerite LevelBase Experience To Next LevelItem Level


Artifact Power

A new resource, named Azerite is needed to increase Heart of Azeroth Artifact. The main difference with Artifact Power from the previous expansion is that Azerite doesn’t occupy any space in your bags at all. It is immediately added to your Artifact – very practical. Players can receive Azerite as a reward for the most activities in a game, such as Island Expeditions, Warfronts, World Quests, Dungeons, and PvP Battles.

WoW Heart of Azeroth Full Guide

Island Expeditions

If the player will gather 40000 of Azerite during the week, they will be rewarded with an additional 2500 of Azerite. One may always check the progress of this activity on an Island Expeditions map.

Players will get the following amount of Azerite after winning an Island Expedition:

  • Mythic difficulty and PvP Expeditions – 300 of Azerite;
  • Heroic difficulty Expedition – 225 of Azerite;
  • Normal difficulty Expedition – 175 of Azerite.

In case you will collect all the rare items needed for the Tell Me A Tale achievement, you will get 700 of Azerite for each item, which means 14000 of Azerite in total.

Please notice, that there must be a group of three people to take part in a Mythic Expedition.

Warfronts and Arathi Highlands

  • Players will get 750 of Azerite by completing weekly Warfront quest. Make sure you have taken this quest, heroes, before queuing Warfront.
  • During the first stage of Warfront game, a player can get 500 of Azerite for each War Contribution Quest. There are eleven quests of this type, which means 5500 of Azerite on the whole.
  • Warfront victory brings a champion 150 of Azerite.
  • A player can also hunt down and slay all the rare mobs at the Arathi Highlands, receiving 20 Azerite for each of them. Note, that this can be made only once per Warfront cycle.


You will also get Azerite by killing dungeon bosses as well as successful completion of the dungeons themselves. The amount of Azerite you get depends on the following:

  • Mythic difficulty Dungeon Boss – 35 Azerite;
  • Mythic difficulty Dungeon Final Boss – 35 Azerite;
  • Heroic difficulty Dungeon First-Time Daily Bonus – 150 Azerite;
  • Heroic difficulty Dungeon Completion – 50 Azerite;
  • Heroic difficulty Dungeon Final Boss – 30 Azerite;
  • Heroic difficulty Dungeon Boss – 30 Azerite;
  • Normal difficulty Dungeon First-Time Daily Bonus – 100 Azerite;
  • Normal difficulty Dungeon Completion Bonus – 50Azerite;
  • Normal difficulty Dungeon Final Boss – 15 Azerite.

A player will also get an Artifact Power from a Weekly Chest the next week after completing Mythic+ Dungeon. The higher is the Keystone level, the more Artifact Power one will get.


One will get Azerite by taking part in different PvP Battles as well:

  • Random Battleground First-Time Daily Win – 151 Azerite;
  • Random Battleground Win – 76 Azerite;
  • Random Epic Battleground Win – 301 Azerite;
  • PvP Brawl – 151 Azerite;
  • Arena Skirmish – 16 Azerite;
  • Warmode Supply Crate – 300 Azerite.



WoW Heart of Azeroth Full Guide

The storyline of each zone in Battle for Azeroth is divided into several chapters, each of which ends with a very important story quest. Azerite is given as a reward after completing such quests. Moreover, there are War Campaigns in every zone as well and different stages of those Campaigns are also rewarded with a big amount of Azerite.

  • War Campaign Intro Quests – 500 Azerite;
  • War Campaign Major Steps – 600 Azerite each.


World Quests

World Quests offer Azerite as a reward rather often. One can do several things at the same time for instance:
Complete four Daily Emissary World Quests to get up to 1000 Azerite;
Get Azerite just by completing different Quests;
Raise the Reputation with Battle for Azeroth Factions, such as “Champions of Azeroth”.

  • Emissary World Quest – 400 or 1000 Azerite;
  • World Quests – 100-400 Azerite;
  • World Boss World Quest – 500 Azerite;
  • “Champions of Azeroth” World Quests Completion – 200-300 Azerite;
  • “Champions of Azeroth” World Quest Additional Azerite – Up to 200 Azerite;
  • Table Missions – 65-400 Azerite.


Champions of Azeroth

WoW Heart of Azeroth Full Guide

“Champions of Azeroth” is the new “Battle for Azeroth” expansion faction. The faction leader is Magni Bronzebeard himself. This faction keeps neutrality towards the main conflict between Horde and Alliance but pays all its attention to the saving of Azeroth instead. The player is given the high name of “Azeroth’s Champion” and immediately after is sent to complete World and Emissary Quests and to rise up the reputation.

For each reputation stage with this faction, a player gets fifteen levels of Artifact, which makes this reputation the most important one among all other factions in this expansion.


After a player will reach “Friendly” status with “Champions of Azeroth” faction, they get a quest, named «To Save Azeroth». The task is to travel to Silithus using a portal in the capital city of your faction and to talk to Magni Bronzebeard. The ilvl of your Artifact will rise for 15 points as a reward for everything that you have gone through.


A similar quest, this time named “Unlocking the Heart’s Potential” where a player will get by reaching “Honored” status with “Champions of Azeroth”. You are to go to Silithus once more to get 15 ilvl’s for your Artifact again.


The last time a player will be able to get 15 ilvl to the neck is when they reach “Revered” status with “Champions of Azeroth”. The only difference this time will be in visiting the Chamber of Heart for a short cut scene.

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