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In the 10.0.5 WoW patch, the new event arrived – Storm’s Fury. This is a small activity in Primalist Future that provides a bit of casual content to the game. The event appears every 5 hours and remains for 4 hours.

Storm’s Fury Overview

Storm’s Fury continues the Primal Storms events series, which started in Dragonflight pre-patch. While Basic Primas Storms offer players to grind the endless packs of mobs and some rare NPC across the Dragon Isles, Storm’s Fury mainly focuses on one big boss fight, but you need to complete certain steps before.

So, what is the reason to do this event?

  • Easy way to obtain 389 ilvl rings, necklace, and trinket. It can be very useful for fresh alts;
  • Collectors might be interested in Achievements, Toy, Pet, and Mount.
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Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

How to start the Storm’s Fury

The event by itself appears on the map. It is always in Thaldraszus in the Temporal Conflux zone, where you did quests with Chromie while leveling.

Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

However, you also can start a quest Storm Warning that will lead you exactly to this event. It starts in Valdrakken on top of the Seat of the Aspects (where Alexstrasza is, Valdrakken, 63.6 48.0).

Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

The small bonus of completing this quest is obtaining a Field Deployable Heat Source. This thing helps you to avoid stacking DoT on you and your allies in its range.

How to complete the Storms Fury

The first thing you are going to see upon arrival is this thing your quest log.

In the very beginning, there would be 4 active portals. Your goal is to leave 0 portals active. Meanwhile, on your map, you may see the location of these portals.

Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

Now, let’s see how to close all 4 portals. First of all, it requires at least 4 players to do this. At each portal, there are some elite mobs that have 500k HP. After killing them, you will start capturing the portal. Some friendly NPC will spawn and will help you hold the portal. Almost every minute, new mobs are going to arrive and try to get back in control of the portal. If there are no players, Primalists will take it back. That is why you need at least 4 players to take control of all 4 portals.

Freezing Effect

Freezing is a general mechanic during this event. It is a debuff that will stack every 5 seconds on all players if they remain in the Primalist Future location. 

There are several ways to counter this effect. First of all – look for a source of heat. They can be generated by friendly NPC next to the captured portal or also dropped by players that have Field Deployable Heat Source. You can purchase this item from Tarnormu (The Primalist Future, 60.8 46.6) with gold and make your life easier. The item costs only 30 gold.

Final Stage – Storms Fury Boss Fight

The skull mark on top is the location of Storm’s Fury last boss. The boss will appear only after all 4 portals are going to be closed. There are 3 types of the last boss: Earth, Storm, and Winter. They are rotating each event one by one. Killing each boss at least once will award you with The Future We Make achievement.

Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

Upon killing the boss, the event will be completed. Get back to the platform you arrive at and complete the quest with Brendormi (if you take one in Valdrakken).

Storm’s Fury Rewards

First of all, we should go through the currencies that you have to collect to purchase items from Brendormi (The Primalist Future, 61.2 47.0).

  1. Elemental Overflow. This currency can be collected not only at Storm’s Fury but also at open-world Primal Storms events (similar to pre-patch events);
  2. Essence of the Storm. This is a new one and specific only for Storm’s Fury.

What is Essence of the Storm Dragonflight, and how to collect Essence of the Storm

As we already said, Essence of the Storm is the new key event currency you can spend on unique rewards.

Essence of the Storm can be obtained from:

Storm’s Fury Trade Goods

Brendormi provides all the things you can purchase with Essence of the Storm and Elemental Overflow:

Item Cost Specifics
Chronologically Unstable Loop 23  Essence of the Storm

525  Elemental Overflow

389 ilvl ring that removes a stack of Freezing every 11 seconds.
Bronze Band of Destinies 23  Essence of the Storm

525  Elemental Overflow

389 ilvl ring that removes a stack of Freezing every 11 seconds.
Heat of Primal Winter 30  Essence of the Storm

750  Elemental Overflow

389 ilvl necklace that creates on use a bonfire that allows to remove Freezing and stack Warmth.
Sands of Temporal Perfection 45  Essence of the Storm

1000  Elemental Overflow

389 ilvl trinket that can create a Temporal Pocket. Standing next to it increases Haste rating and also a Movement speed. This effect decays over time.
Stormed Primalist Cache 30  Essence of the Storm Contains Storm Sigil and also has a chance to drop some cosmetic armor and weapons.
Chasing Storm 75  Essence of the Storm

1200  Elemental Overflow

Time-Lost Vorquin Foal 105  Essence of the Storm

1500  Elemental Overflow

Skyskin Hornstrider 150  Essence of the Storm

3000  Elemental Overflow


Dragonflight Storm’s Fury Event

Storm’s Fury Achievements

There are no big amount of achievements you can get, but it’s better than nothing:

So, we hope our Storm’s Fury guide was helpful and interesting for you. Please, don’t forget to rate our article. Fear no the storm’s fury, adventurer!

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