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Dragonflight Season 1 is already started, so it’s time to tell you about the key activities players can enjoy during it and the rewards they can get. In our Dragonflight Season 1 Overview, you can find all you need to know about open-world activities, Mythic+ changes, a new raid, and PvP features.

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Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Primal Invasions Overview

Primal invasions are new content that occurs in Dragonflight. Every 6 hours, two zones on Dragon Isles take a Primalist force invasion in some locations. These areas are recognizable by the mark of a big red cross on the map of Dragon Isles. Invasion lasts for two hours, so that’s two plus six. That’s an eight-hour rotating event.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

There are four types of invasions, each of which stands for a certain element: Air, Earth, Fira, and Water. Each invasion has its mobs that are connected with the element. The area is also changed to an attacking element theme.

The main idea of the invasion is to grind NPCs to receive Elemental Overflow and Storm Sigil for purchasing gear. There are two types of gear for two different currencies. Some currencies can be grinded for any amount of time, the others are weekly currencies. 

  • The most common currency is Elemental Overflow. It drops from Primal Invasion mobs all over the location that is being invaded. Elemental Overflow is used For buying gear that is ilvl 359, you can also buy mounts and pets; 
  • Storm Sigil is a currency that can be received once per type of invasion per week. You loot one item for each type of invasion and change it for a Storm Sigil currency. The currency can be changed for ilvl 385 gear (but you should have ilvl359 items for the exchange).

Primal Invasion Rewards

There are many rewards for WoW players who do Primal Invasion, such as mounts, pets, and achievements.

The Unstable Elemental Confluence Heirloom trinket Is the trinket that was available during the pre patch. Now you can craft it if you didn’t handle it last time.

There are two pets and one mount that you can buy with Elemental overflow. Here is the list and the price for them:

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Primal Invasion Gear

There are two types of gear for each rarity of currency, and you can buy them in Valdrakken. The one is less rare, and you can buy 359 ilvl items with it. The other is rare and can provide you with 385 ilvl items. You can not buy Rings, Trinkets, and Necklaces. These items also have set bonuses.

Elemental Overflow Gear (ilvl 359)

This is the original gear from Primal Invasions, which can be bought with Elemental Overflow, the currency that can be found in all mobs from the invasion. Mythressa is the NPC that sells these pieces of gear in Valdrakken.

Gear SlotCost
Belts, Bracers, Cloaks200 200
Off-Hands, Shields300 300
Boots, Gloves, Shoulders350 350
Strength/Agility 1H Weapons400 400
Chests, Helms, Pants, Intellect 1H Weapons500 500
All 2H Weapons, Ranged Weapons800 800

Storm Sigil Gear (ilvl 385)

The most rare gear from Primal Invasions can be bought with Storm Sigil. Storms Sigils can be earned once a week per invasion When you find a rare item that drops from the NPC. As there are four different types of invasions that can occur per week, this means you can Earn a total of 4 Storm Sigils per week.

All Storm Sigil items you should give to Rethelshi in Valdrakken, who is also the vendor that provides you with Storm Sigil gear. You can check how many and what type of Storm Sigils are left for this week by simply talking with Rethelshi.

To buy a Storm Sigil item, you need to give a vendor the same slot as Overflow Gear. So basically, it’s more like an upgrade. Here are the costs of upgrading your gear up to 385 ilvl:

Gear SlotCost
Cloaks, Off-Hands, Shields, Belts, Bracers5 5
Boots, Gloves, Agility/Strength 1H Weapons, Shoulders7 7
Intellect 1H Weapons9 9
Chests, Helms, Pants10 10
All 2H Weapons, Ranged Weapons14 14

Primal Invasion Set Bonuses

Primal invasions have set bonuses for 2, 4, and 6 pieces of the set. You can have a set bonus from any piece except for the Cloak.

  • 2-Set: Increase your best secondary stat by 226;
  • 4-Set: When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, gain a Spark of the Primals. With five stacks, you receive an increase of your next offensive ability damage;
  • 6-Set: Killing a mob causes immunity to all damage and harmful effects for 8 sec. It can only be used outdoors in the Dragon Isles.

Primal Invasion Achievements

There are plenty of achievements you can get from Primal Invasions. There is also a meta-achievement, Into the Storm, which requires you to obtain tasks around Primal Invasions. Here is the list of all Invasion Achievements:

The Great Vault Objectives and Weekly Chest Rewards

The Great Vault Dragonflight Weekly Reward Chest

The Great Vault appeared to be a good replacement for the weekly chest. So WoW Dragonflight is continuing the idea of Shadowlands. Each week, completing Raid, Mythic+, and PvP objectives adds an item to your Great Vault. Once a week after the Vault reset, you choose an item from the list, which depends on the progress you’ve achieved in the past week.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Completing the following objectives adds choices to your Vault:

RaidsMythic+ DungeonsPvP

Defeat 2 Raid Bosses

Complete 1 Mythic+ Dungeon

Earn 1250 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Defeat 4 Raid BossesComplete 4 Mythic+ DungeonsEarn 2500 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Defeat 6 Raid BossesComplete 8 Mythic+ DungeonsEarn 5000 Honor Points from Rated PvP

Mythic+ Great Vault Item Levels

Unlike Raid weekly loot, Mythic+ item levels in the Great Vault are higher than the loot that drops from the end of the dungeon run.

Keystone LevelEnd of DungeonWeekly Great Vault
Mythic +2376382
Mythic +3376385
Mythic +4379385
Mythic +5379389
Mythic +6382389
Mythic +7385392
Mythic +8385395
Mythic +9389395
Mythic +10392398
Mythic +11392402
Mythic +12392405
Mythic +13392408
Mythic +14395408
Mythic +15398411
Mythic +16398415
Mythic +17402415
Mythic +18402418
Mythic +19405418
Mythic +20405421

The Great Vault PvP Objectives in Dragonflight

Once again, each step adds a new option for PvP Gear choice at the end of the week. The ilvl depends on your maximum rating in PvP during the week. 

  • Earn 1250 Honor Points from Rated PvP to add one piece of loot to your Great Vault;
  • Earn 2500 Honor Points from Rated PvP to add two pieces of loot to your Great Vault;
  • Earn 5000 Honor Points from Rated PvP to add three pieces of loot to your Great Vault.

The Great Vault: Alternative Rewards in Dragonflight

If you absolutely don’t need any of the loot suggested to you in the Great Vault, you may choose Aspects’ Token of Merit instead.

  • You can carry a maximum of 12 12;
  • You will get 2 2 if you complete one objective;
  • You will get 4 4 if you complete two objectives;
  • You will get 6 6 if you complete three or more objectives.

Aspects’ Token of Merit can be used to buy the items from Evantkis who is situated right next to the Great Vault:

Storm-Charged Manipulator6 6Add a socket to a Dragonflight Season 1 item that does not already have one. Can be used on Helms, Necks, Bracers, Belts, or Rings.
Primal Chaos Cluster3 3Contains 10 Primal Chaos

Note that you can only have 12 Aspects’ Token of Merit in your bag at a time, so you will need to make sure that you have space before you can claim this reward.

World Bosses in Dragonflight

Here are four world bosses that start spawning with the launch of Season 1 in Dragonflight:

Strunraan, the Sky’s Misery Dragonflight World Boss

Strunraan can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.

Basrikron, the Shale Wing: Dragonflight World Boss

Basrikron can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.

Bazual, the Dreaded Flame: Dragonflight World Boss

Liskanoth, the Futurebane: Dragonflight World Boss

Liskanoth can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.

Vault of the Incarnates Overview

The first Dragonflight raid will confront you with the Raszageth and Primalists.

Raid Release Schedule for Vault of the Incarnates

Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties will open on December 12. The cross-faction is also available. To join Mythic, you need to have at least 16 people from the same guild and the same faction.

LFR Vault of the Incarnates Releases

Looking for Raid Vault of the Incarnates will have three wings, which will be released in three weeks:

  • Week of December 19: LFR Wing 1
  • Week of January 2: LFR Wing 2
  • Week of January 16: LFR Wing 3

Vault of the Incarnates Loot Item Levels

First four bosses drop the least powerful loot, and the opposite – the two final bosses drop the best ilvl gear in the raid.

BossNormalHeroicMythicRare Items
Eranog389402415395/ 408/ 421
The Primal Council389402415395/ 408/ 421
Dathea, Ascended395408421
Kurog Grimtotem395408421
Broodkeeper Diurna398411424405/ 418/ 430
Raszageth398411424405/ 418/ 430

Vault of the Incarnates Achievements

Defeating all the bosses can provide you with various achievements, but the most interesting is the last boss.

Killing Raszageth the Storm-Eater before the next raid release will provide you with these achievements:

Also, defeating Raszageth allows you to loot unique Dragonriding skin Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Glory of the Vault Raider

Another important achievement is Glory of the Vault Raider. The criteria of the achievement is to collect several achievements in the Vault of the Incarnates listed below:

The reward is the Raging Magmammoth which is a cool lava mammoth.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Overview

In Dragonflight, we have 8 new dungeons, but only 4 of them will be available in Mythic+ mode.

Dragonflight has returned four old dungeons in season one for Mythic+ content. Because of this, only 4 dungeons were presented for Season one. We will probably see four more new dungeons in the next season. The Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ pool includes 2 dungeons from Legion, 1 from Warlords of Draenor, and 1 from Mists of Pandaria.

Below, we have a list of the dungeons that are available in the Mythic+ difficulty for Dragonflight Season 1:

  • Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight)
  • Algeth’ar Academy (Dragonflight)
  • The Azure Vault (Dragonflight)
  • The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight)
  • Halls of Valor (Legion)
  • Court of Stars (Legion)
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria)

Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Seasonal Rewards

Seasonal rewards for Dragonflight Season 1 follow a similar format to rewards from past Mythic+ Seasons in the form of achievements.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Moreover, there are lots of different achievements for finishing a Mythic Keystone level 20 or higher in time limit for each dungeon in Dragonflight Season One, awarding portals to the entrance of these dungeons:

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero is the achievement for collecting all the Mythic Dungeon achievements from this list. And while you can complete achievement only in new Dragonflight Dungeons at Mythic +0 difficulty, it’s one of the expansion novelties. Achievements you need for Glory completion:

Completing all these achievements will give you the Shellack Mount, which looks like a cool Lava Snail.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Dragonflight Season 1 Affix Rotation

Dragonflight Season One affix rotation has been changed.

Week #Affix 1

(Level 2+)

Affix 2

(Level 4+)

Affix 3

(Level 7+)

Seasonal Affix

(Level 10+)

1 Fortified Raging Quaking Thundering
2 Tyrannical Bursting Grievous Thundering
3 Fortified Sanguine Volcanic Thundering
4 Tyrannical Raging Storming Thundering
5 Fortified Spiteful Grievous Thundering
6 Tyrannical Sanguine Explosive Thundering
7 Fortified Bolstering Storming Thundering
8 Tyrannical Spiteful Quaking Thundering
9 Fortified Bursting Explosive Thundering
10 Tyrannical Bolstering Volcanic Thundering

Thundering Seasonal Affix

Thundering is the new seasonal affix which will be unchanged for the season and will occur on every 10+ keys dungeons. While in combat, this affix provides  Mark of Lightning debuff for 2 or 3 members of the dungeon, while the rest are debuffed by Mark of Wind

This affix is quite dangerous. However, it provides 30% more damage while on the player. After the debuff disappears, the debuffed person is stunned if there is a person with the opposite debuff within 100 yards. To remove the debuff, you need to run across the person with the opposite debuff. The last man remaining with the debuff will not be stunned as there will be no person with the opposite debuff near them. 

The thing is that you need to find the person with the most damage among the 3 debuffed members and let him keep dealing damage, while the other 4 players should remove the debuff immediately or after a short period of time if they are confident that nothing will prevent them from removing the debuff in next 15 seconds.

Valor Rewards in Dragonflight Season 1

We already talked about end-of-dungeon and Great Vaults rewards, so let’s focus on the Valor upgrade you can get. You can upgrade your Mythic+ gear with the Valor currency. The highest upgrade levels require a certain rating in Mythic+ dungeons.

Upgrade LevelItem LevelRating Requirement

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Overview

PvP got some changes in Dragonflight, like solo-shuffle or the new world PvP gear, so let’s talk about them.

Dragonflight PvP Gear

You can gear up in PvP in Dragonflights in many various ways, which are listed below.

SourcePvP Item Level
Crafted Gear398
War Mode Gear408
Unrated PvP Gear411
Trophy of Strife Gear421
Unique Crafted Gear424
Rated PvP Gear424

Trophy of Strife Gear

A new type of PvP gear was added in Dragonflight – Trophy of Strife. Trophy of Strife gear has a PvP item level of 421, which is only 3 item levels below the rated PvP gear and uniquely equipped crafted gear. Trophy of Strife is used to upgrade War Mode PvP gear, which can be bought with Bloody Tokens. World Quests in War Mode also provide you with some gear. Starting with Dragonflight Season 1, Malicia will have a weekly quest that rewards Trophy of Strife.

Solo Shuffle

Solo Shuffle is the new way of playing PvP, which was added at the end of Shadowlands.

Solo Shuffle can be ranked and unranked. This is the only solo rating PvP. That’s a 3v3 arena, where you change the teammates and opponents each round so that everybody plays with each other in the same team.

You cannot get a Gladiator status in the Solo Shuffle PvP. However, the Crimson Soloist %s Title is an exclusive reward to Solo Shuffle.

Tanks can queue for Solo Shuffle. Protection Paladin is a healer, while all the other tank specializations are DPS.

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Rewards

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Mounts

The Dragonflight Gladiator mount has some changes with the usual rewards. Not only do you receive the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake, but also Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Crimson Gladiatorfor the customization of your Dragonriding mount into the Crimson Gladitaor’s Drake as well. 

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

The new Vicious mount for Dragonflight Season 1 is the Vicious Sabertooth. The Alliance and the Horde Sabertooths differ in their colors.

Dragonflight Season 1 Overview

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Titles

As in previous PvP seasons, Dragonflight rewards a variety of special titles based on your rating.

  • Combatant – 1000 Rating
  • Challenger – 1400 Rating
  • Rival – 1800 Rating
  • Duelist – 2100 Rating
  • Elite – 2400 Rating
  • Gladiator – 50 wins at 2400 Rating

There are two unique titles for Dragonflight Season 1:

  • Crimson Gladiator – End season at the top .1% of the PvP ladder with at least 150 games played;
  • Crimson Soloist – End season at the top .1% of the Solo Shuffle ladder with at least 50 games played.

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Elite Transmog

The Elite PvP set has some amazing effects. You can open it step by step by rising your rating. 

  • Combatant I (1000): Cloak
  • Combatant II (1200: Legs Bracers
  • Challenger I (1400): Gloves Boots
  • Challenger II (1600): Chest Belt
  • Rival I (1800): Head, Shoulder Helm
  • Elite (2400+): Tabard

In addition, players who receive Elite: Dragonflight Season 1 unlock Deep Cuts From the Vault and the reward Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone. This will unlock glowing effects on other armor tints sharing Vault of the Incarnates models. Blizzard has also announced a Weapon Illusion, a Pennant, a Tabard, and a Cloak in future patches.

So, it’s all you should know about Dragonflight Season 1. Good luck in your adventures, and don’t forget to rate our guide if this article was useful for you.

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