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In this guide, we will talk about optional reagents used in all professions. What are they for, how to get them, and what is everything connected with it? Be sure to read to the end because some crafting items are stronger than set bonuses.

How Optional Reagents Work

Optional reagents are most conveniently thought of as modifiers that impose a special effect on a crafting item. You add this reagent during crafting or crafting order in a special selection window aside from the required reagents. However, remember that an optional reagent increases the difficulty of the recipe, which may affect the final quality of the item.

Let’s start our acquaintance with additional reagents with the simplest ones – those that affect the overall level of the final item. You loot it when you kill Rare on the Dragon Isles, you can obtain it as a reward for World Quest, also by killing World Bosses and dungeon bosses from Normal to Mythic mode.

Optional ReagentQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Titan Training Matrix I333335337340343
Titan Training Matrix II346348350353356
Titan Training Matrix III359361363366369
Titan Training Matrix IV372374376379382

WoW Primal Infusion and WoW Concentrated Primal Infusion are reagents similar in action, but getting them is much more difficult: from Mythic+ dungeons (Primal Infusion from M+11 or higher up to +15 (after collecting 10 WoW Primal Focus), and Concentrated Primal Infusion from M+16 or higher (after collecting 10 WoW Concentrated Primal Focus), one per run). Also, you can farm Primal Focus from every Vault of the Incarnates Heroic boss, and Concentrated Primal Focus from Mythic bosses.

They are the most valuable because they give the highest level to an item.

Optional ReagentQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Primal Infusion395397399403405
Concentrated Primal Infusion408410412415418

Primal Infusion Farm!
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Optional Crafting Reagents in Dragonflight

Crafting Embellishments

Embellishments are reagents that add unusual effects to the final item. Each of these reagents is produced by a particular profession, and they are also sold at auction.

Remember that all these reagents complicate the recipe, which may affect its final level. However, for recrafting, you do not need to buy another embellishment, but only the standard, most simple reagents.

Craftable Embellished Pieces

These are special crafting items that you can use until you complete the Tier Set. And maybe even after that.

Plate Embellished Gear

Infurious Helm of VengeanceHeadInfurious Vengeance
Allied Chestplate of GenerosityChestRallied to Victory
Allied Wristguard of CompanionshipWristAllied Wristgaurds of Companionship
Unstable Frostfire BeltWaistUnstable Frostfire
Frostfire Legguards of PreparationLegsPrepared Time
Infurious Warboots of ImpunityFeetGladiator’s Distinction

Mail Embellished Gear

Infurious Chainhelm ProtectorHeadBasran’s Tenacity
Scale Rein GripsHandsSet (2): Horizon Strider’s Swiftness
Ancestor’s Dew DrippersShoulderSet (2): Horizon Strider’s Swiftness
Wind Spirit’s LassoWaistSet (2): Horizon Strider’s Swiftness
Allied Legguards of Sansok KhanLegsRallied to Victory
Acidic Hailstone Treads

Infurious Boots of Reprieve

Venom-Steeped Stompers

FeetDeep Chill

Gladiator’s Distinction

Potent Venom

Leather Embellished Gear

Toxic Thorn FootwrapsFeetThriving Thorns
String of Spiritual Knick-KnacksWaistSet (2): Magic Snowball
Snowball MakersHandsSet (2): Magic Snowball
Slimy Expulsion BootsFeetCoated in Slime
Old Spirit’s WristwrapsWristSet (2): Magic Snowball
Infurious Spirit’s HoodHeadElder Spirit’s Aid
Infurious Footwraps of IndemnityFeetGladiator’s Distinction
Flaring CowlHeadFlaring Cowl
Allied Heartwarming Fur CoatChestRallied to Victory

Cloth Embellished Gear

Infurious Legwraps of PossibilityChestInfurious Legwraps of Possibility
Infurious Binding of GesticulationWaistGladiator’s Distinction
Hood of Surging TimeHeadPrepared Time
Chronocloth SashWaistSet (2): Woven Chronocloth
Chronocloth LeggingsLegsSet (2): Woven Chronocloth
Chronocloth GlovesHandsSet (2): Woven Chronocloth
Blue Dragon SolesFeetBlue Dragon Soles
Azureweave SlippersFeetSet (2): Azureweave Vestments
Azureweave RobeChestSet (2): Azureweave Vestments
Azureweave MantleShoulderSet (2): Azureweave Vestments
Amice of the BlueShoulderAmice of the Blue
Allied Wristguards of Time DilationWristRallied to Victory

Embellished Jewelry

Elemental LariatNeckElemental Lariat
Choker of ShieldingNeckChoker of Shielding

Embellished Weapon

Witherrot TomeOff-HandTome-Wrought Rot
Shield of the HearthShieldShield of the Hearth
Weathered Explorer’s StaveStaffWeathered Explorer’s Stave Proc

Finishing Reagents

The Finishing Reagent is a new type of Reagent to the game that can only be used by Profession Masters. Each profession has its own finishing reagents, but they all do the same thing – increase Crafting Skill or Stats. Thanks to this, you can either save other reagents or produce more items than you planned.

Here are examples of some of these finishing reagents:

All finishing reagents have Crafting Quality. Only three levels – the higher the quality of the final reagent, the greater the bonus it gives.

How did you deal with changing professions? Isn’t the system too complicated? If you still have gaps in understanding, then refer to our general guide to all professions and the order table, which will help you deal with everything.

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