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Mining is the bread and butter for such professions like Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting. It allows players to mine ores and uses collected resources to craft various items. Dragonflight expansion brings some quality-of-life changes into the professions and mining is not an exception. Let’s take a quick look at Dragonflight Mining Changes and decide if it is worth it to level this profession up.

Dragonflight Mining Bonuses & Benefits

Mining is a great profession in terms of gold making. It can be combined with various crafting professions to get the most benefit out of it like Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing. Still, some players prefer to combine it with another gathering profession, like Herbalism. That will allow you to get tonnes of resources that are in very high demand at launch. Don’t miss your chance, because at the very beginning of expansion it is easy to farm enough gold to play through the whole Dragonflight as we are talking about enormous amounts that count in millions.

Dragonflight Mining leveling!
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Dragonflight Mining Guide 5.0

Dragonflight Mining Changes

Let’s start with the most important part. We all have been waiting for this change since the game’s release in 2004. And Blizzard heard us. It is officially stated that players can now mine nodes without dismounting! That is a great quality-of-life rework, forget about leveling a druid alt, now it’s all in the past.

Mining gets three specializations to choose from. We will get back to this point later for a more precise overview.

Also, players will get new Profession Gear that takes no inventory space and provide special stats to improve their mining skills.

A new profession hub with Crafting Tables is added in Valdrakken.

Finally, new nodes to mine:

  • Tyrivite Ore
  • Draconium Ore
  • Titanium Ore

Dragonflight Mining Specializations

At skill level 25, players unlock specialization and at this point things get interesting. Specializations will require knowledge points to level up. The most common way of getting those points is simply to keep on gathering things as there is a chance to acquire some points upon mining. Another source of gaining knowledge points is completing daily quests. Players will be able to get all the specializations at once, although it will take some time to do. There are 3 specs:

  • Mining process – gives a bonus chance to gather extra material, increases gathering speed, and increases chances to find rare reagents;
  • Metallurgy – makes players specialize in Tyrivite or Draconium and refine ores into higher quality ones;
  • Mastering the elements – there are elemental versions of Terivite and Dracomium all over the Dragon Isles. They yield some elemental materials which are used in crafting recipes. This spec gives additional skill when mining those nodes causes an Overload. Overload is a special effect that varies from node to node. Hardened nodes produce earth materials and provide damage reduction buff. Molten nodes produce fire materials and provide players with a fire shield buff. Primal Draconium produces elements that are usually not found from mining and gives an increasing DPS buff. And Titan Touched nodes open a portal to another nearby mining node.

At this point we can’t say which spec will be in demand, stay tuned as we will adjust this guide later.

Dragonflight Mining Equipment

In Dragonflight, characters will visually swap into special equipment when performing a profession-related action.

Dragonflight Mining Guide

And also, as we said before, these items will get you access to helpful bonuses. Below you can take a look at Mining equipment.

Stay tuned, as we will adjust this guide later with additional useful information. Hope, this guide has revealed something interesting for you. We are always glad to help you with your endgame needs, check out our Dragonflight preparation offers here.

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