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Dragonflight hasn’t become a game-changing expansion, but almost all key PvP and PvE modes get significant novelties, including dungeons. This guide will overview all Dragonflight dungeons and changes in Dragonflight Mythic+ mode.

Dragonflight Dungeons Guide

Dragonflight Dungeons List

In Dragonflight, players can explore eight dungeons designed for both leveling and endgame content. However, only half of these dungeons are accessible for Mythic+ runs. There are four additional legacy dungeons that can be played in Mythic+ mode. Check out the chart below!

Dragonflight Dungeons

Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 2

Algeth’ar AcademyBrackenhide Hollow
Brackenhide HollowHalls of Infusion
Halls of InfusionUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
Ruby Life PoolsFreehold (from Battle for Azeroth)
The Azure VaultThe Underrot (from Battle for Azeroth)
The Nokhud OffensiveVortex Pinnacle (from Cataclysm)
Uldaman: Legacy of TyrNeltharion’s Lair (from Legion)

In summary, Dragonflight offers a diverse range of dungeons spanning both new and legacy content. Dive into these challenges and test your skills as you explore the depths of Dragonflight’s immersive world. Adventure awaits!

Season 2 Dungeon Rewards

In Mythic+ mode rewards scale up to a +20 key. This means that players will need to conquer Mythic +20 dungeons for more than just teleport access to dungeon entrances or to complete tough challenges – it’s also essential for optimal gearing. Mythic+ Dungeons offer two distinct loot opportunities: a chest upon completing the instance and the Weekly Great Vault reward. Also you can choose Aspects’ Tokens of Merit instead of weekly chest reward.

With two loot opportunities and the alternative Aspects’ Token of Merit, players have various ways to enhance their gaming experience in World of Warcraft. Push your limits, gear up, and embrace the challenges of Mythic+ dungeons!

Season 2 Mythic+ Affixes

An affix is a supplementary characteristic that modifies the behavior of adversaries within a dungeon.

When your Keystone displays an affix, the majority of foes in that Mythic+ dungeon will acquire this attribute. These Keystone affixes alter on a weekly basis following a predetermined rotation and apply to all players globally. Thus, anyone participating in a Mythic+ dungeon will encounter the same affixes for the week. Seasonal affixes are no longer in use, and affixes now become active at keystone levels 2, 7, and 14.

The 12-week affix rotation has been updated once more in Dragonflight Season 2. Three novel affixes have been introduced: Entangling, Afflicted, and Incorporeal, while three others – Explosive, Quaking, and Grievous – have been removed from the rotation. 

Season 2 Dungeon Tactics

Now, let us share simple bits of advice for Mythic Dungeons and Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Dungeon bosses. We won’t discuss all specific packs of trash and their abilities. Only bosses in the format of the short cheat sheet, which helps you prepare for all challenges.

In summary, these concise Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ tips should serve as a quick reference to help you tackle each encounter. Keep practicing, refining your strategies, and remember that teamwork is key to conquering these challenging foes. Good luck and may your adventures be filled with epic victories!

Mythic+ Score System

The Mythic+ Rating system has brought a new level of excitement and competitiveness to the Mythic+ dungeon scene. Players now have a tangible measure of their skill and progress, motivating them to push their limits and strive for better performances. 

  • The rating is based on the keystone level completed with a linear increase in score.
  • Completion time of the dungeon influences the rating.
  • Score is accumulated for the highest key completed during both Tyrannical and Fortified weeks.
  • The higher key contributes 100% of the score, while the lower key only contributes 33%.
  • In LFG, your overall Mythic+ Rating, highest keystone, and Dungeon Mythic+ Rating are displayed to group leaders or applicants.
  • Blizzard’s Mythic+ Rating is specific to each character and not account-wide.

The rating system provides a comprehensive evaluation of a player’s abilities, encouraging them to strategize, optimize their gear, and cooperate with teammates to achieve higher ratings. This addition has fostered a thriving community of Mythic+ enthusiasts who are constantly honing their skills and engaging in friendly competition to climb the rating ladder.

Dragonflight Dungeons Guide

So, we’ll hope this guide will help you enjoy Dragonflight dungeons. Don’t forget to rate this article and stay tuned because we will update our Dragonflight Dungeons guide regularly. Also check out our Keystone Hero Boosting Service!

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