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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Dragonflight addons for World of Warcraft. Addons are modifications that enhance the WoW user interface and provide added convenience while playing the game. In this guide, we have compiled all the essential information on Dragonflight addons to save you the trouble of scouring the internet.

These addons offer a wide range of functions and can be classified into various categories depending on their capabilities. From crucial addons that every WoW player should have to niche addons for specific classes and professions, this guide covers it all.

Furthermore, we’ll also explore the changes in the basic WoW interface brought about by Dragonflight Expansion. With this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of how to optimize your WoW experience with Dragonflight addons. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Dragonflight addons for WoW!

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Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface 5.0

WoW Dragonflight HUD and UI Revamp

After less than a decade, Blizzard has announced a long-awaited update to the WoW Heads-Up Display (HUD) and User Interface (UI). In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the changes that have been announced, as well as a comprehensive overview of the key WoW Dragonflight addons for HUD and gameplay.

For years, WoW players have been relying on third-party addons to enhance their gameplay experience, and with the upcoming update, Blizzard aims to provide an improved and streamlined experience for players. The new update promises to bring significant changes to the HUD, making it more intuitive and customizable than ever before.

Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface

Improved Accessibility

  • Say goodbye to repetitive key pressing with the new hold casting feature. Now, you can simply hold down a button and the skill will cast as soon as the cooldown is over.
  • Interacting with NPCs and objects in WoW just got easier with the introduction of the Interact key. You can now interact with them with just a simple key press instead of having to click on them with your mouse.
  • The new targeting system is a game-changer. It allows for dynamic switching between targets and instant targeting as you approach enemies. This feature will make combat much smoother and more fluid.

Edit Mode

A new edit mode has been introduced, which is comparable to the ElvUI addon’s edit mode – a topic we will cover later in this article. With this mode, you can effortlessly move all UI elements and position them anywhere on the screen. You also have the option to adjust the size of the UI, creating more space or increasing the size of frames and icons for improved visibility.

Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface

Gamepad Support

The pre-patch for WoW has already introduced gamepad support, which enables players to use Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch Pro controllers while playing the game. While it may be challenging to perform effectively with a controller, particularly on challenging specs and classes, it is suitable for more relaxed gameplay, such as farming and grinding, as well as casual gaming.

Combined Bags Mod

The combined bags mode has been added. Now you don’t need to install specific addons to make your bag more attractive and easy to use, such as Bagnon.

Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface

Blizzard also declares that there will be more changes in the future for different parts of UI like Quest Tracker, Raid Frames, Group manager, and some other updates in the art design.

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Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface 5.0

WoW Dragonflight Addons

This part of the article will cover WoW Dragonflight addons, so you don’t need to search the entire Internet to find info. Here we will cover almost all the important addons for WoW WoW Dragonflight. Addons are the modification you use to change your interface and perform various functions. We have divided all the addons into several categories, depending on their functionality of them.

How to Install WoW addons

To install addons in WoW, you need to download the file and unpack it into the “Folder with the game /Interface/Addons.” Several programs can facilitate the installation process, and the most popular is the CurseForge app (formerly Twitch PC app). Once installed, you need to activate the addon in the “Modification” window in the game menu.

It’s crucial to note that addons can put an extra load on your computer. Therefore, if you have a low-spec PC, we recommend limiting the number of addons you install simultaneously. Focus on essential addons like DBM, Recount, etc. Before installing heavy addons like ElvUI, think twice as they can negatively affect your computer’s performance. However, if you have a modern PC, you won’t notice any decrease in performance.

Furthermore, it’s essential to be cautious when installing multiple addons that serve the same function, as they may conflict with one another.

Where to Download WoW Dragonflight Addons

Here are some websites where you can download addons safely.

However, we strongly suggest you use the Curseforge app as it’s the fastest, safest, and easiest way to download addons (don’t forget to turn off the annoying auto launch of the Overwolf app after installing the Curseforge app).

General Wow Dragonflight Addons

ElvUI for WoW Dragonflight

ElvUI is the global addon for the WoW interface. Even though Blizzard has significantly improved all the frames and UI, some things are still not as you want them to be. The most flexible UI addon is ElvUI. You can remove all the default interface elements and replace them with very customizable frames. This is a user interface for WoW, created as a replacement and logical development of the old game interface to meet all the requirements of the modern MMO audience. It is extremely flexible for different roles and different preferences. It is very minimalistic and easy to get used to.

Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface

As such, many of the interface elements will never require you to install additional addons but simply to configure particular functions using the ElvUI menu. The ElvUI menu can be accessed using the Game Menu or with a special chat command: /ec.

ElvUI combines many of the most popular interface improvements, such as raid frames, spell bars, and bag configuration. 

Useful, informative displays are also worth mentioning – you can easily track the amount of currency or resources you are interested in, the strength of the reservation, the number of available slots in the bag, etc.

Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface

Because of the customizability, it takes some time to set everything up, but don’t be afraid to use this addon – there are a lot of guides for ElvUI settings on YouTube.

Unlike most of the other addons, you can’t download it with the Curseforge app. The only way to download it – is from the Tukui ElvUI website.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

The most popular addon on Curseforge – that says a lot. DBM tells you whenever you need to cast, interrupt, dispel, avoid some boss mechanics, and so on. This addon is used by most top guild players and helps you perform better.


WeakAuras is the addon to display highly customizable graphs on your UI to track buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. This addon was created to replace Power Auras but has introduced more functionalities and a more attractive and easy-to-use interface. WeakAuras is a highly powerful and flexible framework that is almost a must-have addon.

This resource provides an extensive collection of WeakAuras that you can reference for your gameplay. We highly recommend exploring Afenar’s class WeakAuras as they can help you track the essential skills of your class, streamlining your gameplay significantly.

Details! Damage Meter

Details is complete combat analysis, gathering damage, healing, and other important stuff.


Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to customize most aspects of your action and related bars fully.


VuhDo is a great addon for changing unit frames. It’s often used by healers but may be useful for any spec and class. It’s very informative and helps you to dispel and heal whenever it’s necessary.


Auctionator is a user-friendly addon that helps you with the auction experience, making it much faster, more efficient, and more pleasant. However, if you want to focus more on gold making via auction selling and professions, I’d recommend using TSM instead.


Pawn provides you with analytics on your gear and tells you what pieces of gear to pick. Also, you can compare different gear with this addon.

General WoW Dragonflight Addons

Here are some other top WoW Dragonflight addons that don’t fit in any further section.


Bagnon is the most popular addon for inventory, it makes all of your bags look like one big bag. Even though Blizzard has created a one-bag mode, this addon is still useful as it provides some other features and has a more attractive and modern-looking interface.


Scrap is an addon that sells junk instantly, It creates an additional button in inventory, which sells all the rubbish out of the inventory. You can also tag items if you want them to sell all the time it appears in your inventory.


Plater is a well-customizable nameplate that supports a lot of scripts and different animations.


Sexymap makes the appearance of your minimap much better and provides a better user experience.


RareScanner is an addon that provides you with icons on your map for location determination purposes. You can clearly see what loot bosses and treasures are contained, see their location of them and whether it’s alive or not, and when they respawn.

DPS meter WoW Dragonflight Addons

While fighting in WoW, the player only wants to know the question, “Do I deal the most damage in the group?”. For these purposes, the DPS meter was created. So, here is the list of addons that show your damage metrics.


Details provide you with in-game DPS info, you can also analyze your damage, measure healing, and many other things. But actually, it’s mostly used for damage and DPS


Less complicated same functionality. Also, Recount is a very good damage-measuring addon.


Skada is almost the same as Details and Recount, a very solid addon.

Boss Mods WoW Dragonflight Addons

In every boss fight, even pro players need some help with someone telling them what will happen next during the boss fight. This information helps to prevent unnecessary damage and use your spells in correct time and order. For these purposes, here is the list of addons that will help you during the boss fights. 

During a boss fight, you always need someone to tell you when and what to expect from the boss. For these purposes, the boss modes were made. Such addons are very useful and are even used by the best players. The information that addon gives helps you to avoid unnecessary damage and use your spell properly and on time.


As we said before, DBM is the most popular addon on Curseforge. This addon tells you whenever something is about to happen during any boss fight. It allows you to know bosses better and to perform better.

Big Wigs

BigWigs is a powerful boss addon providing the same experience as DBM. It helps you to perform better and to know the timings of bosses. Both of the addons are widely used and very important for most of the players.


GTFO is an alert addon, which tells you not to stand in zones you are not supposed to stand during a boss fight. Helps a lot when you don’t see a void zone in the heart of battle. The name speaks for itself – GTFO.

WoW Dragonflight Unit Frames Addons

In certain scenarios, such as dungeons and raids especially, it’s important to see all the boss mechanics, all the adds, and void zones and be ready to cast some spells on specific players, especially if you are a healer. To reach such efficiency of UI you need to minimize the size of HP bars of the raid members and make them more informative and visible. You can choose any unit frame addon from this list and configure them for your needs.

Shadowed Unit Frames

SUF is a light addon for changing frames and making them more informative and compact. The addon is well-customizable and has good optimization.


Grid2 provides you with very flexible settings of uint frames, so you can make it informative and compact at the same time.

WoW Dragonflight PvP Addons

In World of Warcraft, PvP is an important and integral part that many players love. To perform the best, you must set up all necessary addons and configure them for your needs. Here is the list of the most important wow PvP addons WoW Dragonflight.


OmniCC turns standard cooldown into digital, so you can easily see how much time is left for your skill cooldown.


Bigdebuffs makes debuffs and crowd control effects more visible.


Gladius is an addon that helps you to choose a target and focus while playing arenas. It’s modular, which means you can disable all the features you don’t need.


TellMeWhen tells you when your cooldowns are ready and provides timers, sounds, and other signals that will improve your performance and help you orient during combat.

WoW Dragonflight Profession Addons

A revamped profession in Dragonflight definitely will interest everyone, so profession addons will be pretty popular.


TradeSkillMaster (TSM) is a very complicated addon, yet it’s the best addon for gold making. It analyzes auction and profession recipes and helps you to make more gold. While you can use it just casually, I’d strongly recommend you check some TradeSkillMaster guides if you are into gold making.


Auctioneer gives you information about auction house prices, analyzes the market, and helps you to put your items up for auction for the most profitable market price. It also shows the price of disenchanting if you need this.


Altoholic gives you information about your alts. Sometimes it’s very useful to know how much gold or materials they have.

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Best Dragonflight Addons and Interface 5.0

We hope that our guide on WoW Dragonflight addons has proven useful in enhancing your gameplay experience. If you found the information provided helpful, we encourage you to share your feedback with us.

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