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Battle for Azeroth is the seventh addition to World of Warcraft which is coming up on August 14. This means, the pre-patch can be expected 4-6 weeks prior to that date. With its release many achievements are traditionally moving to the ‘Legacy’ category, and some rewards become impossible or a lot harder to get. That is why we are offering you the complete list of those achievements and rewards, and we’ll shortly cover how to get them.


Things to be done before the Battle for Azeroth release

The whole Legion has revolved – one way or another – around your Artifact weapon. All the Artifact forms you got during Legion will become available for transmogging in the future, too, with a natural limitation by your class and spec. Most of the forms you’ll be able to add to your wardrobe even after BfA is out, but there are still exceptions:

  • All form colors for the Mage Tower challenge will become unavailable as the quest itself is being removed from the game;
  • Coloring granted for completing the 15th key within the timer won’t be available either since Legion dungeon keys will be unavailable. Balance of power will still be available, right now you just need to complete the 15th key, the recolor will be unlocked once you finish the questline;
  • All the achievements and artifact colorings linked to collecting Artifact Strength and Artifact Knowledge are most likely to become unavailable, too.



All the ‘General’ achievements associated with reaching a certain equipment level will become unavailable after the pre-patch since the game is going to undergo another Item Stat Squish, except this time, apart from the characteristics, it will affect the item level, too:



2 Battlefields — Ashran and Strand of the Ancients — will be removed from the game, and all the achievements associated with them will become Legacy.

You can read about them here: Ashran, Strand of the Ancients.

If you want to expand your transmog set collection by adding elite PvP sets of the 5th, 6th and 7th seasons, you need to earn 2000 rating in any of the rating modes — Demonic Elite.



Solo content.

All the Brawler’s Guild achievements as well as Proving Grounds achievements.


4 achievements associated with playing timed Mythic+: Keystone Initiate, Keystone Challenger, Keystone Conqueror and Keystone Master.


Feats of Strength Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker – defeat Argus, the last boss of Antorus, on Heroic difficulty or higher, and Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker on Mythic difficulty.

Trial of Valor still can offer you a unique achievement on Mythic difficulty – The Chosen – which also grants you a transmog set based on your character’s armor type. After Odin’s introductory speech, everyone is granted a buff – Test of the Chosen which is cancelled once you die or quit the raid. If you manage to keep the buff up until Helya is defeated, you will get the promised reward.



Tightly connected to raids. Violet Spellwing is a reward granted for a chain of quests tha can be started after Argus the Unmaker is killed for the first time on Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Blood of the Unmaker starts the quest Blood of a Titan which, in its turn, brings you Violet Spellwing as a reward.

Violet Spellwing

Things to be done before the Battle for Azeroth release

The following two raid mounts won’t disappear with the release of BfA, but they will become harder to get. Those are Fiendish Hellfire Core off Gul’dan in the Nighthold and Shackled Ur’zul off Argus the Unmaker in Antorus, the Burning Throne. Both of these mounts can only be earned on Mythic difficulty, and at the moment they drop at a 100% chance (provided the raid has 20 players, because there have been cases when the mount off Gul’dan didn’t drop in a raid with 18 people). This probability remains at 100% in the pre-patch, too, but once the game enables the possibility to pump-up beyond level 110, the chance is going to drop to 1%.

Fiendish Hellfire Core

Things to be done before the Battle for Azeroth release

Shackled Ur’zul

Things to be done before the Battle for Azeroth release

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