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The 18th of July the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch will be installed on all EU servers. It means that some achievements will end up in Legacy category, while others will become simply unavailable.

So that you wouldn’t miss anything, Overgear has made a full list of these items:



The Mage Tower challenge will become unavailable; so will be the artifact appearances given for the challenge completion. Obviously, for experienced and fully geared players it’s not a big problem to complete the challenge with a familiar class and specialization. But what shall you do with a pile of alts if you wish to play with one of them in the role of the main character? By unlocking all appearances for one class, you will be rewarded with Fighting with Style: Challenging achievement.   

A to-do list before the pre-patch


The Ahead of Curve: Argus the Unmaker Feat of Strength and Violet Spellwing mount will be unlocked after killing Argus the Unmaker in Heroic mode. Doing so only once with any character will do the trick.   

A to-do list before the pre-patch


On the other hand,  Cutting edge: Argus the Unmaker and Shackled Ur’zul will be much more difficult to obtain without an experienced raid group. Shackled Ur’zul — is the most extraordinary mount in WoW. It will drop with a 100% probability till the very addon release, the 14th of August.

A to-do list before the pre-patch


The Nighthold still can’t be taken for granted because of Fiendish Hellfire Core mount, which drops from Gul’dan.

A to-do list before the pre-patch

The Trial of Valor raid in mythic mode still has a unique achievement to offer — The Chosen. Complete it, and you will additionally receive a transmogrification set in accordance with your character’s armor type. It shouldn’t be a big problem for a raid group with well-equipped chars. What if you want all armor type sets?

A to-do list before the pre-patch


The Brawler’s Guild achievement, as usual, will end up in Legacy category. If you are well geared, you shouldn’t face any major trouble, except for a couple of bosses.

All Artifact Achievements and their further upgrades will also end up in Legacy. You will hardly be able to complete it, especially, taking the new quest into account, which implies the artifact’s level increase up to the maximum.

First aid, as a separate profession, will be abolished, while its features will be spread between Alchemy and Tailoring. We have already explained how to get the majority of its achievements in the previous article.

The achievements that are linked to item level will go to Legacy, as items’ features and levels will be downsized in the new pre-patch.  



Demonic elite — is an achievement, which becomes unlocked when a 2000+ rating is achieved in 2×2, 3×3, or RBG. After that an access to PvP sets’ elite coloring becomes available. 

A to-do list before the pre-patch


Obtaining Demonic Combatant means winning 100 battles in 3×3 or 40 battles in RBG, and collecting Vicious Saddle. It can be later exchanged for a mount of your liking. 

Ashran and Strand of the Ancients will disappear when the pre-patch is out. Achievements from this battleground will end up in Legacy as well.

PvP Prestige and the artifact coloring will also become unavailable after Battle for Azeroth release.  


What will be harder to obtain, but will still remain available

Keystone Master and the appearance coloring for Balance of Power (separately for each character) are some of them. If now it’s enough to complete any single dungeon on time, in BfA you’ll have to complete all new instances on time and with +15 key.

Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph will be much harder to achieve, as the inter-server technology on Broken Isles will work differently from how it works now. To get the hippogryph, you’ll have to be the first to find and activate 5 crystals in Azsuna.  

A to-do list before the pre-patch

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