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The World of Warcraft has always been divided into two parts: PvP and PvE. These two worlds rarely intersect and have their own laws and meta. For example, each class has different talent builds for PvP and PvE, besides PvP has special honor talents and gear and transmog.

Discipline Priest talents for PvP

honor talents

Discipline Priest for PvE

Discipline Priest talents for PvP

These special difficulties and new subtleties are awarded with special PvP rewards that cannot be obtained in any other way. This quick basic guide of the PvP arena will introduce you to the Conquest Points system and rewards for your diligence.

Rating pvp system

First of all, the PvP system has Weekly Conquest Cap. If you fill the cap, you can earn some good item of the current week. Just play some ranking or even unranking PvP games. It could be an arena or battlegrounds.

Rating pvp systemRating pvp matches are divided into three formats: 2×2, 3×3 and 10×10. Each format has its own rating, but 3×3 the most common mode, because of more valuable rewards. Increasing your rating, you will unlock the ranks — «Combatant», «Challenger», «Rival», «Duelist», «Gladiator». These ranks not only increase the level of the PvP equipment you receive, but also open up access to additional rewards such as titles, elite PvP armor items,  and mounts.

Combatant — 1400–1599

  • Title — «Combatant»
  • Elite gear — wrist and waist
  • Achievement — ««Combatant x-season»

Challenger — 1600–1799

  • Title — «Challenger»
  • Elite gear — gloves, leggings, feet
  • Achievement — ««Challenger x-season»

Rival — 1800–2099

  • Title — «Rival»
  • Elite gear — helmet, shoulders, chest
  • Achievement — ««Rival x-season»

Duelist — 2100–2399

  • Title — «Duelist»
  • Elite gear — cloak and enchant for weapon
  • Achievement — ««Duelist x-season»

Gladiator (Elite) — 2400+

  • Title — «Gladiator»
  • Elite gear — tabard
  • Achievement — ««Gladiator x-season»

Win 50 games at 2400+ rating to earn the title of Gladiator and rare mount Sinister Gladiator’s Proto-Drake. The game count will stop if you fall below 2400 and resume as soon as you return 2400.
rare mount Sinister Gladiator's
Also you can get a special mounts reflect the conflict in Darkshore.  These are awarded upon filling up your Rated PvP bar (which is separate from the PvP Conquest bar). Each victory on the 1400+ rating will bring 1% at your Rated PvP bar. Fill it up and you will get Vicious Black Warsaber for the Alliance or Vicious Black Bonesteed for the Horde.
Vicious Black Bonesteed

Vicious Black Bonesteed

Get help from professional Arena players


Upon reaching the Gladiator rank, you will receive special items and trasmog for your class. Compare them with the raid rewards. Raid rewards are the same for all fracties.


Plate PvP
Plate PvP

Plate Ny’alotha

Plate Ny'alotha

Mail PvP

Mail PvP

Mail Ny’alotha

Mail Ny'alotha

Leather PvP
Leather PvP

Leather Ny’alotha

Leather Ny'alotha

Cloth PvP

Cloth PvP

Cloth Ny’alotha

Cloth Ny’alotha



Plate horde


mail horde


Leather horde


Cloth horde

Gladiator weapons are the same for all fractions.

Gladiator weapon1 Gladiator weapon2

Gladiator weapon4 Gladiator weapon3


Ny’alotha Raid Weapon Models

Ny'alotha Raid Weapon 4Ny'alotha Raid Weapon 3

Ny'alotha Raid Weapon 2Ny'alotha Raid Weapon

Useful Addons

Before you step into the arena and start reaching your wishful «Gladiator» rank, you should learn all spells of all classes. You should track cooldowns of both your teammates and your enemies, as well as other things such as enemy interrupts. Some addons will come in handy for you, here you can see my favorites.


Allows a player to easily manage all aspects of the arena. Major cooldowns can be set to appear on enemy frames.

Gladius SArena


Tracks enemy interrupts and cooldowns. Very useful if you don’t always feel the approximate cooldown of a spell.


Visual and/or audio notification of buffs, procs, and cooldowns. Mandatory for a priest or other support



Shows teammates’ cooldowns. Helps to better understand your capabilities as a team.



Unique pvp rewards require unique pvp knowledge. This is a basic guide to rewards and pvp, but if you get interested in the arena check out our other guides about strategy, type of compositions, important countdowns and dampening.

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