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      Shadowlands Torghast tower is a new type of PvE content in World of Warcraft, This is the main place where you can farm Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux to craft new legendaries. You can run Torghast solo or with a group of players but to avoid any problems there you might want to check out our Torghast tower carry services.

      Torghast Tower rewards

      • The completion of 16 layers in each wing gives you 2300 Soul Ash, 940 Soul Cinders and 200 Cosmic Flux;
      • You might also be lucky and meet some followers from the tower that will join you and will become available at the Mission Table;
      • Layers of the Twisting Corridors boost is a quite long journey and your reward will be the Corridor Creeper mount, the "Spirestalker" title, the Helm of Dominated toy, and the Death Seeker pet;
      • Each run in Torghast will reward you with some Tower Knowledge - a new currency. It is used to ease your Torghast runs with a new Torghast Talent Tree - Toy of many things. The more Score you earn - the more Tower knowledge you get;
      • Torghast has got a Score System. You can perform Flawless runs. By doing this in all 6 wings you will be rewarded with the Flawless Master achievement and Colossal Soulshreder Mawrat mount.