Shadowlands brought a reimagined system of legendary items straight from Legion. But now, instead of looting items with random stats, you are the one who chooses what it will look like. In Patch 9.2 we got an opportunity to gear our characters with two legendaries at once, and gameplay become even more fun. But at first, you should farm all ingredients for crafting.

Here you can buy Legendaries boost for your character. Skip the tedious grind part and enjoy Shadowlands with the best gear and unique Legendary gameplay mechanics!

Legendary items for you class
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      How to get legendary in WoW

      To create your Legendary Gear Piece, you have to get a base Item, 2 Stat Scrolls, various currencies like Soul Ash or Cosmic Flux, and The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe for a Legendary Power. In WoW Legendary Powers a key ingredient for crafting, and you should farm it in various encounters. For example, Castle Nathria legendaries are available even in Patch 9.2.

      How much does a legendary cost in WoW?

      It depends on ilvl you need and the type of armor you can equip. Usually, plate armor is much more expensive than cloth armor, for example. But the most important ingredient for crafting, Shadowlands Legendary Powers, don't cost anything.

      How do you unlock Legendaries in Shadowlands?

      You need to complete the First Chapter of the Covenant Campaign to unlock Runecarver Memory access in Shadowlands. Second legendary Belt of Unity (or Memory of Unity) you can unlock after completion of the Zereth Mortis campaign Chapter 7.

      Can I buy legendary memories in WoW?

      Castle Nathria memories you can buy from Zereth Mortis NPC Rendle. Or buy Chronicle of Lost Memories in your Covenant hub to obtain one random memory you still don't have. These are the best options to try to get BiS legendaries Shadowlands without hours and days of farm.

      How do you get legendaries that you don't have in WoW?

      Chronicle of Lost Memories is what you need. But don't forget, that way you can obtain only random memory you still don't have.