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    Underrot Crawg Harness WoW Mount Boost

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    Buy Underrot Crawg Harness and ride in style! This stunning creature has been a symbol of triumph ever since its release, a testament to those skilled enough to vanquish the Unbound Abomination in the depths of the Underrot Dungeon. With its incredibly low drop rate, this mount has remained an elusive dream for many.

    Months, if not years, could drift by as you await its appearance. However, we offer you a swift and hassle-free path to owning this prestigious mount. With our expertise in navigating the Black Market, you won't have to endure endless grinding or constant monitoring. Let us secure this esteemed beast for you, and ride with pride!

    What you will get
    • Underrot Crawg Harness mount;
    • Dedicated professional Auction House traders who will keep track on auctions;
    • A high (95%+) buyout success;

    • Black Market order completion.
    • It is recommended to create an additional account with the purchased Dragonflight expansion for security and convenience;
    • You need to have the Character Transfer purchased on your account;

    • Level 70 character.
    • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
    • We need you to provide us with an additional subaccount (for the safety of your main account);
    • The booster will pilot your new character on a new subaccount, while you can play at the same time. For the US region, you can pick the Self-play option. Also, you can choose the Remote Control option if you don't want to share your account;
    • Our player will monitor Black Market on various realms until we find the mount you need;
    • We will level up a character on that account to 70 level (it's necessary to make a bid on AH);
    • After we get the mount in the bag, you can ask us to learn it or we can let you learn it by yourself;
    • Mount will be added to your collection and will be available for all subaccounts within the same as long as the subaccounts are within the same region;
    • We will not use your gold or resources;
    • We will notify you about Underrot Crawg Harness boost completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

    Wow underrot crawg harness faq

    How do you get underrot crawg harness?

    The Underrot Crawg Harness is an elusive mount that drops from the final boss of the Underrot Dungeon. To have a chance at acquiring it, adventurers must brave the entire dungeon, defeating each boss in their path before facing the ultimate challenge.

    Is underrot crawg harness rare?

    Absolutely! With its drop rate hovering between a mere 1-3%, it's amongst the rarest of mounts in the game. Many adventurers have faced repeated disappointment, with countless attempts yielding no result. This has led many to turn to the Black Market as an alternative route to secure this coveted prize.

    Where does underrot crawg harness drop from?

    The much-sought-after Underrot Crawg Harness drops from the Unbound Abomination, the final adversary in the Underrot Dungeon. This dungeon can be found nestled in the southern parts of Nazmir.

    Can you solo underrot?

    Indeed, the Underrot is soloable, especially for those who are well-versed in endgame content. However, it's worth noting that even for older dungeons, a significant amount of time and dedication is required, particularly if one intends to tackle it frequently with various characters.

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