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    WoW Solar Spirehawk Mount Boost

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    Buy Solar Spirehawk from Overgear to ride one of the most epic bird mounts in the game. With our Solar Spirehawk boost you don't need to wait for Rukhmar world boss appearance, Black Market will do its job.

    There is no huge number of mounts in Draenor world boss drop lists, but Solar Spirehawk costs dozens of others. This fabulous phoenix is Rukhmar drop, but it's hard to obtain it because of the very low drop chance. Even now, only 1% percent of players got Solar Spirehawk and you can join this elite club.

    We don't offer you world boss kills with the hope that mount drops. Solar Spirehawk carry will be completed with the help of Black Market. We will daily check dozens of WoW realms, to buy mount for you once it appears.

    What you will get
    • Solar Spirehawk mount;
    • Dedicated professional Auction House traders who will keep track on auctions;
    • A high (95%+) buyout success;

    • Black Market order completion.
    • Level 70 character;
    • It is recommended to create an additional account with the purchased Dragonflight expansion for security and convenience;

    • You need to have the Character Transfer purchased on your account.

    • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
    • We need you to provide us with an additional subaccount (for the safety of your main account);
    • The booster will pilot your new character on a new subaccount, while you can play at the same time. For the US region, you can pick the Self-play option. Also, you can choose the Remote Control option if you don't want to share your account;
    • Our player will monitor Black Market on various realms until we find the mount you need;
    • We will level up a character on that account to 70 level (it's necessary to make a bid on AH);
    • After we get the mount in the bag, you can ask us to learn it or we can let you learn it by yourself;
    • Mount will be added to your collection and will be available for all subaccounts within the same as long as the subaccounts are within the same region;
    • We do not use your gold or resources;
    • We will notify you about Solar Spirehawk boost completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

    Wow solar spirehawk mount carry

    Can you still get solar spirehawk?

    Yes, it’s still possible to get this mount by defeating the world boss Rukhmar, located at the Spires of Arak, Draenor. However, the chances of getting the mount from the boss are incredibly low. One other option to get the mount is to track and buy it on the Black Market. If you buy WoW Solar Spirehawk mount boost from Overgear, we will make the process of acquiring the mount much easier by keeping track of all the realms and snatching it before anyone else gets the chance!

    Where can i find solar spirehawk?

    Solar Spirehawk mount drops from Rukhmar, the world boss located at the Spires of Arak in the region of Draenor. The players have a small chance to receive the mount after defeating the boss. However, the drop chance is very low, and the boss has a weekly reset, making the mount a truly rare occurrence to behold.

    How often can you farm solar spirehawk?

    The Rukhmar boss spawns every 15 minutes, however the rewards from the boss can be picked up only once a week. If you have multiple characters, you can kill the boss with them too, to increase your chances. But apart from that, players are limited only to a single attempt a week per character to get the drops they want from this world boss.

    What is the drop rate of solar spirehawk mount?

    At the moment of writing this, Solar Spirehawk’s drop chance equals 6.17%. It was much, much lower just a while back, but apparently Blizzard somewhat increased the chances. Still, evne 6% isn’t as much as it might first appear. With the boss being on a weekly lockout, it might take you at least several months of wasted attempts before you finally get the desired mount.

    On the other hand, Black Market can make it much easier, quicker and without any RNG. Just get the Solar Spirehawk WoW mount boosting service and we’d quickly get it for you from BMAH.

    How do you get the solar spirehawk mount?

    There are two ways to get the Solar Spirehawk mount. Either you farm for it by defeating the weekly world boss Rukhmar, located in Draenor, or you try to get it from the Black Market. BMAH can be complicated to deal with and this is why many players still prefer to farm the mount from the boss, despite it being a much more time consuming and unpredictable method. But when you know what to do, getting what you want from the Black Market can actually be incredibly fast and easy!

    Luckily for you, Overgear has plenty of experience with Black Market and we know what to do to guarantee the desired purchase. Buy World of Warcraft Solar Spirehawk carry and we’ll make sure that this beautiful looking mount will soon become yet another addition to your epic collection!

    Can you get solar spirehawk from bonus roll?

    Sadly, no. Bonus rolls work only on Mists of Pandaria world bosses, while Solar Spirehawk came out in Warlords of Draemor expansion, as well as occupying the corresponding region on the game map. So, while you can still farm the boss with multiple characters to increase your chances, you’re still limited to only one chance a week per character.

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