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      What is the Sepulcher of the First Ones

      This raid is the end of the storyline of Shadowlands. It prepares players for future events. This ancient location is a source of the power for all beings of the parallel universe, and you are going to prevent the Jailer himself from trying to conquer this power. However, the main interest for most of the players lies not only within the lore, but also within the rewards. Raids have always been a main source of best possible gear, and Sepulcher of the First Ones is not an exception. Yet remember that raiding is the most difficult activity in WoW. It requires huge amount of time spend on preparations, searches of a good team and the raid runs. And there is a perfect way to overcome all the obstacles related to raiding and quickly gear up your character with best possible loot. Just get SotFO raid boost and get everything you need. With Overgear WoW Carry Service, you will be able to obtain all the loot and rewards related to the last page in the history of Shadowlands expansion - SotFO raid.

      You will get

      • Progenitor tier sets for all classes;
      • Huge amounts of various weapons. armor and transmog items from the raid;
      • Bunch of boss-related achievements, including Feats of Strength;
      • Mount from the last boss in SotFO.

      Sepulcher of the First Ones Loot table & Bosses

      With our WoW Raid Service, you can easily defeat every SotFO boss to loot a piece of tier set, which is guaranteed to improve your character. There are 11 bosses to be defeated in the SotFO. Just as everyone expected, the last boss is the Jailer himself. During the raid you will also meet his various minions and will fight against Anduin Wrynn, who was changed by the dark energy of the Shadowlands and the Jailer's powers.

      What Sepulcher boosting services do we offer?

      Buy WoW Raid Carry and hang out with our professional boosters. Together you will be able to complete any task related to the completion of the raid.

      • Full run on normal, heroic or mythic difficulty;
      • Kill of the exact required boss;
      • Defeat of the Jailer, the last boss of the raid;
      • Full Raid Gear carry service;
      • Farm of the Progenitor Tier set.


      What ilvl for Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones?

      In Sepulcher of the First Ones every player can loot 252 ilvl gear from the first 8 bosses, and 259 ilvl gear from the last 3.

      What ilvl does Sepulcher drop in other modes?

      For heroic it's 265 ilvl for the first 8 bosses, and 272 for 3 last. In Mythic you can loot 272 or 285 ilvl loot, respectively.

      What ilvl should I be for Sepulcher of the First Ones?

      Only Sepulcher of the First Ones LFR has specific requirements to joining the party to raid completion, 220+ ilvl. For other modes, we have only recommendations like 235+ ilvl for Normal, 250+ for Heroic, and 270+ for Mythic.

      Is the Sepulcher of the First One the last raid?

      Yes, it's the third and final raid of WoW Shadowlands, which ends all expansion storylines. However, in 9.3 patch players will get fresh PvE content in the form of reworked Shadowlands raids.

      How do you unlock the Sepulcher of the First Ones?

      You don't need to do a specific quest to get access to the raid. But if you want to unlock the fly point to the SotFO entrance, you should complete Chapter 4 of Zereth Mortis campaign, which rewards you with unique Ancient Translocator access.