Buying Character Driving is a useful tool for those who can't spend a lot of time in game, especially at the expansion launch, which may have a very negative effect on your character's power at the point when the raid comes out. Here on Overgear sellers will gladly help you and take responsibility for your character for a period when you're away. No one will be left behind!

All world quests finished on the map

Live chat with player

Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs

  • Any service for your character you want, just contact the seller
  • All world quests completed on the map
  • Complete range of daily grind like emissary chests and random dungeons each day during all service
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    Time is the most precious resource a human can have. In World of Warcraft it is in the formula of your character's power. But there is always a lot of more important stuff to attend to, rather than in-game farm. Here at Overgear you will always find someone to help you and complete all the daily game tasks for you. At the expansion launch you have to invest quite a lot of time into a game to prepare your character for a raid content. Especially if you have more than one character! A daily farm will allow to gear up your character, get as much Azerite as you can, gather crafting reagents and gain reputation. All of that combined will power up your character.