Snowfeather Hunter

Snowfeather Hunter is a mount from the Legion expansion, that you can get by completing lots of quests, winning pet battles, and earning achievements. The road to obtaining this mount is long and winding, and we really mean it. If you are not ready to face all the difficulties you will definitely come across, but the Snowfeather Hunter is your desired mount, let Overgear give you a hand! We know how to receive this mount in the most efficient way, which will save you a huge amount of time. Choose our special Snowfeather Hunter option at Overgear at the lowest price, and add a new rare mount into your collection.

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Snowfeather Hunter mount became available since the very start of the Legion expansion. To obtain this one you need to meet many different in-game requirements.

  • Find the Snowfeather Matriarch in the Highmountain zone and defeat it;

  • Find a little hatching pet afterward;

  • Rise its level up to 25 throughout pet battles;

  • Endure 15 different challenges with this pet at your side, like defeating a certain raid boss or winning PvP battles.

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Snowfeather Hunter