Sky Golem

Sky Golem is a flying mount from the Mists of Pandaria era, it was added to the game in Patch 5.4. This mount requires specific engineering components that are personal on pickup and you can craft only one of the components per day. Fortunately, you have Overgear – we will save your time, nerves, and in-game resources.

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  • Sky Golem;
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Sky Golem was one of the most desired mounts in the game for all the players out there. MoP engineers were in a front line of those who had an opportunity to turn into a giant flying robot. You had to craft for a whole month on a daily basis and get some Living Steel.

How does it work these days?

Pretty much the same, but you can have it much faster.

Today is your chance to get the Sky Golem without delays! Overgear is ready to deliver you a Sky Golem instantly after making a purchase. It is easy as it sounds! You can skip 30 days of waiting and crafting and get the desired flying mount right away!

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Sky Golem