Lucid Nightmare is a mount reward for completing a riddle in World of Warcraft. To get this mount you will have to solve multiple puzzles, travel all over the world, and after completing all the steps of the puzzle you will get a reward. Contact one of our sellers who will complete the puzzle in the shortest amount of time and get you that beautiful mount!

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    You love puzzles, don't you? How about hard puzzles? And not just hard, but require a huge amount of time and knowledge of World of Warcraft universe. Players from all over the world have racked their brains to decrypt hidden meanings and solve a puzzle. The first step starts at Curiosities & Moore shop in Dalaran, where you find some kind of note with a few numbers. What could it be? A little bit of research and hard thinking and the solution is found. These are the numbers of the date when the Ulduar raid was released April 15, 2009. Like it? It is only the beginning – the following steps are much more complex, with less obvious tips and with hard mini-games. A nightmarish journey. That is why Overgear offers you a range of sellers who are willing to take this burden off you and get you this graceful mount!