Goldenmane's Reins

Goldenmane's Reins is a mount from Battle for Azeroth expansion. It was available since the very beginning and there are still lots of people looking for that horse. If you don’t want to test your luck by killing a huge amount of mobs to get the Goldenmane's Reins then you’ve come to the right place.

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Goldenmane's Reins is a golden colored horse from the Stormsong. Similar to the Dune Scavenger, this mount drops from the mobs in that specific location. But this time around they are a little more specified – it drops only from humanoids and there are 33 types of them in Stormsong Valley.

There are several ways to obtain Goldenmane's Reins:

  • Test your luck and kill all humanoids in Stormsong until you get it
  • Buy it on the Auction house
  • Buy the gold on Overgear to afford Goldenmane's Reins
  • Buy Goldenmane's Reins on Overgear and don’t worry about any other problems

It is up for you to choose the way, our goal is to give you maximum options and if you choose to use our services – we’ll gladly provide you the best of them.

You can buy Goldenmane's Reins right now. Feel free to contact us in the chat at any time and ask all the questions you have before making the purchase –  we are available 24/7!

Goldenmane's Reins