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Buy WoW KSM Mount to add to your collection a unique seasonal reward of Keystone Master achievement. With WoW KSM Mount boost you can complete the required 16 dungeons on Mythic +15 difficulty in the first two weeks of the new expansion.

The first season of Dragonflight will be without a doubt pretty challenging. Totally new dungeons and affix, returning of long-forgotten keys from the past expansions, new class specifics - everyone will need time to master Mythic+ mode. But with our WoW Season 1 KSM Mount boost you can become one of the first Hailstorm Armoredon owners.

If you forget about the requirements for Keystone Master achievement, let us remind you. To get the coveted reward you need to complete 8 dungeons in Mythic +15 with the Tyrannical affix and the same with the Fortified affix and get a 2000+ Mythic score. Yes, it isn't an easy task, but during WoW KSM Mount carry service you also can gear your character.

Note: we'll start order execution once the new season starts and Mythic +15 dungeons will be available.


  • Level 70 Character.
  • We form a priority list based on the execution speed and time when the order was placed;
  • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
  • The booster will pilot your character, or you will join his fireteam yourself in self-play;
  • One Mythic+ run usually takes about 30 minutes. Order will be divided into several sessions because of weekly affix rotation;
  • Our team provides you with dungeon completion in time, so you’ll gain a maximum Mythic+ score for your chosen level. You can take part in fights in self-play mode, but our boosters can complete run even without your impact;
  • We will notify you about Hailstorm Armoredon boost completed;
  • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


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About WoW KSM Mount boost, price & delivery

If you don't start completion of Mythic +15 dungeons in the current season, you will need to make 16 runs in two weeks with different main affixes. You can split your WoW Dragonflight KSM Mount boosting order into 4 parts to get two items of your choice from the Great Vault every week from 4. Also, if you have completed any of +15 dungeons, you can get a personal discount.


How do I get the KSM mount?

You need to complete 8 Mythic +15 or even higher dungeons on the Tyrannical week and 8 for Fortified. When you achieve a 2000+ Mythic score, the mount will be yours.

How do you get the mount in KSM Season 1 in Dragonflight?

Rules are the same, but the new pool of Mythic dungeons can make this task much harder.

What percentage of WoW players have KSM?

Not every player, of course. For example, in Shadowlands Season 4 only 19% of profiles obtained achievement and mount.

Hailstorm Armoredon
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