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    WoW Archaeology boost

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    Buy WoW Archaeology boost to become the real Indiana Jones in World of Warcraft! Of course, WoW Archaeology won't provide you with suitable endgame gear or ways for gold making, but this casual profession is one of the most fun in the game.

    Exploring Azeroth and other worlds in WoW is an interesting adventure in itself, but Archaeology can make this process even more exciting. You can find rare artifacts telling about the past of various races, cosmetic items, unique toys for your collection, or even some mounts like Fossilized Raptor. So, even though there are no novelties for Archaeology in Dragonflight, you always will have good casual gameplay after the profession mastering.


    • Archaeology 950 skill level;
    • Ability to get unique cosmetic items, toys, and mounts.
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    Dragonflight Archaeology Profession FAQ

    What is the point of Archaeology in WoW?

    Being first and so far the last secondary profession Blizzard added into the game ever since the WoW first came out, you can tell that it was a sort of experiment. Indeed, Archaeology is quite different from all other WoW professions. You can tell that it was planned as a fun activity first and anything practical — second.

    The idea is that your character goes onto the various locations all around the world and tries to find ancient treasures in there. At every place you visit, you’ll have to play a sort of mini-game first, where you have to figure out where exactly the treasures lie with the tools provided.

    Once you’ve gathered enough relics of the past, you unlock an item. The possible rewards include mounts, pets, toys and even some cool looking gear. As you can tell, rather than being something practical like all other gathering and crafting professions, it’s more of a treasure seeking adventure with some nice additions for the player’s collection.

    Is Archaeology good in WoW?

    Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way. As of today, the profession is in stasis. It hasn’t received any meaningful content in Shadowlands and it seems that the developers don’t have much plans for it in Dragonflight either.

    And all you’re getting out the profession is mostly just things to add into your collection. You aren’t crafting any useful equipment or gathering valuable materials to sell to other players. You can sell the relics you find on auction house, but Archaeology won't be entering any "Best professions for Goldmaking" lists anytime soon.

    As it stands right now, all the Archaeology has to offer is a somewhat unique “treasure-hunting” experience and the rewards you can eventually add to your collection. So, the answer to how good this profession is greatly depending on how interested you are to expand your collections with what it has to offer.

    How do you do Archaeology in WoW?

    Once you learned Archaeology, you’ll see dig sites on the map. You can choose to start digging at any available location, there's no strict order to that. Arriving at place will reveal a large contained area on the mini-map. This is where you should start surveying the area with a theodolite. Upon spawn, it will flash either red, yellow or green, indicating how far you are from the “fragment”, as well as general direction you should be going to find it.

    Once you’ve found the place, a shovel will appear above your head. Digging in that place will reveal the fragment. Rince and repeat until you’re done. You use the fragments to research the artifacts. And once you've done enough research, you should get your reward.

    Why is there no Archaeology in Dragonflight?

    To keep things short, it seems that the developers are not really satisfied with the state of the profession and thus don’t want to make any new content for it until they figure out what to do with it. Even though primary professions received major rework in Dragonflight expansion, Cooking, Fishing and Archaeology haven’t received any update.

    So don't jump into the game, expecting to spend all your skill points and reach max level in grave digging. There’s a slight hope that something will come out in Dragonsline further down the line, but so far it seems the profession will still stay in stasis for a foreseeable future.

    What can you get from Archaeology WoW?

    Most of the artifacts you can find are just common items with some bits of lore attached to them, but there are some valuable collectible items to find. To be more specific, you can get 5 titles, 4 mounts, 10 pets, 18 toys, 1 heirloom, 1 alchemy recipe and 24 BoA pieces of gear. While none of these items are essential, the collectors will certainly appreciate the aesthetic value of the artifacts.

    And with Overgear's Archaeology boosting service wow, you can significantly speed up this process. We'll level up Archaeology to 950 level and all you'll have to do is just find all these quircky collectibles.

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