Demonslayer Title

            The title Demonslayer becomes available after completing all 4 stages of a corresponding Legion achievement. The name speaks for itself, guess what you need to do to claim this title? Right - kill demons! Rip & Tear until…oops, wrong game. Anyway, slay the demons across the Broken Isles.

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WoW has a lot of good titles and the Demonslayer is on the list. To claim it you need to do 4 achievements. We Came Here For Two Reasons requires killing 100 demons on Argus. To Kill Demons… will make you kill 500 non-trivial demons on Argus. The third one is ...And Chew Mana Buns asks you to kill 2000 demons and here comes the first reward - Bleakhoof Ruinstrider mount. The last part calls And We’re All Out of Mana Buns requires 5000 demons to be slaughtered. Completing this stage will reward you with a Demonslayer title.

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Demonslayer Title