Sometimes every WoW player wants to try a new experience. But everyone knows that leveling and gearing can be long and boring. But you can buy WoW Accounts from Overgear to skip these moments and get a character equipped with the great PvP or PvE gear. It's can be even a new character with the Gladiator title. Sounds good, don't you think?

These offers have a quite flexible completion mechanic. You can get a totally new account with character, or transfer character on your actual account. Also, we can transfer characters from your account and return them to you after order completion. And you should know, that all operations will be performed on account with personal data identical to yours to protect you from Blizzard.

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    About WoW Accounts sell, price & delivery

    With our service, you can buy WoW Account US or EU region, get just a fresh account with a 60-level character, order a full gear for PvP/PvE, or even buy an elite WoW Account with the rarest achievements and mounts. Or maybe you have a specific request? We can do everything you want, just tell us what you need.

    WoW Accounts FAQ

    Can you still buy WoW Accounts?

    Yes, you can find various offers on Overgear, including accounts with specific options. Also, we can create a fresh account, especially for you with unique options.

    How can I buy a WoW account safely?

    In the case of WoW Account order, you don’t need to share your account with our booster. We'll create a new account with your data (full name, country, birth date), level up a character, and after this transfer him to your account. Matching data on two accounts should protect you from any problems. Also, you can avoid the transfer and just get this new account in its entirety.

    How much do WoW accounts sell for?

    It depends on the specific options like a number of characters, gear, rare achievements, pets, or mounts.