Soultwisted Deathwalker

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This mount is a reward for the Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two achievement. New 9.1 patch brings some M+ changes, which, if compared with the previous season, makes it even harder to get. The new system grants you a particular amount of in-game scores for each M+ run, which is better or higher than the previous one. To get the mount you need to earn 2000 pts. Furthermore, now you have to play both weeks tyrannical and fortified as they both grant you points. With that being said, now you have to spend twice more time to get the reward. Luckily our boosters are always ready to help you!  Text us now!


  • Soultwisted Deathwalker mount;
  • The Tormented title;
  • At least 2000 of Mythic+ Rating;
  • 2 weekly Great Vault rewards;
  • A chance of getting ilvl 236 loot during the runs.


  • 2 weeks.


  • Select preferred options and place an order;
  • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
  • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
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  • The only difference from the Piloted is that you play your character instead of a booster;
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    • ilvl 220+.

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This mount proves your skill, not your luck.
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Soultwisted Deathwalker
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