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This category is BFA only. You can also check out Classic Gold if that's your cup of tea.

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WoW has been a unique world since 2004, where life has its own system involving its economy and currency which is gold. This shiny and ringing currency is always in demand. With a full purse of WoW Gold you can forget about daily trading issues and buy any good item from the Auction House. There are also different world drop items and TCG mounts which can be obtained for gold. Buy mounts wow with gold it is fast, cheap and convenient. Right now the latest desirable mount in the game is Mighty Caravan Brutosaur which has a vendor and an auctioneer attached to it. And a bit less pricey and functional but very cute - Green Marsh Hopper. Do you want to ride a frog? Please do, but you will need 333k gold for it. This funny mount costs 5 million wow gold which is a lot. Your gold also could be spent on important items for alchemy and herbalism. Prices for alchemy and reagents require a huge amount of wow gold. It also is important not only for these professions but for various crafting professions because it requires a lot of reagents to level up skill in them fully. Also you need a lot of Expulsom for crafting and stats reroll on your gear. This is a very rare reagent which can be obtained only by breaking up items of Battle of Azeroth. It can drop from any item with a small chance but has a guaranteed drop from trinkets. So in case you want to create perfect stats for your character in both slots, you will need a lot of Expulsom and wow gold for buying resources and reagents. Collecting unique items at the Auction House for transmogrification also can be eased with gold. BoE items are extremely popular at the Auction house right now because of its prices. Do you want the best item with the highest ilvl, a socket and some additional unique stat in it? WIth gold this is not a question. Sometimes it's more profitable to pay for the game by buying gold and buying warcraft token for gametime. But do you really want to sit and farm old content or grind a lot of mobs for a month of gametime? There are a lot of other tedious ways of farming but gold changes it all and gives you anything you wish in WoW. You found Overgear after haunting for cheap wow gold. Sale of gold is happening during 24 hours on Overgear daily - you can always find sellers online almost on every server. So if you have come here to increase your wow gold you are in the right place.