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    If you want to start your adventures in WotLK Classic from a scratch, we have a unique offer for you. By choosing our WotLK accounts, you will get fully prepared fresh character with lots of extra bonuses depending on your tasks and needs.

    Our offers have effective and flexible completion mechanic. You will receive a fresh account with a character you need, or you can transfer that character on your actual account. All operations will be performed on account with personal data identical to yours to protect you from Blizzard.

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    Wrath Classic Accounts FAQ

    Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Hey, why do they have WotLK Classic accounts for sale? Who would need to buy those?” Yes, I'm sure you’d use these exact words. No, don’t ask why. Anyway!

    Leveling up your character in WoW Classic can be an extremely gratifying experience, especially the first time you play the game. Both you and your character enter this grand new world full of danger and adventure, slowly learning about its story, geography, natives and other nuances. Coming into this realm weak and ignorant, you both slowly accumulate power and knowledge, eventually becoming a formidable adventurer, with many heroic deeds and legendary weapons behind their back.

    Yet, this magical lightning rarely strikes twice. By the time you create your second character in Warcraft Classic, the difference in experience between you two becomes too grand. No longer do they feel like your projection and more like a toy figurine you’re playing as. What was fresh and exciting the first time around, becomes tedious and irritating on the second run. And with each new character you create, this feeling only grows stronger. Buy WoW Classic account now to avoid all the problems related to the leveling and gearing, jumping right into heat of the endgame content.

    That is not to say that creating a new character is a fruitless endeavor! There are many reasons of why you might want to do that, especially in WoW. Maybe you decided to play World of Warcraft Classic after getting tired of the current WoW or gave in to the feeling of nostalgia. Perhaps you want to experience the game from the side of a different faction, or try a new class, or want to join your friends from a different server. Or maybe you never even played the game before, but your friends did and you want to join them asap. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that you’re not interested in spending dozens of hours on beginner content and would rather get straight into the meat of things. And that's exactly what our Lich King Classic accounts are for!

    At the bare minimum, you get a character fully suitable for endgame content and that character can be of any class of your choosing. But there is so much more we have to offer! We offer a great variety of WoW Classic accounts for sale. Professions, mounts, reputations, high-level gear - you’re free to choose any of our additional options and start your journey with a new hero on even better and sturdier footing. Our WoW Classic accounts are perfect for both new players who only start their journey and for experienced gamers.

    We understand that some of you may be concerned of penalty from Blizzard, but we want to assure you that we wouldn’t be offering you to buy Wrath Classic accounts if we didn’t take every possible precaution to avoid any kind of clashes with the developer.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of our Lich King Classic accounts and get the fresh and powerful character at a moment’s notice! (DISCLAIMER: Might take a bit more than a single moment, but we’re still very fast!)