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    Buy WotLK Classic Leveling to get effective 1-80 power leveling, reach level cap, obtain high-level gear and fully prepare your character for endgame content. By choosing our WotLK Classic leveling services you guarantee yourself the best results reached as quickly as possible.

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    About WotLK leveling services, price & delivery

    Reaching level cap in WoW Classic has always been an extremely long, difficult and monotonous process. Of course it is pretty interesting to level up your first character, learning about basic game mechanics and lore, but when you create your third character or want to reroll into other class, leveling becomes a stress.

    This is why we offer you our WoW WotLK leveling - extremely effective method of reaching maximum level with help of professional boosters. Each Wow Classic leveling service is an effective way of reaching the best possible results while preparing your character for endgame content. You can choose between basic leveling or dungeon leveling depending on what you want to get. Dungeon leveling boost is more effective and brings extra gear, but basic leveling boost will lead your character through hundreds of quests, unlocking achievements and extra rewards. Our wow wotlk classic leveling is also very customizable to make it suitable for any type of needs.


    What level is Northrend in WotLK?

    WotLK's first quest in Northrend can be started on level 68. And with our Lich King Classic powerleveling you will reach it ASAP.

    Where should I level in Northrend?

    It depends on your playstyle and task. If you want to learn about the main Warcraft Classic storyline of the expansion and complete it, level your character through world quests. If you have a crew to play with, want to complete leveling quickly and get the best possible pre-raid gear, focus on dungeons. And if you don't want to bother with neither, there's always our Wrath Classic Carry services waiting for you.

    How long does it take to reach 80 level in WotLK Classic?

    It depends on your gameplay style and what leveling method you prefer in World of Warcraft Classic . On average it takes around 300-400 hours for a amateur player to reach 80 level from the start. And our boosters will do it much faster!