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    Buy WotLK PvP boost to become one of the most powerful PvP players in the game, obtain PvP sets of gear, reach Gladiator title and farm as many wins on Arena as you need! Choose our WotLK Classic PvP boost and reach the best possible results.

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    WotLK PvP Boost FAQ

    How difficult is PvP in WotLK?

    PvP in Lich King Classic is an extremely difficult type of activity that requires lots of time investment in order to reach any good results. Battles against other players can be especially hard for newbies or players who focus mainly on the PvE activities. However, by visiting Arena and Battlegrounds, you get a chance to obtain unique PvP gear sets that will make your character much tougher.

    What do I get from PvP boosting?

    Our WoW WotLK Classic PvP boost — your unique opportunity to reach maximum results in any PvP activity and become one of the strongest heroes of the game. With our WotLK PvP boosting service you will be able to get dozens of Arena farms, increase your PvP ratings and even unlock rare Gladiator title.

    You can also get WotLK PvP boost self-play to play together with professional players and increase your own gaming skills, learning tricks and strategies. All of that is available for an affordable price and comes with lots of customizable options that make each WoW Classic PvP boost even better!

    Is it ok to boost in WotLK PvP?

    As it has been previously said - PvP is one of the hardest types of activities in WoW Classic. Even if you are skillful enough you can face up to a problem of low skilled teammates who will not let you win, no matter how hard you try. Buy WotLK PvP carry and easily avoid this problem!

    Is PvP gear better than PvE?

    It depends on what types of content you prefer in Warcraft Classic. If you choose raiding as your focus, then PvE sets would be a much better gear, but if you consider PvP your main activity, then PvP sets would be your perfect choice.