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    Buy WotLK Character Boost and get a unique variety of services, including mounts unlock, achievements completion, reputation farming and lots of other extra carry services that will help you to become one of the strongest characters in the game, skipping monotonous farming and other problems. WIth our WotLK character boosting service you get a 100% guarantee of maximum results.

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    WOTLK Character Boost FAQ

    WoW WotLK Classic character boost that we offer is your unique opportunity to complete almost any activity this game offers. WoW Classic expansions brings an achievement system with almost a hundred of challenges to complete. Hundreds of new titles and dozens of mounts are also brought to the game. Finally, totally new Inscription profession becomes available to players. All of this is available at Overgear! Our WotLK character boost cost is kept at affordable levels, and for players who want to maximize their results, list of additional options is available for almost every service.

    Will Wotlk Classic have character boost?

    Blizzard will offer 70 level boost for Wrath of The Lich King Classic. However, if you want to complete specific achievements, unlock rare mounts and get unique titles, it would be a better choice to purchase our WotLK classic character boosting service.

    How do you boost a character in WotLK?

    Depending on what Wrath Classic carry service you choose, boosters will complete different types of Warcraft Classic activities. Some of content even available for self-play completion together with professional WoW gamers. WotLK Character boost price is always kept on the affordable level too.

    What do you get with a LVL 80 Boost?

    Our WoW Classic Leveling service provides you with a variety of options. You will reach level cap as quickly as possible in order to start completion of endgame content right away! And this is not the only service we offer. Our boosters are ready to complete any WoW Classic Character boost you need.